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Blimburn Seeds: Quality Feminized Seeds

Dear cannagrowers!!

PEV Grow is proud to present the Spanish marijuana seed bank Blimburn SeedsBlimburn Seeds emerges as a group of breeders, among whom are the owners of Green Guide S. L in Barcelona, a distribution company for Grow Shops with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Although we have few data concerning its foundation and origin as a seed bank, we can affirm that they are a breeders group dedicated to the production of seeds always preserving their genetics, without producing in bulk for other more powerful banks, and without making excessive investments in marketing or advertising.

Little by little they have found their place in the national and international cannabic scene, distributing their seeds all over the world, based on good work and great experience in their international relations.

Feminized Varieties Catalogue from Blimburn Seeds:

Blimburn Seeds has been completing its catalogue of genetics preserving the old European glories while replicating strains from United States, remaining with cutivars that offer the best features such as stability, yield, psychoactivity and fast flowering, in fact, they affirm that their varieties do not need vegetative growth cycle, being able to pass directly to cycles of 18 hours of light. It is therefore a bunch of genetics with a hybrid vigour of spectacular growth and development.

Among its lines of work, we find the line of feminized seeds Original Blimburn Feminized, formed by seven strains such as Mamba negra, Wanaba, Wombat, Santa Muerte, Grizzly Purple Kush, Original Clon Critical mass, and Narkosis. A very American range, which has taken care of the aroma and taste of its productions.

In short,  very stable and pure seeds, which certify you a powerful crop and high yield. In PEV Grow we send you all its catalogue at the best price.

Blimburn Seeds is quality in your crop... Are you gonna miss it?

Blimburn Seeds, great production and psychoactivity


Dear Grower! I am proud to announce, one of the most outstanding signings for our squad, the Blimburn Seeds autoflowering catalogue ! This Spanish seed bank, is one of the most prominent in recent years within the domestic market and distribute their seeds worldwide, thanks to their good international relations.

The basis of their success lies in the impressive qualities of all their creations, characterised by a very high productivity, a really short flowering period, and psychoactive effects that will lift you to the very sky from the first draft, the question is, are you ready for weeds of this calibre?


The best autoflowering seeds from Blimburn Seeds


As a loyal follower of Blimburn Seeds, for many years, I have allowed myself to make a selection of the most outstanding autoflowering varieties, and believe me it has not been easy!


Tangie Auto

With a cultivation cycle of 75-80 days from germination, is a plant of medium height, but very branched and is replete with a good dose of dense and compact buds, full of resin, perfect for BHO extractions, very easy to cultivate in any type of medium, both outdoors and indoors.

In indoor crops, you can collect between 60 and 120 gr per plant, for which I recommend you use 7 litre pots, being able to place 14 plants per m2, and if you place it under a LEC lighting system of 315w you can achieve its maximum potential.

In outdoor crops, work a good substrate with bat guano, which provides natural protection against pests, and also favors the enhancement of its aroma and flavor. In addition, I recommend that you use an 18-litre pot.



Northern Auto

Without a doubt one of the tastiest varieties in the Blimburn Seeds autoflowering catalogue. Its aroma and flavour are intense and caramelised, and it is precisely this sweet touch that makes it an authentic delicacy.

Its effects are ideal for meetings with friends, as it provides a high very energizing and mood, which will make you smile even with the worse jokes, Enjoy this impressive weed, and draw a permanent smile on your face!

Orient Auto

It is the result of the genetic fusion between Lowryder and a seed of Afghan origin, and the result is a pass, a weed that is highly prized for its medicinal properties. And is that, thanks to its powerful relaxing effect, is the best choice for smoking before bed, as it will leave you absolutely relaxed and you can enjoy a pleasant sleep and say goodbye to stress and insomnia.

Its organoleptic properties stand out for its taste and aroma of Afghani hashish, perfect for lovers of traditional flavors, want to enjoy it? You're just a click away!


At PevGrow, we are determined to make you happy, so we work with the best seed banks on the market, and Blimburn Seeds is no exception, enjoy their catalogue of autoflowering varieties!

Blimburn Seeds CBD, the art of doing things right


We present the catalogue of varieties rich in CBD Blimburn Seeds, now available in your trusted online Growshop, where you can enjoy the good work of Blimburn Seeds, at the best price in the market and with permanent offers on many of its weeds.

This Spanish seed bank, is formed by a community of breeders, who have been working for more than 20 years in the sector, so they know very well what they do and this is reflected in the quality of their creations, all characterized by a very thorough genetic selection, which leads to very powerful and productive varieties.

At present, seeds with a high CBD content have acquired a very notable importance within the market, all of this motivated by the numerous scientific and medical studies that endorse the medicinal properties of CBD and the absence of side effects. Even recently, a study carried out on patients in numerous hospitals around the world revealed that CBD was very effective in palliation of pain in many diseases where traditional medicine does not provide a definitive solution, and helps greatly to improve the quality of life of patients.


Blimburn Seeds Catalogue


Blimburn Seeds' catalogue of CBD-rich varieties consists of two unique varieties, "Quality is better than quantity".


Black Mamba CBD

A classic genetics, which has conquered the hearts of thousands of smokers around the globe, and that behaves great both in outdoor and indoor crops, showing its productive nature regardless of the environment.

In indoor crops, it reacts great with a SOG crop using cuttings, with which you can collect a good dose of buds.

In outdoor crops, is a bestiality for its resistance to mold and its ability to grow even in low temperatures, inherited from its genetics Ruderalis, so it becomes a perfect choice for all those initiated in the field.


Black Mamba Auto CBD

Predominantly Indica, which is characterized by a predominantly Skunk aroma, inherited from the Original Black Mamba, which in combination with its taste of mandarin and Citrus derived from Tangie Auto, culminates an experience worthy of the best of Michelin restaurants, but best of all is to enjoy it at a price for all audiences.

Its 1:1 balance between THC and CBD, provides a magnificent balance between an active brain effect and a body relaxation that will not prostrate you to the sofa, perfect to enjoy at any time of day.


Live the wonderful experience Blimburn Seeds, in your trusted online Growshop, where you can find permanent offers and the most affordable prices on the market, what are you waiting for? Buy now!

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