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Canna Fertilizers 

Canna is one of the big fish in the manufacture of nutrients and growing media for fast growing plants, which emerged in the early 90's, and that all the most experienced growers will remember without a doubt since we all started growing with their fertilizers.

Canna's differentiation from its competitors lies in the quality of its products and the professionalism that characterizes them. They have their own laboratories, where their qualified professionals work to improve more and more every day and create the best fertilizers in the world. They also have their own logistics system.

The best publicity is always provided by your clients, and the fact that 95 % of the Growshops in Spain and Europe sell Canna products, which are also used by professional growers in more than 14 countries, shows that the greatness of Canna is not measured in words, but in deeds.


Catalogue of Canna fertilizers available:

Saying Canna fertilizers and their kits are of supreme quality is not something to be said for saying, and this is demonstrated by its 1st prize at the Nederwiet Festival, one of the most prestigious annual fairs in Holland, for hydroponic and soil growers.

Canna's most prestigious range of products is its Biocanna Range, among which Bio Vega stands out, which will give your plant a strong growth and Spartan hardness to its branches, in order to support all the weight of its buds.

It is also remarkable, Bio Rizhotonic with which we will obtain a spectacular root growth, and therefore a greater productivity. If we also want to give a push, in the initial phase of flowering, we can add the Bio Boost Accelerator and later during flowering to acquire its highest expression we can add Bio Flowers.

Within Canna, you have available one of the best products to improve the consumption of nutrients of the plants of your crop and to help them decompose the roots of the matter that is no longer needed, the Cannazym.

In addition to this range of products, we can find others that share the same exclusivity and dedication. Success lies in variety, and Canna offers you the Aqua, Terra (where the star product is Canna Terra Flores), Hydro and Coco ranges, if you grow in this environment you can enjoy the best fertilizers in the world.

Elevate your cannabis crops to the next level, with the use of Canna fertilizers, which you can find in our online store.