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Benefits of providing CO2 to our plants

The CO2 for marijuana can bring you several benefits to your plantation if you know how to use it well, considering that the amounts generated during the day are limited. The main one is that the photosynthesis process is stimulated and, therefore, these actions accelerate the flowering process. In addition, you will get higher and more productive specimens with the same seeds, up to 40% higher than what we have under normal circumstances.

However, it is important that you take into account three aspects so that there are no problems. The first is to apply the necessary gas for your plant: the normal range would be between 1000 and 1500 parts per million (PPM). The second is to use the right element, as there are several formulas. Finally, remember that these techniques are only used during the flowering period.

Ways to add CO2 for plants to your crop

The best time to apply CO2 to plants is during the day, as they absorb the necessary amount at night and an excess could be counterproductive to our objective, which is to keep them growing. In the same way that the lack of CO2 makes photosynthesis difficult, he thinks that an excess can be toxic and compromise its growth.

With this in mind, the best way to supply CO2 for cannabis is to have a generator, canister or dispenser, depending on the size of the crop. As a principle to follow, we recommend the generator if you have a large quantity while the canister or dispenser will work for smaller quantities. Fortunately, today you can buy CO2 marijuana items to suit different plantation sizes.

However, in some cases it may be good for you to control the amounts of CO2 that are emitted to avoid excess CO2 that could damage the plant. In more complex systems, it is ideal to have a controller that reduces or increases the amount of CO2 your generator dispenses, depending on the needs of the moment. When you have a cylinder, it will be enough to have a meter that gives you the information, although the operation of increasing and decreasing the quantities will be manual.

You can install a CO2 kit with a disposable cylinder, which is a very practical and economical way to increase plant production. If you can invest a bit more, it is highly recommended to integrate a CO2 bottle with a doser connected to a CO2 Regulators to adjust the parameters to the maximum. In any case, it is very advisable to place a CO2 monitor to be able to check at all times the amount of carbon dioxide available for your indoor plants, it's the best way to have total climate control, something that they will thank you for with large and heavy buds. However, if your budget is limited and you want to increase the CO2 level, do not worry, because you also have the possibility of placing a CO2 Boost Buddy dispenser bag

Buy the CO2 generators here!

CO2 generators for cannabis are an interesting alternative for several reasons, but the main one is that you will get professional results for a certain amount of cannabis cultivation. In all the disciplines, the technification is imposed and the cultivation of marijuana is not an exception. Goodbye to having to spend the whole day watching over the processes; many times that is impossible because you are working. With a generator and a controller, you only have to worry about programming the daily amounts and letting it run.

At PevGrow we have all types of state-of-the-art CO2 generators to improve the performance of your crop; we recommend that you visit our website and see for yourself. Nowadays, in your kit for marijuana cultivation, having a CO2 generator is the guarantee of better final results.

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