The most cannabis producing countries in the world

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Image of the globe with marijuana plants in some countries and in the background a plant on each side.
Image of the globe with marijuana plants in some countries and in the background a plant on each side.


Historically, there have always been a series of marijuana-producing countries that everyone knows, but since the last wave of legalization began worldwide, and especially since the CBD craze began, new states are added to this market every year. sense and luckily today we have a large list among marijuana producers, those who only grow medical cannabis, also those of CBD, hashish, and even the countries that earn the most money from the sale of marijuana of all kinds. Sit back, read carefully, and I hope you enjoy this article.



⭐ Countries that produce the most psychoactive marijuana in general



Although it is very difficult to find official figures due to the prohibition of cannabis in most states on the planet, we have based ourselves on the data provided by different international organizations to make this list of the countries that cultivate the most marijuana plants in general.


  1. Morocco

According to the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) Morocco is the largest producer of psychoactive marijuana plants on the planet. The vast majority of cultivated land in Morocco is concentrated in the Rif region, in the mountains in the north of the country, where around 57,000 hectares are dedicated to this mission. Until recently, it could be said that the entire production was dedicated to the production of hashish, but since 2021 the government has approved a bill that will regulate the cultivation of medicinal and industrial cannabis


  1. Mexico

Mexico has a long tradition in the cultivation of cannabis, and has always been among the largest producers in the world, among other things because its population has very normalized it, since 2009 the possession of small quantities has been decriminalized, and its neighbor to the north It is the one with the highest demand globally. However, since February 1, 2021, personal, medical, scientific, and industrial use began to be regulated, so we are sure that it is a matter of time before Mexico becomes the largest producer in the world


  1. Afganistan

In 2010, Afghanistan became the country that produced the largest amounts of cannabis in the world, devoting around 20,000 hectares to its cultivation, but over the last few years it has been surpassed by the 2 states that lead this ready. Afghanistan has a long tradition with marijuana, especially for the production of hashish, and in the Mazar-e sharif region alone, millions of plants are grown each year. This country has suffered multiple invasion attempts, but neither the Soviets nor the Americans succeeded in producing marijuana, now controlled by the Taliban.


  1. Paraguay

Paraguay is the largest producer of pressed marijuana in the world, which it exports to different countries in South America at a very low price, since it is a poor quality product and in many cases toxic because it rots during the process, or because it directly They apply chemical products so that it does not smell during the trip. The crops are mainly concentrated in the departments of Alto Paraná, Amambay, Caaguazú, Caazapá, Canindeyú, Concepción, Itapúa, and San Pedro, and for a few years they have also legally exported medical cannabis to the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. In October 2019, the cultivation of industrial hemp was also authorized, which is why Paraguay is currently among the largest producers of cannabis in all its forms.


  1. India

In 2019, it was estimated that around 31 million people are cannabis consumers in India, making it the second country with the largest number of consumers worldwide, despite being illegal since 1985. It is also the largest producer country of charas from the world, a type of hashish made by rubbing the buds with bare hands that are usually sold to tourists or exported to markets such as the Dutch. India’s cannabis tradition dates back 4,000 years, being the longest along with China, Nepal, or Tibet. In these countries, marijuana plants are born spontaneously and grow wild without the help of man, so their eradication is quite complicated.


Infographic on the countries that produce the most psychoactive marijuana
Infographic on the countries that produce the most psychoactive marijuana



⛳ The largest hash producing countries in the world


Among the countries that produce the most marijuana in the world, there are a few that process the majority of the harvest to make different types of hashish, sifted, charas, or even bubble hash. Some of them coincide with the largest cannabis producers in general, but there are also small countries that stand out for the large amount they produce, especially for export obviously


  1. Morocco

According to the latest official data, Morocco exports around 20% of the total hashish produced worldwide. It is estimated that between 1 and 1.5 million people live directly from cannabis cultivation in the Rif region, which represents around 20% of the total population of this region. It is estimated that in 2021 they processed some 40,000 tons of hashish, for a value that reaches up to 10% of the total GDP of the Maghreb country


  1. Afganistan

Afghanistan is another of the largest cannabis producers in the world, the vast majority of hashish, since it accounts for approximately 10% of the total, although the figures are not official. This country has an ancient tradition in the production of hash, even longer than that of Morocco, and at various times in history it has been the largest producer in the world, but in 1973 the king “prohibited” it and the army destroyed many fields of cultivation. There are cannabis crops in 17 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, mostly in the Mazar-e Sharif region.


  1. Lebanon

Despite not being a very large country in size, Lebanon is the third largest producer of cannabis in the form of hashish on the entire planet, and for many it is one of the best in quality, especially the one known as “Lebanese Red”. of the Bekaa Valley. Before its prohibition in 1991 it was very socially accepted, but after the wars and all the problems that this country has had in recent years, its popularity has dropped quite a bit, although it is estimated that they still produce around 6% of the total worldwide.


  1. India 

Although it is very difficult to obtain official figures in this regard, India remains among the countries that produce the most cannabis in the form of hashish, especially Charas in the Malana and Parvati valleys, in the Himachal Pradesh region. It is estimated that between 5% and 6% of the total hashish manufactured in the world is produced in India, the vast majority for sale to tourists from around the world, or for export to Amsterdam coffeeshops. These products are often more expensive than resin concentrates that are made through sifting, and it is also a more exclusive hash.


  1. Pakistan

Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of hash on the planet, with approximate figures of 5.1%. A good part of the cultivation is concentrated in the Tirah Valley, near the Khyber Pass, where the hot and rainy climate, added to its fertile land, facilitates the growth of all kinds of plants, especially cannabis and opium. Pakistani hashish is also one of the best in the world, it is made with the precursors of the famous HinduKush or Pakistan ChitralKush, it is normally sifted, and it is very tasty and powerful.


Infographic on the countries with the highest production of hashish
Infographic on the countries with the highest production of hashish



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✨ The countries that earn the most from medical marijuana


Medical cannabis moves around 150,000 million dollars annually, and every year the demand increases around the world, so these figures do not stop increasing. Medical marijuana includes both the market for legal THC, CBD, and other cannabis derivatives.


  1. United States

The USA leads the income from the sale of medical cannabis, as they invoice around 10,000 million dollars a year in total, and a good part of that income comes from therapeutic marijuana. This is due to the fact that around 18% of the total population use this plant daily or sporadically, and in total they add up to almost 50 million people. Hundreds of companies dedicated to the cultivation of this plant have appeared in the United States, from small farms that supply dispensaries, to giant multinationals that are publicly traded and cultivate all over the world to meet the great demand in this country. Colorado was the first state in the USA to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis, but the market is led by California by number of inhabitants, cannabis culture, and because it was the first state to legalize medical marijuana more than 25 years ago.


  1. Canada

Canada was the first G8 country to legalize cannabis in all its forms at the state level, and the second in the world after Uruguay. As in the USA, from that moment many companies emerged oriented to the cultivation and distribution of cannabis products, both for the recreational market and for the therapeutic one. It is estimated that they invoice around 5,500 million dollars a year in the cannabis industry, around 0.3% of their GDP, and a large part comes only from the medicinal market. It is estimated that around 14.37% of the Canadian population uses cannabis on a regular basis, and the therapeutic market is growing.


  1. Germany

In Europe, the leader in medical marijuana is Germany, which was already a leader in the general medical industry thanks to large corporations such as Bayer. It is estimated that the total turnover of cannabis in Germany is approximately 87.2 million dollars per year, but these figures are prior to the new government announcing that this country is going to fully legalize the consumption of this plant. A good part of the medicinal cannabis sold in this state is imported from countries such as Spain, Switzerland, or Italy, but an industry is being prepared that will supply the growing demand for cannabis products, both for medical and recreational use.


  1. Italy

In Italy, several factors have come together to make it one of the countries that earns the most money directly or indirectly from cannabis. It is estimated that practically 10% of the population consumes habitually or sporadically, therapeutically and above all recreationally, because it is socially accepted although it is legally prohibited. Italy has had a great boom with the CBD market, so much so that the largest industry in this sense in all of Europe has been created in this country. Total marijuana-related revenue in Italy is estimated at 47.8 million per year, but these figures are increasing considerably.


  1. Uruguay

Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize marijuana in all its areas in 2013, although it was not until 2017 that they began to distribute it, and since then it has become an industry that bills about 45.5 million dollars a year. Best of all, in this South American country, legalization has caused the black market to lose around 22 million dollars, and now consumers can buy their cannabis in authorized pharmacies, with controls of all kinds, and with the guarantee to buy a clean and safe product.


Infographic on the countries that earn the most from medical marijuana
Infographic on the countries that earn the most from medical marijuana



🚀 CBD producing countries


The vast majority of products on the CBD market come from industrial hemp crops, but in recent years a series of varieties rich in cannabidiol have appeared that have been created specifically for this purpose. The largest producer of hemp in the world is China, but they use the harvest for industrial purposes, while the countries on this list increasingly focus on flowers, extracts, creams, oils, and all kinds of medicinal products.


  1. Canada

Between 2016 and 2017 in Canada, acres dedicated to hemp cultivation increased from 75,000 to 140,000, almost double. They do not really dedicate all the production to products with CBD, a part is focused on hemp seeds that also have many properties due to their high content of fatty acids. Most of Canada’s hemp cultivation is concentrated in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.


  1. United States

The United States has also experienced an explosion of cannabis in all its forms in recent years, also in hemp plantations dedicated to CBD after the recent industrial hemp law of 2018. Currently there are some 80,000 acres of cultivation spread over 23 states, although not all of them are intended for medicinal products, since they have an industrial part, and even make psychoactive extracts based on Delta 8 from hemp plants.


  1. France

Hemp crops in France account for approximately 35% of the total in Europe, but a good part is for industrial purposes. However, in recent years and due to the explosion of CBD in different European countries, crops that end up in medicinal products of all kinds have increased. It is estimated that they cultivate almost 50,000 acres each year, and they are also breeders of many of the best known varieties in the European catalog of industrial hemp seeds.


  1. Italy

Cannabis is allowed in Italy as long as it contains a THC percentage of less than 0.5%. This, added to the appearance of marijuana varieties rich in CBD and with low THC values ​​in recent years, has caused a real explosion in hemp cultivation, and a real new industry, especially CBD flowers. Right now about 4,000 hectares are dedicated to the cultivation of this plant each year in Italy, and these figures continue to increase.


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  1. Portugal

Little by little, it is becoming one of the best countries to grow cannabis legally in the world. Thanks to its special climate, industrial hemp had always been cultivated, but since small holdings were decriminalized, and especially since they began to grant licenses for the cultivation of CBD and THC, it has become a priority destination for companies from all over the world.


Infographic on the countries that produce CBD
Infographic on the countries that produce CBD



🔥 Conclusion


In general, it could be said that among the world’s cannabis-producing countries, there should always be the USA, China, India, Morocco, and Canada, but this is not only due to their cannabis culture, since it also has to do with their population and extension. There are other countries such as Chile, Switzerland, or the Netherlands, which in proportion to their size and population could also be considered one of the largest producers of marijuana plants in the world.


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