Monster Bloom by Grotek: All the Info You Need to Perfectly Apply This Fertilizer

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A container of Monster Bloom surrounded by beautiful marijuana plants and a smoky blue background
A container of Monster Bloom surrounded by beautiful marijuana plants and a smoky blue background


Monster Bloom by Grotek has gained popularity in the world of cannabis cultivation for its ability to enhance buds. In this guide, we’ll explore how this powerful fertilizer can benefit your grow.



Usage and Benefits of Monster Bloom


Monster Bloom is a high-performance fertilizer designed for the flowering stage of cannabis. It is used to increase the density and size of the buds, improving overall yield and the potency of the flowers.



How to Use Monster Bloom?

The proper use of Monster Bloom is crucial. It should be applied during the mid-phase of flowering, generally from the second to the penultimate week before harvest.



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Feeding Schedule with Monster Bloom Dosage


Weekly Dosage Table

Here we present the recommended dosage for Monster Bloom during the flowering phase:


Week of Flowering Monster Bloom Dosage (grams per 10 liters)
Week 1-2 0
Week 3 3
Week 4 3
Week 5 3
Week 6 3
Week 7 3
Week 8 and beyond 0


Reviews on Monster Bloom

Growers who use Monster Bloom often praise its effectiveness in improving the size and density of the buds. Many consider it a must-have product for achieving abundant and high-quality harvests.


Price of Monster Bloom

The price of Monster Bloom can vary, but it is generally considered affordable and offers excellent value for money compared to other bud enhancers. The standard 130-gram format costs just over 10 euros, which is about the same as a cocktail in any pub.


Results with Monster Bloom

Users report significant results in terms of increased size, weight, hardness, and density of the buds. There is also an increase in trichome production, which translates into greater potency and quality.


Composition of Monster Bloom

Monster Bloom contains a high concentration of phosphorus and potassium, essential elements for bud development. In addition, it includes other micronutrients that support healthy plant growth.




Monster Bloom is an effective and economical fertilizer for those looking to optimize their cannabis cultivation. Its ability to improve bud density and weight makes it a favorite among experienced and novice growers alike.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Monster Bloom: How Many Times per Week?

It is recommended to apply Monster Bloom once a week during the mid-phase of flowering, following the dosage table.


Can Monster Bloom Be Mixed with Other Nutrients?

Yes, Monster Bloom can be mixed with other nutrients, but it is important to adjust the dosages to avoid excesses.


When to Apply Monster Bloom?

Monster Bloom should be started from the third week of the flowering phase and continued until the penultimate week before harvest.

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