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Blimburn Seeds 

Dear cannagrowers!!

PEV Grow is proud to present the Spanish marijuana seed bank Blim Burn Seeds.

Blim Burn Seeds emerges as a group of breeders, among whom are the owners of Green Guide S. L in Barcelona, a distribution company for Grow Shops with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Although we have few data concerning its foundation and origin as a seed bank, we can affirm that they are a breeders group dedicated to the production of seeds always preserving their genetics, without producing in bulk for other more powerful banks, and without making excessive investments in marketing or advertising.

Little by little they have found their place in the national and international cannabic scene, distributing their seeds all over the world, based on good work and great experience in their international relations.

Blim Burn Seeds has been completing its catalogue of genetics preserving the old European glories while replicating strains from United States, remaining with cutivars that offer the best features such as stability, yield, psychoactivity and fast flowering, in fact, they affirm that their varieties do not need vegetative growth cycle, being able to pass directly to cycles of 18 hours of light. It is therefore a bunch of genetics with a hybrid vigour of spectacular growth and development.

Among its lines of work, we find the line of feminized seeds Original Blimburn Feminized, formed by seven strains such as Mamba negra, Wanaba, Wombat, Santa Muerte, Grizzly Purple Kush, Original Clon Critical mass, and Narkosis. A very American range, which has taken care of the aroma and taste of its productions.

In the Original Blimburn Autoflowering line we find three featured cultivars, such as the versions of Mamba Negra and Grizzly Purple Autoflowering, as well as an Autoflowering Tangie.

We find its line of pure American strains in its Original Blimburn America, where we can find genetics such as Blue Dream, Chemdowg#4, Girl Scout Cookies, Grandaddy Purple, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Critical Daddy Feminized and Café Racer Feminized.

They also surprise with two varieties that start a new range of CBD-rich genetics such as Black Mamba CBD Rich Feminized and Black Mamba CBD Auto Feminized.

Interestingly, breeders seem to have used the Mamba negra genetic to introduce the CBD rich concept into their varieties.

Another of its lines of work is called Blimburn Certified, in which they offer proven genetics to the market, for its stability as for its unmistakable cannabinoid ratios, aromas and flavors, hence its name, Blimburn certified. In this range we find varieties such as Mango Feminized, Critical Mass Feminized, BC Diesel Feminized, Chocolopez Feminized, Kabrales Feminized, White Lady Feminized and Cindy's 99 Feminized, all of them hybrid genetics with different indica/sativa percentages.

Important is also its catalogue of autoflowering seeds, in which we can find very stable strain of recognized bouquet in the market, such as Critical Automatic, Orient Automatic, Northern Automatic, AK Automatic, Cream Automatic and Sweety Automatic.

In short,  very stable and pure seeds, which certify you a powerful crop and high yield.

In PEV Grow we send you all its catalogue at the best price.

Blimburn Seeds is quality in your crop....

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