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The world of hallucinogenic mushrooms
The world of hallucinogenic mushrooms


There are many mushrooms in the world, but only some of them contain substances with hallucinogenic effects, whose effects have been known since antiquity. Today we talk about the main ones that are known, their effects and aspects that you have to take into account to avoid a bad trip.





I know; I wouldn’t tell you anything new if I tell you that there are mushrooms totally edible and without side effects and others that have hallucinogenic effects, in addition to a third that are completely toxic, even becoming deadly if you don’t act fast once you consume them.


But today we do not want to dedicate space to the first ones, which are great, not the third, but the second. We will talk about the hallucinogenic mushrooms. A type of fungus that can bring you amazing experiences as long as you use them from the responsibility that it requires, but also can cause you to go through a bad trip in case you do don’t take into account certain aspects.


We talk, then, of the hallucinogenic mushrooms, the main known and consumed (because they know about 200), as well as its side effects and other data to take into account. I promise you an amazing trip. Will you join me? 😆 

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What are the “hallucinogenic mushrooms”?


As I have already said, hallucinogenic mushrooms are those that contain a toxic substance that makes the person who consumes them have false perceptions of their senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. This substance is known as psilocybin or psilocin and the effects they cause are psychedelic and hallucinogenic.


Effects that can be very funny and amazing for a few moments, but that can also be very unpleasant and dangerous if certain aspects aren’t taken into account, for that reason, today we will make a review to all this.


Did you know that these effects were already used in antiquity? There are especially in South America, but also in other countries of Europe and Asia, where also some of them grow. It’s precisely in these areas where they can grow wild, although more and more people and companies are engaged in controlled cultivation of them.


For mushrooms to grow and develop it’s necessary to do so in humid places, with tropical or subtropical climates or, at least, in places where the temperature is relatively high. Hence most of the hallucinogenic mushrooms come from Latin America, especially Mexico, although, as we said, they also come from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Belonging to the family of fungi, hallucinogenic mushrooms can cause effects similar to those of LSD, but with less intensity and duration. There are effects that vary depending on the way in which they are consumed and the amount that is ingested.


And the hallucinogenic mushrooms can find them fresh, but also dry (or dehydrated). People usually consume them in dishes such as salads or even sweet recipes, so that they mask the rather bitter taste that characterizes them (one of the main indications of the mushrooms that they usually consume in food daily, since the taste of the latter is very smooth). Another way to consume the hallucinogenic mushrooms is infusion, although this isn’t usually the most common.


The world of mushrooms is really interesting. Did you know that they reproduce by spores that are transported by the wind? You are right! But the curious thing isn’t that, but there are some species of fungi that are able to create their own wind. That is to hallucinate! 🙄 


One of the “good” parts of these mushrooms is that they don’t produce addiction, or withdrawal syndrome, but tolerance, as shown by different studies. In addition, as explained in Omicrono “The effects of psilocybin can be reversed with drugs such as risperidone or ketansarin.”


While it’s true that hallucinogenic mushrooms are used for playful purposes, it’s also worth mentioning that more and more psychiatrists recommend them for patients suffering from problems such as anxiety or depression.


As can be read on the above mentioned web, “Psilocybin works by binding itself (it is an agonist) to the serotonergic receptors (it’s the tryptamine that has a chemical structure derived from tryptophan).” However, not all psychiatrists and studies agree with this practice.


The prices of mushrooms vary greatly depending on the type of fungus that we want to consume or grow. In PevGrow we don’t sell mushrooms, but if you want, we offer you a kit of mycological studies, for fungi and mushrooms that require special care and attention for their optimum development.


Kit mycological studies
Kit mycological studies


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Types of hallucinogenic mushrooms


As we have said before, it’s known that there are more than 200 varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms, but of course, not all are especially known among people who like to consume this type of hallucinogenic fungus. So today we are only going to focus on the best known or rather, the most consumed:


Monguis: known for its use as a psychotropic substance, monguis (scientific name: “Psylocibe semilanceata”) belong to the genus Psylocibe. Normally they measure between 2 and 5 centimeters and its trunk is long and not very thick, finalizing in a roof in the form of Hawaiian tent or nipple, as some people say. This type of fungi grows in humid areas, starting at 600 meters and consumed both raw and cooked. The hallucinogenic effects of these mushrooms can last between 3 and 6 hours.


The monguis mushrooms grow in wet areas from 600 meters
The monguis mushrooms grow in wet areas from 600 meters


Mexican: this type of mushrooms are those consumed by people who enter the world of hallucinogenic mushrooms, on the one hand because its effect and taste is smooth, unlike other varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms and second, because if you want cultivate, this work is also relatively simple and grateful. The effects usually last between 4 and 6 hours. Some people eat them and others, especially those who don’t like the taste of them, then they consume them in the form of tea.



Mexican mushrooms
Mexican mushrooms: Some people consume them in the form of tea to avoid their flavor.


Amanitas: Unlike the two varieties of mushrooms mentioned above, amanitas don’t contain psilobicin or psilocin as a toxic substance, but muscimol and ibotenic acid. Usually, the top of the mushroom is red, with white spots that can be more or less thick, depending on the particular type of amanita mushroom it is. The foot is white, with a ring of the same color, just like the trunk. It’s a type of fungus that has neither smell nor taste remarkable.


Amanita mushroom
Amanita mushroom: red mushroom, with white spots


Now that you know some of the most outstanding varieties, we invite you to discover the great variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms that we have for you at Pevgrow:


Mushroom cultivation


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Effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms


We have already said that the effects of these hallucinogenic mushrooms can vary greatly depending on the type of fungus that we eat, first, the quantity, second and the mood and physical state of the person in third.


So if you are thinking of taking a trip with this type of mushrooms and especially if it is the first time you do, we recommend the utmost prudence and, if it’s possible, that you do it with a person next to you who accompanies you and that you wouldn’t take any substance, so that if you had a bad trip with them, you could calm down, first and take you to the nearest health center, in addition, of course, not to let you do anything silly which can damage your physical integrity.


That said, the main effects of the hallucinogenic mushroom varieties mentioned above have been:



Laughter, auditory and visual hallucinations, loss of perception of time and space, increased libido and greater sense of freedom. Usually, they are the ones that least amount of bad trips given, but as we have said, it depends on each person.



Joy, fun, euphoria, visions with both eyes open and closed. There are the effects that can be noticed from the intake of 5 grams. So, if it is your first time or your mood is weak, don’t exceed that amount. If you want stronger emotions, you can reach 10.



Laughter, euphoria, crying, tingling in the fingers, express feelings better, worsening of the senses, loss of the notion of time and space, feeling of well-being and freedom, as the most gentle and pleasant.


However, the effects can also be: stomach pain, difficulty in reasoning, delusions, loss of balance, diarrhea, increasing body temperature, confusion and even depersonalization, among others.


If it is the first time that you use hallucinogenic mushrooms, we recommend the utmost prudence.
If it is the first time that you use hallucinogenic mushrooms, we recommend the utmost prudence.



Now that you know the main types of hallucinogenic mushrooms and their effects, do you dare to make an amazing trip with them? Had you tried them before? Tell us what it was and if you recommend or discourage something. We would love to know!


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