Germinating marijuana seeds and not fail

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Germinating marijuana seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds

Let’s give some information to germinate marijuana seeds with the highest percentage of success.

There are several methods for germinating cannabis seeds then husking, such as putting them directly into a container of water a day or two until the root sprood, put them between wet napkins, planted directly into the substrate, etc …

First of all, remember some interesting data to germinate cannabis seeds. The temperature of the medium used, must be 4°C or 5°C above the air in the room, grow tent or place where we germinating, bearing in mind that the seeds must be between 26°C and 27°C, this makes it maximize rooting.

Although if we take into account both temperature data, so that the eclosion of the seed is produced, this must be between 21°C and 32°C, a temperature above 32 ° C will not germinate.

It is generally recommended two types of germination, germinated on paper towels or leaving them in a container with water, although some marijuana growers defend the virtues germinate directly into the ground. We started with the first two methods and end with germination ground.



Wet paper towels.

To use this medium, we only have to use a container, and in this, make a layer of paper towels, wet it but that is not waterlogged, since otherwise the seeds may not sprout, and die rotting, place well covered seeds by the lower layer, and put another layer on top as the first that we have, also leaving both wet coats, but not waterlogged. Between 24 and 48 hours, we will have the first outbreak of root. The container where they are, must be in the dark, it is advisable to leave in a closet and not “watch them” much as the root sprouts. 😉

Marijuana seeds germinated on moist paper.

Marijuana seeds germinated on moist paper.

Last between 24 and 48 hours, and we will have a small root, and now we can transplant them to the ground, if we pass them on to its definitive medium, or a wet taco rockwool for use in hydroponics, a jiffy, etc …

As the most common is transplanted directly to ground, before anything we fill a small pot, we can even use a small plastic cup that you perform a cut on the bottom to prevent puddling and give a small watering but not remain waterlogged, with a pen or finger will perform a small hole into the land of between 1 and 2 centimeters deep and introduce carefully the seed with the root pointing down, we have to be very careful in this process because the root and the seed may be damaged in the process.

Once we have the seed in place we can cover it with soil, try not to be too tight to facilitate its growth.

From here, we can and put it in the sun, and within days, the first outbreak of cotyledon will appear, “care if you have to water it and not we flood the pot” with this could displace the seed and this is spoiled, you should use a sprayer to moisten the earth.

Once the seedling is stretched, and leave the first two internodal leaves, or around 10 days we transplant them to another larger pot so that the roots can absorb nutrients from the new land, and go rooting harder and healthier.

When they grow a little more, and see it stronger, you can be transplanted to the final pot, and the size you need, depending on how you want to be made large, or the space you have available.

Immersed in water.

Some people prefer to immerse them in water a few hours until you leave the small root. Once the root leaves, seeds tend to sink into the water container with the added weight of the water absorption of the seed of marijuana.

Another alternative to germinate marijuana seeds, immersed in water.

Another alternative to germinate marijuana seeds, immersed in water.

When this happens, as you can transplant seed the same way as germinated in wet kitchen paper. If there are some seeds rootless, leave them until you leave them, and it is recommended that if this occurs, to replace the water in the container the 48 hours until all the seeds take out the root.

For transplanting the seeds, it is performed in the same way and in the same time points as paper towels.


You can also choose to plant the seed directly into the substrate.

You can also choose to plant the seed directly into the substrate.

Some seed banks, recommend planting the seed directly in the substrate of good quality at a depth of about 1 centimeter..

We will use a small pot to which you add the substrate and we press a little, but not too much so that the root can more easily develop. Once the pot with the soil we water not too much and made a small hole about 1 centimeter which will place the seed facing downwards to promote root growth and seedling, once the seed is in place we cover with a thin layer of substrate.

As in previous cases of paper towels and water, we follow the steps as indicated for growth and transplantation.

We have already mentioned that there are more germination methods such as in jiffy, taco rockwool, agricultural foam, coconut, etc …

There are more germination methods such as in jiffy

There are more germination methods such as in jiffy



All these systems rooting we can buy them at your Grow shop confidence and make your own tests to see which method you personally works best for you, because as we have indicated only described three forms of seed germination cannabis … and as they say, “each has his methods.” 😉
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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