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Vision Seeds, your great experience translated into high quality


Attention, attention! I have good news grower, comes to our online store the catalog of Vision Seeds, a real show! It was more than 20 years ago in Holland, when one of the classic seed banks emerged in Europe, which is one of the usual in the Dutch Coffee Shops, and has specialized in exploiting the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Their varieties are characterized by a really high quality, at a price for all audiences, and of course, in PevGrow always work with the best, Discover Vision Seeds!


Our experts recommend


Jack Herer

A dominant sativa, which is the result of combining Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5 x Haze, giving as a fruit a plant with an incomparable beauty, characterized by very green leaves, with orange and brown hairs that make it a plant worthy of exposure.

Its organoleptic properties are characterized by an aroma and flavor marked by an intense touch of Skunk with spicy notes, which will undoubtedly make you vibrate with pleasure after each puff.

The effects it provides are very intense and cause a feeling of euphoric exaltation, perfect for a good laugh with friends, you'll be the soul of the party! As medical marijuana, is usually appreciated for its benefits in the treatment of depressive states, as it gives you that energy and desire to do things, perfect to forget all your problems.



Productivity is one of the hallmarks of Vision Seeds, and of course Amnesia is one of the most prominent in this regard, and one of the most complete and sought after in Vision Seeds' catalogue of feminized varieties.

Inside, under the shelter of a growing wardrobe and with the intensity of a LEC lighting system of 315w, you can collect up to 600 gr per m2, a real barbarity!

Outdoors, I recommend that you cultivate on land in a substrate worked, as it will grow like fish in water, and is undoubtedly the most natural way to cultivate marijuana. It is very resistant to insect pests, although it needs a good dose of sunlight to avoid problems with fungi, so if you use Canna Cure de Canna, you will avoid more than one scare.



You are about to discover one of the strains that undoubtedly have one of the most magnificent flavors on the market, have you ever tasted a weed flavored with chocolate and caramel? Crazy!

The effects you'll notice are very balanced, as its THC and CBD levels are very high, making it a perfect choice for medical marijuana lovers. Its medicinal properties are very broad, it is effective against anxiety or stress, and it is easily used to control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


When you discover the impressive qualities of the feminized varieties of Vision Seeds, they will become part of your private collection, their quality is very high and in PevGrow you can find them at the best price, for you smokers!

Vision Seeds, medical marijuana specialists


From Holland to PevGrow, the autoflowering seeds of Vision Seeds arrive. This Dutch seed bank with more than 20 years of history behind it, is a true classic known throughout Europe, and is very present in the famous Dutch Coffee Shops, all characterized by excellent quality and production levels that are a real hallucine.


Vision Seeds Catalogue


Within this extensive catalogue of incredible seeds, I would like to highlight which are for me, the best autoflowering varieties of Vision Seeds.


Amnesia Haze Auto

One of the best known genetics on the planet, to which Vision Seeds has contributed a flowering period of only 11 weeks, after which you will obtain a harvest of supreme quality and high yields.

In indoor crops, with a good dose of sunlight and using pots of 7 liters, you can place up to 14 plants per m2 and harvest about 250 grams of dense flowers and impregnated in trichomes.

In outdoor crops, is very resistant to pests and reacts great regardless of the substrate you use, whether coconut, soil, bat guano or worm humus. You can collect up to 85 grams per plant, using an 18-litre pot.


Blueberry Bliss Auto

It comes from the genetic fusion between authentic myths of cannabis, Blueberry x White Widow x Super Skunk x Ruderalis, a true past, which gets some precious purple touches and organoleptic properties very typical of blueberry, with a taste of sweet berries that enamors thousands of smokers around the world.

Its effects provide a slight sense of euphoria and happiness, which will make you forget the stress and worries of every day, can you think of a better plan?


Super Skunk Auto

The taste and aroma of this weed are clearly influenced by its Skunk genetics, perfect for lovers of this type of genetics, as they have a very high intensity.

Its effects, despite being a weed marked by a predominance Indica, has clear Sativa influences, which cause a strong mental high, combined with a powerful sense of relaxation. The best is its use as medical marijuana, as its properties are indicated for the relief of chronic pain, periods of significant stress, as well as stimulating appetite.


Auto Lowryder

One of the fastest in Vision Seeds' autoflowering catalogue, as it will be ready to be harvested in just 58 days from germination, achieving high production levels.

In indoor crops, with 7 litre pots, you will be able to achieve maximum productivity, but I also recommend that you spoil it and provide it with a good fertilizer such as Top Auto, valid for all stages of cultivation and with which you will achieve a more than reasonable harvest.

Outdoors, with a good dose of love and many hours of sunlight, you can collect up to 45 grams per plant of impressive buds, loaded with flavor and power, with which you can live a unique experience.


Discover with your trusted online Growshop, the wonderful catalogue of Vision Seeds Auto, specialists in the exploitation of the medicinal properties of cannabis, Do you dare with all? Buy now at PevGrow!

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