Bio Bloom from Biobizz: How to use, dosage and chart

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A bottle of Biobloom in a garden surrounded by plants and rockery.
A bottle of Biobloom in a garden surrounded by plants and rockery.


Cannabis cultivation can be a complex science that requires attention and care in every detail, from germination to harvest. One of the keys to successful cultivation is proper nutrition, and that’s where the application of Bio Bloom from Biobizz comes into play. This article is designed to give you a clear guide on how to use this essential marijuana fertilizer to achieve the best possible results.



⭐ How to use Bio Bloom from Biobizz


Before starting the fertilization process, it is crucial to understand how to correctly use Bio Bloom. Start by shaking the product well to ensure that the nutrients are well mixed. Then, dilute Bio Bloom in soft water following the recommended proportions. This product is compatible with other products from the Biobizz brand, so you can and should combine it according to the needs of your plant and the phase of cultivation, following the indications of the Biobizz table.

When measuring the dose, be precise and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to apply at the optimum time. After adding all the fertilizers to the irrigation water, remember to adjust the PH to an optimal range depending on the type of cultivation you do. After using Bio Bloom, remember to store it in a place that is cool, dry and dark to preserve its quality.



⛳ Bio Bloom from Biobizz Cultivation Chart

The cultivation chart is essential to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrients at each stage of their development. Here we present an adaptation of the chart provided for Bio Bloom:


Week Growth (ml/L) Flowering (ml/L)
5 1
6 2
7 2
8 3
9 3
10 4
11 4
12 4

This table represents the dosages of Bio Bloom during the growth and flowering phases. It is important to note that the amounts can vary depending on the specific conditions of your cultivation and the characteristics of the cultivated plant.



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✨ Bio Bloom from Biobizz: Dosage

Determining the correct dosage of Bio Bloom is crucial for the success of your cultivation. The recommended dosage may need adjustments based on several factors such as the type of cultivation (hydroponics, coco or soil), the variety of cannabis, whether it is autoflowering or not, the intensity and type of light, and if you use CO2 of course, as in that case the plants admit food until they burst the very bitches.

Observe the response of your plants to the fertilizer and adjust the dosage accordingly, but always keeping in mind that it is better to fall short than to go over, as the consequences of going over are usually worse.



👌 Conclusions about the use of Bio Bloom from Biobizz

The correct use of Bio Bloom from Biobizz can make a difference in the health and productivity of your cannabis plants. Let’s remember the importance of following the dosage instructions and adjusting them according to the specific needs of your cultivation. Keeping a record of how your plants react will help you fine-tune the process for future crops.



🚀 Frequently Asked Questions about the use of Bio Bloom from Biobizz


How do I know if I’m over-fertilizing with Bio Bloom?

Signs of over-fertilization include burnt leaf tips, discoloration and stunted growth. If you observe these signs, reduce the dose, and if it is very serious you can do a root wash to solve it.


Is it necessary to adjust the pH of the water when using Bio Bloom?

It is advisable to measure and adjust the pH of the water to optimize the absorption of nutrients by the plants.

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