Sirona CBD from PEV Seeds, High CBD and Low THC Medicinal Cannabis

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Sirona CBD from PEV Seeds, High CBD and Low THC Medicinal Cannabis
Sirona CBD from PEV Seeds, High CBD and Low THC Medicinal Cannabis


A variety of medical marijuana has just come on the market that will give a lot of talk in the future, the Sirona CBD. What is so special about this plant? It contains no more than 1% THC and more than 14% CBD.



👌 Cannabis seeds with high CBD and low THC



Sirona CBD from PEV Seeds are high quality feminized seeds, created from 2 pure Asian genetics. Its mother is a Sativa from the Himalayas and its father has Ruderalis genes from Mongolia. This is a great breeding work where the first objective was to achieve high levels of CBD with minimum THC content, and it has been achieved.


Image of the Mongolian Ruderalis*
Image of the Mongolian Ruderalis*


This variety can be considered “pure CBD” since they are plants that only have Cannabidiol, because the amount of THC they have is minimal, so it can be considered that it only has traces of this cannabinoid.

Another challenge the PEV Bank Seeds’ breeding team had with this strain was to refine some of its traits to make it more attractive in general for the grower and the final user. Sirona looks like any modern sativa hybrid and has a delicious aroma, but the most special thing about it is on its inside.



🚀 Sirona CBD, worldwide novelty


Although there are varieties of industrial hemp that can have reasonably high values of Cannabidiol and THC content below 0.3%, Sirona CBD from PEV Seeds is the first to offer stable CBD levels above 14% and, overall, aroma, flavor and resin content as any psychoactive cannabis plant.

PEV Bank Seeds’ team is very proud to be able to offer this medicinal innovation to the market. We are sure that in the near future most commercial weed seed banks will have strains with this chemotype in their catalogue.



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✅ Is it a standard plant? Is it grown the same way?


In general, it is a cannabis plant like any other, so it can be grown in the same way as the others. It behaves well both indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse, it is grateful for pruning, although it can also be left to grow naturally, it prefers nutrition in an organic way, it does not need much food and is quite resistant to stress, pests and diseases.

Bud production is above average, perhaps not as compact as a Kush, but the density is acceptable. It requires about 8 weeks of flowering and endures the cold very well thanks to their ancestors,  which come from high latitudes and are from the mountains.



🎯 Almost THC-free weed with high levels of Cannabidiol, a new Cannabis concept


In the grow shop industry we have seen several revolutions over the last 15 years. Until 2005 almost 100% of commercial cannabis seeds were regular.

From 2005 to 2007 we lived the explosion of the feminized ones, from 2007 to 2010 it was the turn of the autoflowering ones, from 2010 to 2015 varieties rich in CBD got most of the credit, then came the Fast, Quick or Early varieties, and now here come new cannabinoids and especially THC-free cannabis.



👾 Who are these high CBD variety seeds good for?


They are especially for users who need cannabis medically and prefer not to get high. After consuming Sirona CBD weed, your body takes advantage of the therapeutic properties of Cannabidiol, but your mind works perfectly, like you haven’t smoked, or even better, as it seems that you can concentrate better or your short-term memory is more powerful.

They are also very useful for industrial hemp producers in some countries, as the biomass of this variety is much more appreciated than that of any other variety of hemp, both for its CBD levels and its amount of terpenes.

These plants can also be very useful for users who want to enjoy the taste of weed without getting high. No wonder why in countries like Switzerland, France or Italy many people are replacing tobacco with this kind of cannabis.



🧐 High CBD Cannabis seeds and almost no THC for sale


In Pevgrow you have already available feminized seeds of this very special genetics at a spectacular price. Don’t wait for them to tell you how the varieties that are going to shake up the cannabis market in the 2020s are.

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