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A visually appealing illustration shows a plant care guide featuring several sections with colorful icons and text related to “BioTabs”. Pots with green plants, gardening tools, nutrient bottles, and tablets are carefully arranged on a table in the foreground. Additionally, a detailed Biotabs fertilization scheme chart provides clear instructions for optimal growth.


Welcome to Pevgrow, the place where cannabis growers find the best information and products to maximize their harvests. Today, we want to share with you a comprehensive guide on the use of Biotabs fertilizers. If you are looking for an effective and natural way to nourish your plants, you have come to the right place. Join us as we break down how to apply the Biotabs cultivation chart or fertilization scheme to ensure your crop thrives and produces the highest quality flowers.



👌 Simplified Biotabs Cultivation Chart



Week 0 (Preparation) 1 to 4 5 6 until harvest
Startrex 2 tablespoons (25 gr) per 5L of substrate Only water Only water
Mycotrex 2 tablespoons in the planting hole (2 gr) Only water Only water
BioTabs Bury 1 tablet per 5L of substrate Only water Only water
Bactrex 1 gr/L of irrigation water when soaking the pots Only water 1 gr/L of irrigation water once Only water
Orgatrex 5 ml/L of irrigation water when soaking the pots Only water Dilute 20 ml/L in irrigation water (once and mixed with Bactrex) Only water



🚀 Explanation of Products and Contributions



Description: Organic soil conditioner rich in beneficial bacteria.
Contribution: Improves the fertility and structure of the substrate, facilitating nutrient absorption from the start of cultivation.



Description: Mycorrhiza supplement that promotes effective symbiosis between roots and fungi.
Contribution: Optimizes water and nutrient absorption, strengthening the plants.



Description: Slow-release tablets that combine organic fertilizer, bacteria, and fungi.
Contribution: Provides continuous and balanced feeding throughout the cultivation cycle.



Description: Contains beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma that improve soil health.
Contribution: Promotes a robust root system, enhancing nutrient absorption and disease resistance.



Description: Organic liquid fertilizer with a blend of essential nutrients and microelements.
Contribution: Offers complete nutrition during the flowering phase, improving the quality and size of the flowers.




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✅ Biotabs Fertilizer Usage Guide


Biotabs offers a range of fertilizers for weed and organic additives designed to facilitate the cultivation of cannabis and other plants. Below is a guide on how to effectively use each of the Biotabs products:



Format: Powder
How to use: Mix the powder with the substrate before planting. Ensure it is well incorporated so that the bacteria and nutrients are evenly distributed.
Tip: Use Startrex to revitalize depleted substrates and improve soil structure.



Format: Powder
How to use: Place the powder directly in the planting hole before placing the seeds or seedlings. This ensures that the roots have direct contact with the beneficial mycorrhizae.
Tip: Use Mycotrex during the transplant stage to reduce stress and promote healthy root growth.



Format: Tablets
How to use: Bury the tablets about 5 cm deep in the substrate, near the plant roots.
Tip: Distribute the tablets evenly in the root zone to ensure a constant release of nutrients.



Format: Water-soluble powder
How to use: Dissolve the powder in water and apply the solution directly to the substrate during watering. In the 5th week, mix 1 gram of Bactrex in 500 ml of water along with 20 ml of Orgatrex to water each plant with this solution only once.
Tip: Use Bactrex after transplanting or in stressful situations to improve soil and root health.



Format: Concentrated liquid
How to use: Dilute the concentrate in water and apply it to the substrate during watering. In the 5th week, dilute 20 ml in 500 ml of water and mix with 1 gram of Bactrex to water each plant with this solution only once.
Tip: Make sure to shake well before use and use regularly during the flowering phase to provide complete nutrition.



🔥 General Usage Tips:


  • Substrate Compatibility: Biotabs products are suitable for both coco and soil. Make sure to prepare the substrate properly before applying the fertilizers.
  • Watering: Use quality water, preferably with adjusted pH. It is not necessary to measure pH and electrical conductivity (EC) when using Biotabs products, as they are formulated to naturally balance these factors.
  • Incorporation and Distribution: Ensure that the products are well mixed or distributed in the substrate to maximize their effectiveness. Mycorrhizae and bacteria need contact with the roots to function properly.
  • Storage: Keep Biotabs products in a cool, dry place to preserve their effectiveness. Beneficial microorganisms are sensitive to moisture and temperature.



🎯 Conclusions


In conclusion, Biotabs fertilizers offer an organic and highly effective solution for weed cultivation. Their simple application and ability to significantly improve plant health and performance make them an ideal choice for both novice and experienced growers. By following our recommendations and usage tips, you can be sure that your plants will receive all the necessary nutrients to fully develop. Do not hesitate to implement Biotabs in your next cultivation and enjoy the benefits of an organic and sustainable approach. Now that you know how to use Biotabs fertilizers, I recommend taking a look at this other article that explains how to water cannabis plants correctly, it can be very helpful. Happy harvesting!



👾 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Biotabs?
Biotabs is a line of organic fertilizers and additives designed to optimize plant health and performance using natural ingredients and beneficial microorganisms.
How to use Biotabs in automated irrigation systems?
Biotabs can be used in automated irrigation systems as long as the tablets and other products are applied directly to the substrate. Ensure that the system does not cause residue buildup.
Can Biotabs be used with other fertilizers?
It is recommended to use only the complete Biotabs line to avoid nutrient imbalances and maximize product effectiveness.
Do I need to adjust the pH when using Biotabs?
It is not necessary to adjust the pH when using Biotabs products, as they are formulated to maintain pH balance in the substrate naturally.
How long do the effects of Biotabs last?
The effects of Biotabs products, such as slow-release tablets, can last throughout the cultivation cycle, providing continuous and balanced nutrition.
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