Peelers and cutters



Now you have available in Pevgrow the best selection of peeling and cutting machines for marijuana. If you have your own crop, you need a marijuana peeler to make your job easier and help you with the heavy task of manicuring your plants. Look in our online store for the marijuana peeling machine that best suits your needs.

What are peeling or trimming machines?

The bud peeler is a machine that, with the help of a crank or a motor, will allow you to clean your marijuana perfectly. In essence, the machine consists of a high-speed rotating blade and a grid through which the marijuana branches approach the cutting blade and are quickly pruned.

These trimmers are simple and very easy to operate, but very efficient. But you must keep it well: whenever you use it, clean it perfectly to prevent the resin and any other residue from obstructing its mechanisms.

Manicuring our plants

The operation of manicuring or pruning marijuana plants is very important. With it, you will be able to eliminate the remaining stems and leaves, especially the large outer leaves, leaving the buds as clean as possible. This will ensure that the air circulates perfectly around the bud during drying, making it dry faster and more evenly.

You should know that there are two types of pruning: the so-called "wet pruning", which is done before drying to leave the buds as clean as possible, removing all unnecessary leaves. This mode is considered simpler.

And then you have what is known as "dry", a variety in which the large leaves are removed and then the branches are left to dry with the buds and, when they dry, pruned. Working like this is a little more difficult, but it gives very good results in terms of quality.

Models and types of peelers

In our shop you can find several models and types of marijuana peelers. The base of all of them is the same: a blade that cuts and a grid that allows large leaves to pass through, but keeps the buds safe.

Usually, the marijuana peeling machine has a receptacle or drum where the branches to be pruned are placed. This receptacle, at one end, comes into contact with the cutting blades through the grids. From there, it is a question of the branches rotating on the blades, with which a rotation is printed to this drum, which can be done by an engine or by yourself by activating a crank.

Other peelers are bowls split into two zones: one with the blades and the other with the rotating drum. In other cases, the leaf is mounted on a basket that collects the waste and you only have to bring the branches closer together.

A third type of manicuring machine consists of a small mechanically driven blade that is mounted on a handle, like the arm of a blender. With this type of peeler you will be the one who brings the blades closer to the blades.

Fast Trim and Trim Spin

Two of the most commonly used models are Rapido Trim and Trim Spin, which have different working approaches. Rapido Trim is of the grid on blade type. The branches are moved closer to the leaf and everything that is cut is placed in a basket.

Trim Spin, on the other hand, works with the idea of a blade mounted on a handle or arm that you will have to handle to reach every corner you want to peel. It requires more learning, but the result is much neater.

In conclusion, if you need a marijuana peeler, do not forget to consider our offer of models, accessories and spare parts.