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Image of 3 men, different stoner profiles
Image of 3 men, different stoner profiles


Stoner, porreta, marijuano… There are many ways to call a type of person who in some way always has the cannabis plant in mind, whether for hobby, work, or for any other reason. In this post we are going to review this urban tribe that luckily is more present in society every day, although it must be said that they have never ceased to be



🚀 What is a marijuano (a stoner) ?



People who use cannabis recreationally or playful are called marijuanos. Normally people who use marijuana medicinally are not called marijuanos, because in this case they take it to improve their health and not to get high. There are many synonyms or different ways to call a marijuano or mariguano, porreta, stoner, pothead, smoked, etc. and the term changes depending on each place. Marihuano or porreta in English is called stoner, and due to the influence of the Anglo-Saxon world in cannabis culture, in some Spanish-speaking countries it is also beginning to be used in Spanish.

The term stoner has a certain derogatory connotation, because the real meaning of porreta or marijuano is associated with the impulsive consumer of weed, the one who spends the day smoking joints. For this reason, being marijuano, smoked or stoned means being high or under the influence of the effect of cannabis, and would be similar to being drunk from excessive alcohol consumption, hence its negative or derogatory view. Normally a cannabis user who is not very noticeable when smoking a joint, or can continue to function normally, is not called a marijuana use.



✅ Types of Stoners


If we focus on the real marihuanos, those who dedicate their lives to cannabis, it is their main topic of conversation, or their whole world revolves around this plant for whatever reason. As an industry worker with more than 10 years of experience, I have been able to see different types of marijuanos that even being very different from each other, they always share other hobbies, such as music, style of dress, and even the way of eating. Below you can see 3 different types of very common stoners or marijuanos:


  • Stoned: He is the classic marijuana user from the movies, although it is true that we all know someone like that, because he is the typical dreadlocks who always wears t-shirts with the iconic cannabis leaf, he seems to be absent-minded all day, he has red eyes, and from time to time he disappears for several minutes so that he can roll and smoke a joint. Smoked marijuana is usually a good person, surely because of the peace that the effect of this plant brings, they speak slowly and in a low voice, and on many occasions they carry a bag, fanny pack, or any other place to store cigarette paper, grinder, pipe, and of course cannabis.


  • Professional Stoner: Marijuano that is professionally dedicated to the cannabis sector also spends the day talking about the same subject, but they don’t have to consume, although the most normal thing is that they do. This type of marijuana is more difficult to recognize with the naked eye, because it does not dress in a special way nor is it apparently noticeable. Within this group there are successful entrepreneurs such as some owners of grow shops, seed banks or dispensaries, among others, who are able to combine the daily consumption of weed with their professional activity without any problem, a triumphant marijuana user, you could say.


  • Average stoner: The average marijuana user or the most common, is a person who consumes cannabis like the one who consumes coffee, tea, mate, or other natural stimulants. On many occasions he has a normal job, family, and hobbies of all kinds, but every day he smokes 1, 2 or more joints. For this reason they can go unnoticed at first glance, but as soon as you dig a little deeper you will see that he likes rock music, reggae, hip hop or variations of them, and after consuming his favorite smoke he always ends up turning to the munchies to satiate his brutal starvation.



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🔥 Characteristics of a person when he is stoned


The symptoms of a marijuano user who has just smoked are usually repeated in most people, although it is always more noticeable in people who are not used to it than in those who have a high tolerance for cannabis. When you’re high, you somehow seem to be absent, unfocused, unable to focus clearly, although this is not always the case. Some stoners can’t help but laugh at everything, it’s one of the most well-known symptoms after smoking a joint, but this is especially the case with sativa strains, because when they consume indicas they seem to fall asleep at any moment.

Among the physical characteristics of a marijuana user, the most noticeable are the slightly closed red eyes, as if they had to fight against gravity to be able to open them normally. Another common symptom is the permanent smile that some have, so if you see a friend with red eyes half closed and smiling non-stop, with a marijuano face, don’t hesitate, he’s smoked for sure. Many consumers feel lazy or physically weak after smoking weed, they walk a bit bent over and as soon as they have the chance they sit or lean anywhere.



🎯 Behavior of a stoner


How does a marijuano man live? If you ask this question to a prohibitionist, he will surely tell you that he spends his days smoking and lying on the sofa, or even worse, that he engages in criminal activities of all kinds. Not at all, there are cannabis users for all tastes, and most of them live like any other person, although from time to time they use marijuana for fun to feel better.

Living with a marijuano is just like living with any other type of person, but with certain delicious aromas in the house at certain times. Due to the side effects of cannabis, there are often stockpiles of munchies in a pothead’s house, though you’ll be lucky to try them because the pot devours them. That is the general rule, but it is true that there are also stoners who consume marijuana from the moment they wake up until they go back to sleep, although in a smaller proportion. When you’re high you enjoy music or movies more because you can feel everything from a different point of view than how you see it in a normal state of consciousness, to the point that there is a special type of movie or music for stoners.


Music to listen to stoner

Stoner music can be very varied as we have seen before, but there are also marijuana artists who focus their musical style or their lyrics on cannabis, such as Bob Marley, the Californian band Green Day or the Spanish Leño y Porretas among others. There are very funny stoner songs dedicated to the consumption of this plant, such as Cannabis of Ska-P, Hash Pipe of Weezer, Manu Chao’s Marihuana Boggie, or Cypress Hill’s Hits Of The Bong, and others that talk about weed without actually naming it as Bolleré by Raimundo Amador or Here we can’t do it by Los Rodriguez, a very well-crafted lyric that seems to be dedicated to a girl, but actually speaks of the great love of Andrés Calamaro, the joint.

Among the current artists most influenced by cannabis, there is no doubt Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, B-Real, Ariel Kelly, Morodo, or Berner among others. A few years ago the most representative were Bob Marley, Peter Tosh or Willie Nelson to give a few examples, and as you can see the musical style changes but the center of all the songs is the same, the marijuana plant. But if you prefer movies over music, don’t worry, because on our blog we have a very complete article that talks about movies to watch marijuano.




👾 How to stop being a stoner


We have seen how a stoner lives, his behavior, or the types that there are, but what can we do when we consume too much? How do you lower marijuano? Well, first of all don’t worry because nobody has died from cannabis overdose, and if you get a yellow or white from smoking weed there are things you can try to get back to normal. The best thing you can do in these cases is take a shower, eat something and lie down on the bed or the sofa for a while, surely in a matter of half an hour you will be as good as new.

To lower or remove the marijuana faster, the ideal is to eat or drink certain things, as long as your stomach is not upset by the smoke itself, but a fruit or a sweet can help you because the sugar will lower the effects. There are also beverages such as coffee, tea, or soft drinks such as Coca-Cola that are very effective due to their sugar, caffeine, or theine content. Drinking plenty of water can also be effective, although it can sometimes lead to a tummy ache. There is almost instant relief based on a mixture of black pepper and lemon, but you don’t need to drink it, just mix it in a glass and inhale its aroma so that the entourage effect reduces anxiety and makes marijuana more bearable.

Infographic summary of how to get rid of pot
Infographic summary of how to get rid of pot



🎬 Gifts for a stoner


Is your marijuano friend’s birthday coming up and you don’t know what to give? Don’t worry, at Pevgrow we have just what you’re looking for for these occasions, and we’re sure you’ll be delighted. If your friend is a real smoker, don’t hesitate, the gas mask bong is the best gift you can give him because, in addition to being surprising, it is also very practical, since every last puff of smoke is used. If you prefer to vaporize rather than smoke, the Volcano desktop vaporizer is the best on the market in its category, and its quality has been proven by thousands of consumers for more than 10 years, but if you like cannabis concentrates more than buds, the Pax 3 portable vaporizer is the solution.


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In the case of wanting a unique gift for marijuano, one of those that you will never forget no matter how many years pass, take a look at our section of cannabis collectibles and antiques, see all the original products we have. If you don’t decide on any of the above gifts, the best thing you can do is send them a Pevgrow Mystery Box, you have 2 models to choose from and both include all kinds of special cannabis items for marijuanos.


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🧐 Conclusion


Today we have seen everything related to marijuano, people who have cannabis as a religion that luckily are becoming more common in all areas of life. Abusing any substance is bad, but as we have seen in this post, consuming marijuana does not make you a worse person and with moderation you can lead a totally normal life, even a successful one. In fact, there are currently more problems with people addicted to alcohol, opiates and other substances than with cannabis, but remember that everything in excess is bad.



⚠️ Frequent questions


What happens when a marijuano stops smoking?

When you stop making a very marked habit in your life, there is a gap that must be filled with other activities so as not to suffer stress. Smoking cannabis can become a very strong habit, and quitting can be almost as difficult as quitting tobacco, since they are related. Some of the most common effects of cannabis, such as hunger, relaxation, or the sleep it causes, can be altered once consumption is stopped, so there could be difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, or even feeling irritability, anxiety and stress.


What happens if you fall asleep marijuano?

The normal thing is that you sleep better, because cannabis helps to fall asleep more quickly, facilitates deep sleep, optimizes rest time, and helps to recover energy. Many people ask this question because they think it can be bad to fall asleep very high, but normally sleeping is one of the best ways to remove or lower the marijuana as we have seen before.

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