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In this section you will find, fertilizers Hy-Pro, a Dutch company that has found a place in the last two decades, in the cultivation of cannabis.

These fertilizers can be used by expert and novice growers, as its use is very simple although both efficient.

Some of the fertilizer you can find HY-PRO brand are:

- Root stimulator (Root Stimulator), can be used throughout the vegetative stage.
- Complete fertilizer for soil cultivation (Terra), it is one bottle for growth and flowering plants.
- Complete fertilizer for hydroponics.
- Organic growth stimulator (Spray Mix) used in foliar application.

You will no longer use a lot of fertilizers, nutrients and additives to feed and care for your marijuana plants, with HY-PRO fertilizer you valuable time and money.

The range of nutrients Hy-Pro has been awarded in different competitions cannabis worldwide.