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Extraction and filtration of marijuana resin 

Extraction is the process by which the marijuana resin is removed from the rest of the body from its vegetable origin. This way, you start working with the resin independently so you can make your own hashish.

What is marijuana resin?

It's a white powder that's stored in dark brown blocks where it's prepared, you know? Yes, indeed, the resin in marijuana is hashish.

Just like the original plant has similar characteristics when its leaves smoke, with the extraction of hashish something similar happens: it offers a resin with a large amount of concentrated THC and can have different flavors.

Resin extraction

There are many methods for extracting the resin from marijuana and all of them change according to the utensils chosen to carry out the process.

Butane gas extractions

A steel or borosilicate tube is filled with grass and punctured on one side. Through this hole that has been constructed, an inlet is prepared for the valve of a butane gas cylinder.

The gas will drag the marijuana glands in liquid form into a borosilicate container that will be placed at the outlet of the tube. This container will be under a pot of water at 80º to evaporate any butane gas that may be left.

From here, you can choose a number of materials or others to continue the process.

Extractions with ice

To start with this method you should know that you work with different types of resin extraction meshes and with water that will be around four degrees below zero. The aim is to freeze the trichomes stored in the resin so that it can be released more quickly and create hashish.

To do this you will need a bucket, a removal tool and the meshes. These have to go inside the cube according to its micronage (from smaller to bigger) and above the cube the grass, ice water and ice cubes will be introduced, which you will have to stir for approximately 15 minutes. Afterwards, you will have to wait 5 minutes and repeat the whole process 4 more times.

To get it out of there you must use kitchen paper and drain the result obtained, which must dry for 15 days and not receive any light.

Dry extraction

In this case, only a micron mesh and the vibratory force of a basic extractor are required. To increase the quality of the resin it is recommended to freeze the herb two hours after the process is finished.

There are more types of marijuana resin extraction that can be used depending on the particularities you want to obtain.

Utensils for extraction and filtration

To undertake the process of extraction and filtration of marijuana there are a number of different materials needed to achieve an optimal and flawless work. That's why at PevGrow we have expanded our catalogue so that you can access micron mesh of any size, a marijuana washer or extractors.

Types of CBD extractions (Hash, Jelly, Pollen)

CBD is released with the resin in most cases and is now in demand for pain relief in certain parts of the body.

The safest and cleanest procedure for obtaining this oil, without chemicals, is extraction with CO2. This method takes advantage of temperature and pressure to achieve your goals.

In this section you will find all the necessary products for your extractions and filtrations at the best price. If you want more information, trust the experts at PevGrow and tell us your doubts.