Cannabis Harvest, all the information

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Picture of a person checking if his marijuana plant is ready
Picture of a person checking if his marijuana plant is ready


When cannabis harvest time comes, it’s a great joy for everyone. If everything has gone well cannabis harvesting day is a party, but you also have to know how to choose the best moment and perform the harvesting process perfectly.

For these reasons we have decided to create this post, to know when to cut, where to start and how to proceed. So prepare the scissors, the axe or the saw, the best stage of the crop has arrived.



⭐ How to know when to harvest Cannabis


There are several ways to know the optimal point to cut cannabis, such as the information that seed banks give us about their varieties. Another way to guess the best time to harvest weed is by how the pistils on the flowers look, although this is an indicator that can be misleading.

The best way to know when cannabis buds are ready to be cut is with the help of a microscope. In our blog you can read a very complete article where you can see how trichomes are the natural markers for the ripening of cannabis flowers.



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⛳ When to harvest Cannabis indoors


During the last week of indoor growing some growers prefer to lower the temperature, or leave the plants in the dark for several days. This gives an extra resin and essential oils, as it slows the evaporation of terpenes and flavonoids. Cutting weed indoors has nothing to do with doing it outdoors, where we cannot control environmental factors.

In indoor cultivation it is easier to predict the right time to cut, and even better to prepare. As there is no risk of rain or anything else that might disturb our buds we can choose the perfect moment, calculating the time from the last watering so that the plants have dried the substrate and washing the roots from the day we choose.



✨ When to clean weed for harvest?


It depends on the fertilizers you have used, if these are minerals it is better to stop using them about 15 days before the cut, but if they are organic you can safely fertilize up to 7 days before the harvest.


How to wash cannabis plants before harvest

This part is very important to get the best aroma and taste in our buds. The aim is to eliminate the remains of salts from the substrate by leaching. To do so, it is necessary to water with a quantity of clean water approximately 3 times the volume of the pot, for example, if you have used a 5.3 US gal (20 litres) pot to grow, you will have to use about 15.8 US gal (60 litres) of water, watering slowly until we see that the water comes out clean from the drainage system.

If you want to read about this process carefully, I recommend you to read this interesting post from our blog in which we talk about the perfect cannabis plant root washing.





👌 Outdoor Cannabis Harvest


When we grow with artificial lights we can control photoperiod, and grow or flower the plants when we want to. But outdoors we can’t do that, and photodependent plants grow during spring and part of summer, and bloom usually from mid-summer to autumn.


What month is cannabis harvested outdoors?

Many customers when they buy their seeds ask us when is the harvest season for weed? The harvest month for cannabis of approximately 70% of commercial photodependent varieties is October. There are almost 20% of genetics that can be cut earlier, and just over 10% that are harvested in November or even later. This is in the northern hemisphere, and in the south 70% are harvested in April, there are almost 20% that can be cut in March or earlier, and just over 10% that are harvested in May or later.

Since they do not rely on hours of light and darkness to grow or flower, the automatic ones can be harvested in different months of the year outdoors.


When to harvest autoflowering cannabis ?

First of all we can find out about the cycle of the variety in question, and according to what the seed bank says we can already get an idea of the expected day. If the bank says that it needs 75 days from germination to harvest, we will start monitoring the ripening from 60 days onwards.

If we have a microscope, the best thing is to look at the trichomes, and if we don’t, we’ll be guided by the pistils. Depending on our preferences regarding the effect, we will choose to cut before or after. If we’re going to cut with half of the trichomes in amber, when we notice that resin of this color starts to appear, we stop fertilizing and do the root wash. During the days that it takes the plant to consume its last nutrients many trichomes that were milky on the day of washing will become amber.



☕ What happens if you harvest weed too early ?


Early harvesting of cannabis can be a good solution in cases of pests, fungi, bad weather, thieves or other reasons. It can also be interesting in case you need cannabis earlier, but you have to keep in mind that it will not be the same as if you cut it completely ripe.


Can you harvest weed earlier without a problem?

Cutting cannabis early can be bad for several reasons. The main one is that buds aren’t completely made up, but it is also dangerous not to respect the safety deadlines if you have used phytosanitary products. Another thing that can happen is that salt residues from fertilizers remain unused or leached, which can give our cannabis a bad taste.

If you need to bring forward the harvest for some reason, the ideal is to use products such as GHE’s Ripen which forces plants to finish earlier and improves taste. In indoor cultivation you can save a few days by removing hours of light in the photoperiod, for example, instead of finishing the last month of flowering at 12/12, put 15 days at 11/13 and the last 15 days at 10/14.



📖 Cannabis harvest time


The best time to harvest weed is first thing in the morning, when it contains the highest levels of essential oils. In indoor cultivation it would be just when the lights go on.

Outdoors the ideal option is to consult a lunar calendar to grow cannabis, which will tell you the perfect day for cutting, when most of the plant’s sap is in the roots and drying will take less time.



📲 How to harvest Cannabis


There are things that can be done in many different ways, such as cutting cannabis plants. Some people cut the main trunk close to the substrate and directly hang plants upside down without manicuring. Once dry, they carefully remove the leaves and separate the buds.

Many prefer to cut cannabis in parts, starting with the main tips, which usually ripe before the rest of the plant. This way it is harvested gradually, as flowers reach their optimum point of ripeness.

There are also growers who start removing leaves from mid-flowering onwards. At first light defoliations, from the large leaves that stop light from reaching the buds, then continue with the oldest leaves, low and yellow, and when the plant begins to ripe they cut many of the remaining leaves, leaving few more than the small ones that are close to the buds.

If you ask me, indoors I first cut the leaves that do not have resin and throw them away. Then I cut out the leaves that contain resin and store them in the freezer to make Fresh Frozen. And then, if the plants are small I hang them directly and if they are big I chop them up before hanging. With outdoor plants I remove leaves before ripening, those that stop light and the lowest ones, and when there is little left to harvest all the yellow ones, so when the day comes I have less work.



➕ Pictures of Cannabis buds ready to harvest


Below you can see some pictures of weed ready to be harvested, sometimes a picture is worth more than 1000 words. With graphic examples it’s easier to get an idea of when is the best time to harvest cannabis.


Foto de yerba lista para cosechar de la variedad Girl Scout Cookies*
Photo of ready-to-harvest weed from Girl Scout Cookies variety*


Foto de yerba lista para cosechar de la variedad Girl Scout Cookies*
Image of a Fat Banana by RQS at the optimum time for cutting*


Fotografía de un cogollo de Gorilla Glue #4 lista para la cosecha*
Photo of a Gorilla Glue #4 bud ready for harvest*


Imagen de una planta de cannabis a punto de cosechar*
Image of a cannabis plant about to be harvested*



🚀 Tips for Cannabis harvest


Keep in mind the genetics of the cannabis variety you are growing and your personal preferences for effect in order to decide the right time for the harvest. A sativa can lose its stimulant power and psychoactivity due to over-maturing, just as an indica can be less medicinal if cut too early.

Clean the roots well several days before harvesting, it is a pity to spoil the organoleptic quality of the weed after such a long time of cultivation. It is best to wait until the leaves turn pale or yellow, which is a sign that all the nutrients have been consumed.

Take advantage of the resinous leaves to make cannabic extractions, cream, oil or your favorite recipes, but do not throw them away.

I hope you liked this post and that you understand better the cannabis harvesting process. If so, we would appreciate if you share it, it won’t take you much time and you will be doing us a great favor, thank you.✍


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Fran Quesada Moya
Fran Quesada Moya

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  1. Great advice! All your post I have read . A+ 5 ***** ! Thank You. Looking forward to more.
    I to prefer manicuring before harvest. She focuses on fattening up the Bud’s for A potent less leafy result. Lets me enjoy the final harvest much better, and focus on the next harvest- newbies. I find it easier trimming when she is growing. This technique has always worked great for me since the late 70s. HAPPY GROWING 🙂

    FLUSHING AUTO’S IN FABRIC BAGS Do you think they still need as much water ?

    • Hello Joe, try not to water the plants too much as you are in danger of rotting the root system. Only water when the soil is dry.

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