Dinafem Seeds

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Dinafem Seeds: therapeutic and productive feminized seeds


Buy feminized marijuana seeds from the Dinafem Seeds bank at the best price in the market. Discover all their catalog and opinions of our customers.

Ladies and gentlemen of the cannabis world...welcome to excellence!...welcome to Dinafem Seeds!

PEV Grow presents you the most complete range of marijuana seeds from the Spanish seed bank Dinafem Seeds...

And it is that...I still remember how they tinkled their tinplate cases the first time since La Mota sent us our first order of Dinafem. The bank from the magical land of Euskadi, originates from the hands of Pablo and Oier, fantastic breeders and activists who in 2005 began their journey in the cannabis market with the launch of Dinafem Blue Hash and Dinafem Moby Dick, a powerful hybrid Haze low portage, high production and 60 days of flowering, and then start 2006 with 3 more varieties, such as Dinafem Critical +, Dinafem Shark Attack and Dinafem Moby Hash, varieties that would mark the later course that this seed bank was going to have nationally and internationally. And you can't imagine what a shock they gave us! Because in 2005 they were the subject of a seizure of seeds by customs agents.

It all started with an import of 10000 seeds from the Paradise Seeds seed bank, which were notified to Spanish customs agents from the Belgian customs, interpreting it as part of a plant that came under the legal regime of the Medicines Act.

At first, everything indicated that it could be resolved by administrative means, but a few days later customs agents showed up in La Mota to confiscate more seeds. Once taken to the criminal court, and after a month of anguish and also without seeds to sell, finally the judge prospered with the provisional dismissal (which became definitive) before the legislative misunderstanding.

Substances aside, and certainly not the only ones, Dinafem Seeds has prospered strongly forming a selection of more than 60 genetics, including feminized seeds, autoflowering and of course CBD-Rich genetics, all of them completing a wide range of cannabinoid ratios, both for therapeutic use and for the most demanding palates. Although in this section I'm going to tell you about the feminized varieties from their catalogue.


Discover the Dinafem Seeds catalogue:


Dinafem Seeds was one of the promoters of the marketing of seeds in packs per unit, an initiative that was very successful, and was copied by many international seed banks and also by many national seed banks, that time still in diapers, but without doubt, today are already known worldwide. Many of its varieties are already authentic cult genetics, apart from those already mentioned, we can mention some plants awarded nationally and internationally as Dinafem Original Amnesia and its surprising Dinafem White Widow, genotypes that were improved year after year by natural breeding and selection by their best breeders, to give rise to their XXL modalities, the same plant monsters, same cannabinoid ratios, same aromas and flavors but with naturally enhanced productions. This further boosted Dinafem's fame, since not only was the obtaining of new and stable phenotypes valued, but also its projection could be studied, since from a known plant we could evaluate its improvements.

Simple and palpable improvements in varieties such as Dinafem Amnesia Kush, Dinafem Blue Widow, Dinafem Critical Jack, Dinafem Critical + Autoflowering, Original Amnesia Autoflowering, Dinafem Afghan Kush (this name, by the way, was copied to World of Seeds but we forgive it), Dinafem Industrial Plant...

That's why we can say that Dinafem Seeds is excellence. Others have tried to emulate its steps, but have failed, not even being able to approach its "punch" of homogeneity, taste, medicinal value and performance.


PEV Grow invites you to visit Dinafem's probably don't want to leave our website, here you will find all the opinions of our customers.

Dinafem Seeds: Auto seeds with genetic stability and wide variety

The autoflowering varieties of Dinafem Seeds, have a genetic stability and a homogeneity that is really incredible. In the catalogue of autoflowering varieties of Dinafem Seeds you can find a wide variety, from sweet flavors, powerful effects or high productions, you only have to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Autodinafem's success is not the result of chance, as in 10 years of life it has become the world's reference seed bank and believe me that this is a title that is not given away to anyone. One of the reasons for its success is the exclusive process of selection totally by hand, removing the skin and choosing only the best, doing so with each of its seeds, which always get fresh to your hands.

Discover the catalogue of autoflowering varieties from Dinafem Seeds:

Auto Amnesia XXL

One of the most outstanding autoflowering varieties of Dinafem Seeds is Auto Amnesia XXL. This variety is the queen of production, because, being an autoflowering, in just 60 days can report incredible amounts of buds. In indoor crops, he likes very much the heat of the spotlights, I recommend you use a system of 600W HPS bulbs. The last time I cultivated this variety, I used 11 pots of 9 liters and it worked perfectly, I was able to collect up to 500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, the ideal is to plant it in a place where it has no limitations, as it can reach two meters if it grows outdoors and easily collect up to 150 grams per plant.


Fruit Auto

Lovers of varieties with a sweet taste are in luck as Dinafem Seeds has created Fruit Auto with them in mind. Its taste, from the first puff will not leave you indifferent, in fact, you must control yourself because you will not be able to stop smoking it. If you opt for an indoor crop, you will get a shrub that does not exceed 20 cm, so it is perfect if your growing space is reduced. Fruit Auto outdoors is also not very high so it is ideal for growing on balconies or small terraces. I recommend pots of 11 liters to squeeze them to the maximum, being able to collect up to 30 gr by plant.


Cheese Auto

Of course, if what you like are the strong flavors and personality, Cheese Auto Dinafem Seeds, will love. Its taste and aroma of cured cheese, carries behind it a wide legion of followers around the world, who have turned this strain into an authentic classic. If you grow it indoors, I always use to get the most out of it, 9 pots of 11 liters, with a 400 W HPS lighting system, to give it the necessary dose of heat, because I don't like to rush it, because its smell has me in love. Use a good extraction system, because your neighbors are certainly not fans of cannabis. You will be able to collect up to 400 gr per m2 with this power. If you decide for an outdoor crop, grow it organically and with love to harvest up to 80 gr per plant.

Haze Auto

Another of the autoflowering varieties of Dinafem Seeds, is the Haze Auto. The members of the Old School are in luck, because Haze Auto has all the characteristics that determine a pure strain Haze. Indoors, compared to a seasonal Haze it's obviously smaller, but you can reach up to 400 gr per m2 if you don't have any mishaps with pests. As a personal recommendation, I use 9 pots of 11 liters per m2. In outdoor crops, with cars I always recommend the same thing, and the more hours of sunshine it has the greater its growth and therefore productivity.


This is just an appetizer, from Dinafem Seeds extensive catalogue of autoflowering varieties, but cleaning up the office, I saw that the rest of the PevGrow team members had a list of their favourite autoflowering Dinafem varieties kept in a secret drawer, and I said... Why not share it with our customers?

The best autoflowering varieties of Dinafem Seeds for the PevGrow team:

- Blue Amnesia XXL Dinafem Seeds Auto
- Critical + 2.0 Dinafem Seeds Auto
- Blue Kush Auto from Dinafem Seeds
- Blue Cheese Auto from Dinafem Seeds
- Critical Jack Auto from Dinafem Seeds


Discover all the autoflowering varieties of Dinafem Seeds in your trusted online Growshop, ¡PevGrow!

Dinafem Seeds: find all its medicinal marijuana varieties

Welcome to PevGrow! We are proud to present the catalogue of varieties rich in CBD from Dinafem Seeds. These varieties renounce the traditional psychoactive effect of cannabis, as they are composed of high levels of CBD that act as a modulator of THC, enhancing the inherent medicinal properties of cannabis.

The cannabis market is constantly evolving, and more and more the smoker is more demanding, and today the varieties rich in CBD have suffered a spectacular increase in demand, because more and more people are aware of the benefits arising from the consumption of CBD, and those who thought that marijuana was only to "catch good high" have discovered, that you can also live a relaxing and fun experience.

The fame of Dinafem Seeds, is the result of their dedication and effort to develop each time better varieties than the previous ones, with quality parameters and a selection process that make it unique. This selection process is manual, discarding all seeds that do not meet the required standards, ensuring that each consumer receives the seeds to perfection.

The best seeds with high CBD content from Dinafem Seeds:

For our team of professionals, with more than 15 years of experience in the cultivation of cannabis, the most outstanding varieties rich in CBD of the catalogue of Dinafem Seeds are:

Amnesia CBD

Amnesia CBD of Dinafem Seeds, is characterized by an incredible flavor, marked by some very spicy touches in combination with touches of citrus and sweet fruit. If you grow it indoors, its cultivation is very simple and in just 60-65 days, using 9 pots of 11 liters and a LEC lighting system of 315W, I have managed to collect up to 450 gr per m2. Outdoors, I always prepare a good substrate, I like very much to mix it with coconut, because it allows a very good root growth and then I am rewarded with an impressive harvest. With Amnesia CBD you will be able to collect up to 1100 gr per plant, but don't overdo it with fertilizers, so as not to interfere with its flavor and maximize its medicinal potential.

Critical Mass CBD

Critical Mass CBD by Dinafem Seeds, is a real museum jewel, and will certainly mark a before and after in the market of varieties rich in CBD. This strain is especially indicated for reducing muscle or bone pain, as well as a good ally against insomnia and nervousness. Indoors, I recommend you to use a SOG cultivation system, with 16 plants per m2 under 600W spotlights and a 20/4 photoperiod during the whole cycle.

Outdoors, it needs many hours of sunshine, if you use a pot of 50 liters and the plants in spring will give you up to 1 kilogram of therapeutic herb of the best quality.


Shark Shocks CBD

Shark Shocks CBD of Dinafem Seeds, with 100% medicinal effect, with calming effects, anti-inflammatory and even valid to help combat insomnia. Indoors with a good luminaire you can harvest up to 500 gr per m2. Outdoors, you have to be careful with the attacks of fungi, use preventive elements to give the necessary protection, such as Canna Cure. You can harvest up to 1000 gr per plant, the best medicinal buds on the market.

Dinamed CBD

One of the latest additions to the catalogue of varieties rich in CBD Dinafem Seeds, is the Dinamed CBD. It is characterized by its amazing ease of cultivation, and the medicinal effects it provides are incredible, acting as a very effective pain reliever. It stands out for having a ratio between THC and CBD of 1:25, a gift from nature for growers who do not want any stimulating effect.

It is a producer of cream buds, being able to collect up to 1000 gr per plant if you live in the Mediterranean climate, but be careful because its 3 meters do not go unnoticed at all.


This is just a selection among a wide variety of stars, among which also stand out, Purple Orange CBD, Bubba Kush CBD, OG Kush CBD and Industrial Plant Auto CBD.

You are in luck, because now you can find all these seeds rich in CBD from Dinafem Seeds, in PevGrow, your trusted online Growshop.

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