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Root stimulator

Root stimulator
Rhizotonic by Canna


Rhizotonic by Canna is a potent root plant stimulator to be used as a fertilizer during the growth phase. Ideal for hydroponic marijuana growing.

If you have in your hands marijuana plants which have been poorly developed or are sick, Rhizotonic is an ideal fertilizer to correct the situation in which are involved themselves, strengthening the roots and stimulating their growth.

In the same way, Rhizotonic attains to improve what you can see (outer aspects) and you can’t (inner aspects) in your crop , improving the immune system of the plants, so that they can cope with possible diseases with more means.

Its use is recommended for hydroponic crops providing a strong mineral composition. Among other advantages, Rhizotonic accelerates the germination process, if used when the seeds are soaked.

On the other hand, as they explain from Canna, Rhizotonic is usually used to spray leaves or as a mean to raise the pH level in the fertilizer tank.

Rhizotonic’s dosage and usage:

Rhizotonic's usage Watering:

Add 4mL per each litre of nutrient solution (or water if you use a prepared substrate.)
Water the plants from 1 to 6 times a day until a strong radicular system is formed.

Rhizotonic's usage Foliar feeding:

Add 4mL per each litre of water and spray on and under the leaves from 1 to 6 times a day.
We recommend using lower doses when spraying on the leaves.
You must not use foliar and radicular applications at the same time.

Rhizotonic’s composition:

NPK 0.6-0.2-0.6
0.6% Nitrogen.
0.2% Phosphorus.
0.6% Potassium.
Seaweed extract.

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PropertiesRoot stimulator
Cultivation phaseGrowth
Type of cropHydroponics

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