Is it good or bad to water plants with bong water?

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Image of a guy watering a marijuana plant with bong water
Image of a guy watering a marijuana plant with bong water
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26-03-2024 07:00:00 - Updated: 26 March, 2024


The world of cannabis is full of myths and half-truths, especially when it comes to plant care and efficient use of resources. A question that frequently arises among cannabis enthusiasts and growers is: Is bong water good for watering plants? In this article, we will explore this question from a scientific and practical perspective, to provide you with the best information available.



👌 Introduction to Watering with Bong Water



Bong water for smoking, that aqueous mixture left after a smoking session, is often discarded without considering its potential utility. But what if we told you that this water could have a second use before pouring it down the drain? Well, this isn’t always the case, as you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.


The Composition of Bong Water

To understand if bong water is beneficial for plants, we must first analyze what it contains:

  • Cannabinoid Residues: After use, bong water can contain flavonoids, traces of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids and compounds.
  • Tar and Other Toxins: Like cannabinoids, tar and other substances derived from the combustion of cannabis can accumulate in the water.
  • Microorganisms: Depending on the frequency of water change, there could be growth of bacteria and molds.



🚀 Impact on Plants


Potential Advantages

  • Water Reuse: In terms of sustainability, reusing bong water for watering could be a way to reduce water waste.
  • Nutrients: Some argue that traces of cannabinoids could serve as additional nutritional supplements for plants.



  • Toxins: The presence of tar and other combustion byproducts can be harmful to the roots and overall health of plants.
  • Disease Risk: Using water contaminated with bacteria or molds can introduce diseases into the soil or hydroponic system.


Recommendations for Using Bong Water in Watering

  • Regularly Clean the Bong: Changing the bong water frequently can reduce the buildup of harmful substances.
  • Filtration: Consider filtering the bong water before using it for watering, to remove particles and microorganisms.
  • Observation: Monitor your plants’ reaction to the new watering regime and adjust as necessary.



✅ So, can plants be watered with used bong water?


No, it’s actually not a good idea to use bong water for watering plants and it’s not worth doing. Although it may seem like a way to recycle used water, bong water can contain various impurities and combustion residues, such as tar and other potentially harmful compounds that accumulate during the smoking process. These substances can be harmful to plants, negatively affecting their growth and health.

Furthermore, the water used in bongs is often left stagnant for extended periods, which can promote the growth of bacteria and mold. Introducing these organisms to your plants could cause diseases or even death.

For watering your plants, it’s better to use clean water, either from osmosis or directly from the tap if it’s soft water (letting it sit if it contains chlorine) to ensure that your plants receive hydration free from harmful contaminants.



🔥 Conclusions


In conclusion, bong water is not the most recommended option for watering your plants due to potential contaminants and the lack of clear nutritional benefits. However, recycling and the conscious use of water are always commendable practices, as long as it’s done with caution. At Pevgrow, we recommend opting for more traditional and safe watering methods to ensure the well-being of your cannabis plants.



🎯 FAQs:


Does bong water contain beneficial nutrients for plants?

No, bong water generally does not contain beneficial nutrients for plants. In fact, it may contain toxins and tar harmful to the health of plants.

Can bong water negatively affect my plants?

Yes, bong water can contain harmful residues that could potentially negatively affect the growth and health of plants.

Is there a safe way to use bong water for plants?

If you want to experiment, make sure to filter the water to remove impurities and use it only occasionally, preferably diluted with fresh water.

What alternatives exist for safely reusing bong water?

Consider using the water for composting or as part of a more complex filtration system before applying it to your plants.

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