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1000W Lighting Kits 

The Grow Shop Piensa en Verde presents 1000 Watt Lighting Kits, these lamps are ideal for growing indoor marijuana in spaces of more than 2 m2, since with them you can cover surfaces up to 1.50 x 1 , 50 meters.

The price of 1000 watt bulbs is higher than that of lower powers evidently, although if they are used correctly is increased considerably the production of flowers say their advocates.

The fashion of cultivating marijuana with 1000w spotlights comes from the USA, we, in Europe, usually use 600w, it will be that they have more space there and they do everything in a big way. Joking over, from my experience and in the one of many customers and friends in a 1.2 x 1.2 cabinet with a lighting kit of 600w or 400w, is enough to cover optimally that space. More power will only increase your light bill and increase the temperature foolishly because you won't get more amount of buds.

So, if you have a very large and tall mammoth type of storage cabinet and you want to simplify the number of equipment, 1000w lighting kits in combination with Light Rails will be the right choice.