Whitening, pale, or turning yellow, overly stoned

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Image recreating a human marijuana plant, smacking a person in front of it.
Image recreating a human marijuana plant, smacking a person in front of it.



It has happened to all of us, you start smoking marijuana and when you realize that you have a maximum of 15, and now you don’t you can go back, right? In this post we will see why sometimes cannabis has a lot of effect on us, what to do when it bleaches or turns yellow,  and most importantly how to avoid it so it doesn’t repeat itself.



⭐ What is turning yellow or whitening?



It’s called turning yellow, pale, bleaching, or other synonyms, due to the feeling of overwhelm or general discomfort we get when we get too high on cannabis. Its real name is orthostatic hypotension, but surely when the time comes you won’t remember the technicalities, so we will continue to call it whitening, turning pale or yellow, which is easier to remember.

Image of the protagonist of the movie Scream caused by smoking too much marijuana
Image of the protagonist of the movie Scream caused by smoking too much marijuana



⛳ Symptoms of a pale or bleached feeling


  • Discomfort: The first thing you feel is that you do not feel well, unpleasant sensations that you do not expect because it normally brings you well-being.
  • Vertigo: In many cases we notice a slight dizziness that does not allow us to focus clearly, the movements become slower and the ground seems to move.
  • Anxiety: it is one of the most common symptoms, caused by the mental cycle we enter when we perceive that we have smoked joints. It is curious to see how cannabis normally calms anxiety but in excess can cause the opposite effect.
  • Sweating: Uncontrollable sweating is another of the symptoms that is giving you a yellow, and it is because your body temperature rises and sweating due to sweating is how we need to regulate it.
  • Panic: The brain can be our greatest ally, but in some cases it can also become our worst enemy, as happens when it gives you a whitening. It is inevitable to think about evil in these moments, to the point of going through uncontrollable fear or panic about what may happen.
  • Confusion: At that moment you don’t know very well what is happening to you or what to do, you can’t think clearly and everything becomes confused. From a normal point of view you can see it as an easy situation to control, but I assure you that in that moment it is not easy to control your thoughts.
  • Paranoia: Like panic, paranoia comes from the psychological cycle we create when we feel bad and don’t know how we will continue. It’s hard to control this feeling right now, it’s like a bad mushroom trip but with less intensity.
  • Tremors: One of the physical symptoms of whiting that can be observed most quickly are the tremors suffered by the person who suffers from it, which in many cases are totally uncontrollable.
  • Tachycardia: When we get sick, the heart starts pumping with greater intensity, to the point of having a tachycardia and feeling faster than normal.
  • Nausea: The feeling of discomfort usually increases if measures are not taken, so it is normal for nausea and even stomach pain to appear.
  • Vomiting: In many cases the whiteness ends with the inevitable vomiting, and it must be said that while it is bad, it can be the best way to end the discomfort caused by excessive consumption of weed.



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✨ Why does it give us whitening or yellowing?


There can be several reasons, but it usually occurs in people with a low tolerance to THC, as those of us who are very used to consuming cannabis usually never suffer from paleness. But it can also happen that one day your body is not in great shape and you notice the much more powerful effect, because you have eaten little, your blood pressure is a little low, or you are consuming too much in a short time.

Bleaching to smoke the pipes also occurs when we change variety, even when you switch from a powerful consumer in a less strong. The reason for this is due to the tolerance we talked about earlier, as the body gets used to cannabinoid and profile specific terpenes and  when we start smoking a new genetics we can feel it a lot more instead of after several days of consumption.

But the most common reasons why we turn pale are usually due to mixing marijuana with alcohol or other drugs, consumption in the sun, too hot or wet, tiredness or lack of sleep. The set & setting setting is also very important, that is, the environment in which you are, because if it is a known place where you are comfortable, or you are with trusted people, it is more difficult for yellowing to appear.

All these symptoms are caused by the effect of cannabinoids in our body, because when they enter our bloodstream and reach the cardiovascular system, they cause a great drop in blood pressure, greatly reducing the irrigation that reaches our brain.



➕ What to do if it hits you?


If you are alone and notice that it starts to turn yellow or white, it is best to immediately stop consuming and drinking water and / or something sweet, as the sugar will help reduce excess cannabis. A juice, a bar of chocolate or the typical snacks we eat when hunger strikes us after smoking, can be the solution that improves your state at that moment.

If you are with a co-worker and notice that he is bleaching, do not laugh at him, as this can accentuate his discomfort. The best thing you can do is help him sit up or lie down, and if he doesn’t throw up or feel nauseous, give him some water or something sweet, just like it was for us. If you see him very hot or sweaty it is best to take him to a cool place, giving him the air street can help calm his condition, otherwise it is better to stay next to him, leaving him in a comfortable position until he passes.

On the other hand, if the colleague wants to throw up, the ideal is not to give him anything to eat, as it can make him feel bad in that situation. If so, you need to put him on his side to keep him from choking on his own vomit like Jimmy Hendrix did, and leave him under observation for a while to see how he progresses. Stay by his side so he knows he’s not alone, as he may need you at any time.

It happens to you or it happens to another colleague, the most important thing is that it is always clear to you that no one has ever died from cannabis use, so nothing will happen and it will resolve itself in a short time. I say this because sometimes the psychological harm caused by the negative cycle of thinking about what can happen is worse than the evil caused by excessive consumption.



🚀 How to avoid getting hit?


The best thing is to get to know each other, to know in which situations can make us stay with the use of marijuana and avoid them. As I told you at the beginning of this article, people who have a high tolerance to cannabis usually do not suffer from bleaching, but it is still better to know how to avoid it, take note:


  • Avoid consumption on an empty stomach: There are people who smoke a lot. The first thing they do when they get out of bed is roll a joint, the “wake and bake” that American stoners call it. This can be a bit dangerous, as smoking on an empty stomach can increase the effects of THC.
  • Don’t smoke too often: In Spain we call it “dog-faced smoke,” and some people smoke like it’s the last time they do it, or like they’re about to remove the joint. When you smoke it is easy to notice how marijuana works, but if you do it too quickly, it will pass without realizing it.
  • Do not consume in the sun or in very hot places: the heat causes a drop in blood pressure, which, added to the effect of cannabis, can also make you faint. This must also be taken into account when we exercise or whatever our body temperature is higher than normal.
  • Do not mix with alcohol or other drugs: It happens very often that people combine the use of cannabis with that of other drugs, and this can be very dangerous. By mixing stimulants with other central nervous system depressants, you tend to consume more because one inhibits the other, and it’s easy to break down.
  • Stay Hydrated: It sounds silly, but dehydration is one of the main reasons you turn white after smoking joints. A good way to avoid the bleaching caused by marijuana is to drink juice or soda, as at the same time you hydrate yourself, leave behind sugar reserves.
  • Avoid consuming in uncomfortable situations: there are times when we have to carry out certain activities that generate insecurity and we tend to think that if we smoke we will deal with them better or more calmly. Sometimes it can work, but many other times. it has the opposite effect, because the high level accentuates our insecurity.


Infographic that recreates the best way to consume cannabis and not suffer from paleness or whiteness
Infographic that recreates the best way to consume cannabis and not suffer from paleness or whiteness





Sometimes whiteness is unavoidable, but more often than not it is due to improper use of cannabis, either by excess or by consumption at the wrong time, place or with the wrong company. The most important thing is that you remember that at worst it will only cause a bad time, but it will pass, especially if you take into consideration what you have read in this post, which would be great if you share in a way that doesn’t happen to your friends.


🎯 Frequently Asked Questions


How long does paleness last?

This question is asked by many people and the truth is that it does not have a concrete answer, because it affects each person differently. As a general rule, it won’t last more than 3 hours, and if you can, the best thing you can do is lie down for a while and wait for it to pass. If you want to cut down on that time or get rid of the ugly whiteness sensation, the ideal is to take sugar as we have seen previously, so it is advisable to have the munchies nearby when you go to consume just in case.

How to remove the smoke?

That weed was so rich you accidentally missed it, now what? In these cases, it is not recommended to take anxiolytics or tranquilizers, because the combination with cannabis can cause a greater problem. Also, you don’t need to go to the hospital to wash your stomach, remember that overdosing on THC will never be bad as it would be with other medications. If you don’t have a sick stomach, it’s best to drink water, juice or soda, to hydrate yourself and add sugar to your bloodstream, and go out to give yourself some fresh air so that the smoking effect passes as quickly as possible.


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