Notice on mushroom deliveries
In order to guarantee their preservation, orders with mushroom loaves will be shipped from Monday to Thursday.

They are kits provided with everything you need to harvest magic mushrooms in a very short time, in the easiest way and with all the varieties you are looking for.

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Each one of these bread or mushroom kits already has the mycelium fungus injected in them and we just have to follow the instructions (which are exactly the same for everyone) that we will give you below so that your mushrooms grow healthy and strong.

How to grow magic mushroom ?

The mushroom breads are already moistened and therefore there is no need to add water apart, as it would not produce any crop, we simply have to achieve a certain level of humidity and for this we will place a glass of water inside the bag in which the mushroom kit comes and close it after the next step to create a greenhouse effect when the humidity rises. You can also add water if you prefer with a spreader.

It is important that the water is of good quality and mineral quality, because if we do not spoil the harvest.

After this process, we include in the bag the tupper with the mushroom bread without the lid and close the bag of the kit with the tabs ready for this purpose. The temperature at which our mushroom kit must be between 22-25 degrees Celsius to bear fruit properly. In winter, when it will be harder to maintain the temperature, we can use electric blankets to give you the love you need.

The light to which the crop is subjected should be natural or, if it is artificial, it should be a blue light with low fluorescent consumption. In the latter case the lighting cycle will be 12/12 (12 hours of lighting and 12 hours of darkness). It is in this step when a crucial moment comes for your mushroom crop to be magnificent, and is that you have to open it to ventilate about 3 times a day and in just 15 days you will get a harvest of beautiful mushrooms.

As for the moment you're looking forward to at this point, that of your harvest. We must cut the mushrooms before the hoods are opened and the spores are released, because then our bread will become contaminated and we will stop producing mushrooms, so we have to be careful. Mushrooms that are not the right size should be left to grow and not extracted to obtain the maximum production of mushroom bread.

When you have finished the harvest you must fill the tupper with 2 cm of mineral water and insert the tupper with the mushroom bread, with the lid tightly closed, and after two hours we take it out, drain and change the water we had in the glass of our kit or in the propagator.



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ura adah

Golden teacher, Eucvador, B+

Everything was perfect. All kits were productive. Two flashes were excellent. Suggestions definitely !

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Bellamarie Parker

Looks amazing and I can't wait to place my first order.

Well, put together! Thank you!

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Shterion Stoev

McKennaii magic mushrooms kit

Hi guys! I ordered McKennaii magic mushrooms kit. My friends showed me some websites from Netherlands which offered magic mushrooms kits like these ones here. Then I found Pevgrow. Why I chose this site? Well... the first problem was making the payment. It was too complicated and it wasn't secure enough. Here in Pevgrow it was really easy - I just used my debit card and it was done! The other problem was the trasport. I wasn't really sure what was going to happen on the Spanish customs. The other problem was that a delay of the order was possible which means that the spors may get damaged. In this site - my order came on the second day and I could see the process with "order tracking". The other reason was the price. In Pewgrow is 10% (or more) cheaper + they give you all the information you need. Even they gave me a seed of MJ as a bonus! It's so easy! Great service! I'm really thankful and I recommend this site to all of my friends!