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Kalashnikov Seeds, scandalous productivity in record time

Welcome cannabis lovers! Are you ready to hallucinate? because today I have the honor to announce, that we have incorporated into our catalog of feminized seeds, the impressive creations of Kalashnikov Seeds, do you dare with them? Kalashnikov Seeds, as you can guess by its name, is a Russian seed bank, which is characterized by very special creations, which gets genetically combined with Dutch clones. His specialty is ultra-fast flowering varieties, which is perfect for those looking for productivity without having to wait too long, and without too much complication.

The Kalashnikov Seeds varieties we recommend


As an appetizer, I'm going to introduce you to the world of Kalashnikov Seeds, introducing you to the most outstanding feminized varieties in their catalogue.

Moscow Blueberry

Moscow Blueberry, stands as one of the most prominent varieties, and is that its genetics is not a offal, as it comes nothing more and nothing less than the cross between Ak 47 and Blueberry. Indoors, with pots of 11 liters, you can get the maximum yield, being able to collect up to 600 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, does not care about the cold, heat, or if you're a manazas, but if you give affection with a good fertilizer you can get up to 1200 grams of grass of the best quality, what more could you ask?

Siberian Haze

Siberian Haze, a dominant Sativa, which comes from the union between Amnesia and Haze, with a strong and cerebrally active effect. Both indoors and outdoors, it becomes a vigorous plant, with abundant branching and really intensive growth. Indoors, with a 315w LEC lighting system and placing it in 11 litre pots, you will be able to obtain up to 550 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, with spongy substratum you will have a wider development of the roots, and therefore a greater vegetative development. You will be able to harvest more than 1 kilogram per plant of impressive buds, what a brutality!


Hallucinated? Well, this is just a small foretaste of what Kalashnikov Seeds has to offer, and you can discover other important varieties such as Greenhouse, Baikal Express, Amnesia Molotov, Ak Kush, all characterised by a common factor, quality and brutal productivity. Discover Kalashnikov Seeds' catalogue of feminized varieties in your trusted online Growshop, ¡PevGrow! Where else?

Kalashnikov Seeds, its specialty are the express varieties

We are proud to announce that you already have the autoflowering catalogue of the Kalashnikov Seeds Seed Bank in our online shop. This peculiar seed bank, arises in 2002 in Russia, and is characterized by the different genetic varieties used in their creations, getting hybrids through clones with recognized Dutch varieties. They have also specialized in the well-known Express varieties, which are characterized as their name indicates by an incredible period of record flowering.

So that you know a little more about what Kalashnikov Seeds is capable of, I have prepared for you, a selection with the best of its catalogue of automatic varieties.


Kalashnikov Seeds Automatic variety catalogue

Northern Russian Auto

Firstly, Northern Russian Auto, perfect for the cultivation of guerrillas and in just 9 weeks from germination, will produce a good amount of buds, and should be indispensable for all lovers of Indian strains that appreciate an abundant development of trichomes in their marijuana.  

In interiors, the configuration that gets its best version, is to use a SOG crop, with which you can get between 200 and 500 gr per m2. Outdoors, his behavior is excellent, its genetics Ruderalis gives a resistance to pests and cold very good, so it is perfect for novice growers to start in the world. You can easily collect up to 90 gr per plant.

Moscow Blueberry Auto

It is another of those seeds that Kalashnikov seeds has created with much affection and know-how, and is that its genetics is the result of the combination between the mythical Ak 47 and Blueberry, inheriting the best of home, the power of Ak 47 and the incredible organoleptic properties of Blueberry. In indoor crops, uses a HPS lighting of 600 w, with pots of 7 liters, placing 14 plants per m2 you can collect up to 550 gr per m2. Outdoors, with a good dose of sunlight, will deliver 45 grams per plant in just 60-65 days, but also in cold climates develops well, although it will reduce a little productivity.

Purple Mazar Auto

The tastiest of Kalashnikov Seeds' autoflowering catalogue, characterised by a taste and aroma of forest fruits, which is a real spectacle. Inside, you will collect about 450 gr per m2, subjecting it to a 20/4 photoperiod in growth and placing it in 9 pots of 11 liters per m2. Outdoors, working a good substrate with bat guano, with a quality irrigation, you will give everything necessary to adopt its best form. In addition, if you use a definitive flowerpot of 18 liters you will let it show you all its potential.


Get to know these and many more Kalashnikov Seeds autoflowering seeds, such as Ak Skunk Auto, in your trusted online Growshop. Are you ready for this magnificent experience?

You have a choice of different ratios between THC and CBD, 1:1, 1:2 and 1:5, with different terpene profiles so you can find the one that can meet your therapeutic needs. To introduce the Cannabidiol they have used 2 plants that are unusual in the European market, the American Harlequin in the case of Siberian Harlequin, and the Krasnodar CBD, a quite unknown Landrace variety worldwide, that is part of the cross between the Kuban Doctor and the CBD Cake.

Siberian Harlequin:

The most medicinal plant in the entire Kalashnikov Seeds catalogue, with only 3% THC but the highest CBD content of all. Great entourage effect thanks to its high levels of terpenes and its 1:5 ratio, very unusual in the cannabis market.

Kuban Doctor:

Therapeutic variety with a very special genetics, since among its ancestors there are 2 different varieties from Russia. Ratio between THC and CBD of 1:2 and the most intense taste of tangerine you can imagine.

CBD Cake:

This gene contains the same amount of THC as CBD approximately, so its ratio is 1:1. It is a cross between the Wedding Cake, one of the trendy plants, and the Russian Krasnodar CBD, and its fruitcake flavor will make you fall in love.

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