Terra Vega

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Root stimulator

Root stimulator
Terra Vega


Terra Vega is a fertilizer for the plant's growth phase, specially indicated to stimulate the roots of our plant. It is rich in nitrogen compounds and can be used in soil crops.

Whether you have been in the cannabis growing world for a long time or just started, we are sure you know that the plant's growth period is essential to achieve excellent results in its flowering phase. Therefore, it’s vital to cover our plant with the necessary nutrients in order to enhance the roots development..

To be used during the growth phase, Terra Vega by Canna, is rich in nitrogenous compounds, which means that the absorption of water and nutrients by the plant may be complemented from the beginning.

It can be used on different types of substrates as well, including those that are poor in nutrients or have been used previously.
One of its main advantages, among others, is that it allows to obtain strong plants, its use is very simple and, in addition, it can be applied directly on the plant, being advisable to include it in the irrigation water, from once to three times a week, depending on the phase in which your plants are and the type of crop you have.

This product is recommended on a daily basis for rich soils and poor soils.

Terra Vega’s dosage and usage:

Once the plant has three pairs of leaves,
You have to add 4-5 mL per each litre of water.
Alternate irrigations with and without Terra Vega (only water) during the plant’s growth stage.

Terra Vega’s composition:

NPK 3-1-3
3% Nitrogen
1% Phosphorus
3% Potassium
1% Magnesium
0.7% Sulphur
0.005% Boron.
0.0006% Copper
0.014% Iron
0.01% Manganese
00013% Molybdenum
0.005% Zinc.

Data Sheet

PropertiesRoot stimulator
Cultivation phaseGrowth
Type of cropSoil

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