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Marijuana strains with high CBD are the best for many people because this cannabinoid is the most effective for treating inflammation, help you sleep, relieve certain types of pain, or relax among many other things. If you want to know more about the benefits of this cannabinoid I invite you to read read this article of our blog where we deeply explain what is the CBD, because in this article we are going to see which are the most potent CBD dominant strains in the current market, the ones with the highest cannabidiol content among feminized CBD seeds, autoflowering, industrial hemp, and other interesting formats.



⚠️ Best high CBD and low THC strains



We are going to start with the best CBD seeds without THC, although we do not know of any that produce absolutely no THC, and we are actually referring to the best CBD seeds with a maximum of 0.2% THC, which is the legal limit of this cannabinoid in many countries of the planet. This type of marijuana is the best for people who need to take advantage of the virtues of cannabidiol but do not want or can feel the effects of THC, and we could say that they are medicinal CBD seeds because they do not have psychoactive effects, only therapeutic. Here you can see the 3 varieties with high CBD and low THC that seem to us the best of 2023:


Sirona CBD

With a CBD content that can reach 14% and a minimum THC concentration that usually does not reach 0.3%, Sirona CBD is ideal for patients who do not want to feel the psychotropic effects of THC but need to benefit from the properties of cannabidiol. Its genetics combines Himalayan sativa plants with a ruderalis genetics from Mongolia, it has a very short flowering period and offers a large production of buds in a very simple cultivation.


strains with high CBD

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Northern Light Blue THC Free

This strain from Delicious Seeds has a chemotype similar to that of Sirona CBD, with a CBD concentration that can range between 11% and 14% while keeping THC levels below 0.3%. Its ancestors are Northern Lights and Blueberry, two mainly indica strains that by themselves already offer great therapeutic power, but crossing them with a pure CBD strain has exponentially enhanced their medicinal potential.


strains with high CBD

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Recovery CBD

Recovery CBD are medical marijuana seeds created by the bank Medical Seeds from the merger between Therapy CBD and Medical Zero CBD. The cannabidiol content is between 14 and 21%, and THC levels do not usually reach 0.3%, especially in indoor cultivation because the spectrum of the sun promotes the production of THC in many cases. The taste is reminiscent of the best Diesel, the buds are long and thick, and have an incredible amount of resin.


strains with high CBD

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✅ High CBD and THC strains


This type of marijuana strains are the ones that have the greatest medicinal power of all, since the union of CBD with THC together with the synergistic activity of terpenes and other active compounds causes the famous entourage effect that increases the power of cannabinoids. However, although it is the most medicinal cannabis, it must be taken into account that as it contains THC it also has psychoactive effects, that is to say that it has and must be taken into account, and here below you can see the cannabis seeds with a high concentration of both CBD and THC:


Afghan Kush CBD

The Afghan Kush CBD strain from Spain Bulk Seeds has a very special chemotype, generating 10% or even more of CBD, with a THC production of about 10%. The organoleptic properties are very similar to those of the Afghan Kush, as well as its great yield of buds and trichomes, but in this case the effect is not cerebral, much more soothing, relaxing, analgesic and sedative, a medicine that can not miss in your medicine cabinet.


strains with high CBD

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The great Cinderella 99 but with extra cannabidiol to improve its medicinal properties without losing the character of this magnificent strain created by the legendary breeder Mr Soul of The Brothers Grimm Seeds. Like Jack Herer CBD, with CBD C99 seeds you can harvest marijuana with cannabidiol levels of about 12% and about 10% of THC. The best thing is that it keeps the excellent fruity taste of the classic Cindy 99 but its effect is much more therapeutic.


strains with high CBD

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Gorilla Snow Ultra CBD

Gorilla Glue strain is famous all over the world for its high resin and THC production, but in this case the Elite Seeds seedbank crossed it with a strain rich in CBD to get a cannabinoid profile similar to the 2 previous strains, with approximately 10-12% THC and 10-12% CBD. These CBD seeds have a very short flowering period, so much that in outdoor cultivation can be harvested before the arrival of autumn.


strains with high CBD

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🚀 Best high CBD autoflowering seeds


Among the autoflowering seeds richer in CBD you can find those with 1:1 ratio, with more CBD than THC, with more THC than CBD, and even some that barely produce THC but generate a lot of cannabidiol. We are going to give you 3 different examples so that you can choose the automatic flowering genetics with the chemotype you prefer, this way you can choose the one that best suits your personal needs. If you want to know more about the different ratios between THC and CBD, I recommend you to read this article that shows cannabis varieties with different ratios between THC and CBD.


CBD Time Auto

The autoflowering version of CBD Time is the most interesting for people who need high amounts of cannabidiol in the shortest time possible and do not want to feel the intoxicating effects of THC. It descends from the legendary Diesel genetics, and its cultivation is so simple that anyone can get a large harvest of buds without any problem, regardless of their experience. CBD levels are between 15% and 20%, and THC levels range between 0.5% and 1%


strains with high CBD

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CBD Auto White Widow

The Dutch bank Dutch Passion also has very interesting CBD autoflowering seeds, and it is not surprising, since this brand was one of the first to bet on this miraculous cannabinoid. The CBD Auto White Widow seed is a good example of this, based on the laureate genetics that changed the game in the mid-90s, which they crossed with a strain rich in cannabidiol to increase its concentration without losing the qualities that made it world famous. Its ratio between THC and CBD is 1:1, giving 9-10% of each of them.


strains with high CBD

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Industrial Plant Auto CBD


With a ratio between THC and CBD of 1:2, Industrial Plant Auto CBD offers a much more medicinal than psychoactive effect, as it contains 10% of cannabidiol with respect to 5% of THC. Its genetics is based on the mythical Northern Lights, and its name is given by the large production of buds that it generates in such a short time, in the style of an industrial plant. The taste is sweet, fruity and with citrus touches, and its cultivation does not present any difficulty, especially outdoors, because these are CBD autoflowering seeds ideal for outdoors.


strains with high CBD

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✨ Hemp varieties with high CBD content


If you need certified CBD seeds, the only ones that have the permission to be grown legally without any special license are hemp seeds. Within this type of varieties there are 3 different kinds, the necessary seeds for the production of fibers and HURD, those intended for the production of seeds or grain, and those that interest us most in this case, which are the certified CBD seeds without THC, which are those intended for the production of flowers, such as the 3 strains that I put below.



This strain of hemp produces buds that do not have much to envy to those of psychoactive marijuana seeds. They are also very resistant and versatile plants, which adapt to many different climates and environments and always give good results, although it always performs better in temperate climates. As a negative point we must admit that the flavor is not the most intense, but the most interesting thing is that they produce less than 0.2% of THC, ideal to take advantage of the benefits of CBD without feeling the effects of THC.



Tiborszallasi is a strain of Hungarian hemp, it is dioecious to be able to differentiate the females from the males, in this way they can be separated to avoid pollination and in this way the buds do not contain seeds. A peculiarity of this genetics is that some specimens acquire dark tonalities at the end of their cycle, especially in environments where the night temperatures go down of 12º C. Like the other strains of industrial hemp, they can be bought by kilos in big bags, so they are certified CBD seeds in bulk.



It is one of the most used varieties of hemp for the production of flowers because they are legal CBD seeds that give a good concentration of this medicinal cannabinoid. They need a longer cultivation time, and are plants that can become very large, but they give showy buds and have a great resistance and ability to adapt to the environment. Carmagnola is an Italian strain, and keeps THC levels below 0.2% as long as we do not overdo it with fertilizers.



⭐ CBD seeds for all prices


If you are interested in buying high CBD seeds, the best thing to do is to visit our store and go to the CBD Seeds category. You can also use the Seedfinder tool, which allows you to select only the seeds you are interested in, and another option would be to put in the search engine the name of the strain you prefer, among those you have seen in this post or any other. If you want to buy legal CBD seeds you will have to buy certified CBD seeds like industrial hemp seeds, and if you are looking for cheap CBD seeds we can offer you CBD seeds in bulk.



⛳ Conclusion


Cannabis seeds rich in CBD were not very popular in the beginning, but nowadays they are grown as massively as the ones we have always had. This has made it easier to have CBD strains for all tastes, autoflowering, feminized, regular, without THC, and all the strains we have seen in this post, and if you liked it or learned something new I would ask you to share it on your social networks, and if you have been left wanting more you can complement this information with this post of our blog that talks about how CBD can help your pet.



👾 Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most potent CBD strain?

If we refer to potent as the one that produces more CBD with respect to THC, without doubt the most potent is Sirona CBD, which generates about 14% of CBD while keeping THC below 0.3%, and can also be the most effective for treating many different diseases without feeling psychoactive effects. If by most potent we mean the one that produces the most cannabidiol, surely the most potent is CBD Time, which can exceed 20% of this cannabinoid but can produce up to 1% of THC. On the other hand, if we refer to the most potent CBD strain that also contains high THC values, you have many different strains to choose from, with indica genetics such as Afghan Kush CBD or Gorilla Snow Ultra CBD, or sativa such as CBD C99 or Amnesia CBD.


When to plant CBD seeds?

BD-rich seeds are grown in exactly the same way as normal seeds, and can be germinated at the same time as you would do with the rest. In outdoor crops in the northern hemisphere, the ideal time to germinate the seeds is between March 30 and May 15, depending on the final size you want to have the plants and the environmental conditions in your area. In indoor cultivation you can plant them at any time of the year, as long as you keep the correct parameters of course.

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