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Genehtik, one of the most veteran national banks

Welcome to PevGrow! We would like to present to you the catalogue of autoflowering varieties from the Spanish seed bank, Genehtik. It was born in the 1990s in the Basque Country, under the name of Ortue, and arose as the result of many years of cultivation, and exchange of information and genetic reserves between breeders and growers, from all over the world.

After a succession of mistakes and successes, their breeders have managed to create their own varieties, characterized by magnificent stability, with a very remarkable quality and psychoactive power, which will undoubtedly send you on an intense journey between emotions, which will make the most avid smokers fall in love with strong emotions.

Genehtik 2019 Catalogue

Genehtik guarantees that all the characteristics of the parents or mother plants are kept intact, preserving their organoleptic properties.

Kritical Bilbo Auto

The most outstanding creation of its wide catalogue is the automatic version of its star strain, the Kritical Bilbo Auto. This weed, is characterized by a fruity aroma and flavor, really bestial, with a very high productivity and a narcotic effect, which will join you to your sofa from the first puff. This is a new generation automatic, more powerful and productive than normal, and with a perfect size to go unnoticed before the indiscreet gaze of the cotillas, so you can place it on the balcony or small terrace even if you live in the city, as it does not exceed 70 cm.

In indoor crops, I recommend using a pot of 5.5 liters, so you can place up to 20 pots per m2, accompanied by a LEC lighting system of 315w, so you can collect up to 40 grams per plant.

In outdoor crops, if you use a definitive pot of 7 liters, it will be enough because its small size does not need more, but it is also very important that you use a good fertilizer for flowering phase, as it passes very fast to this period and is very delicate, for this I recommend Bio Rhizotonic de Canna.

Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto, is a weed that has been the result of the combination of this incredible and mythical strain, which falls in love with thousands of growers and smokers around the globe, with an automatic variety that has not been revealed to keep the absolute secret, typical of any work of art. Its growth is fast since in only two weeks it passes to flowering, and obtains a very good size to be autoflowering.

In indoor crops, you can use pots of 7 liters and place 14 specimens per m2, to me without doubt is the configuration that has given me the best results, being able to collect up to 40 grams per plant.

Outdoors, it needs a good dose of sunlight, as well as a good substrate such as coconut fiber, which gives spectacular results, but be careful because it needs a constant watering but not excessive, because otherwise the moisture will remain at the bottom and will kill your roots.

Amnesia Bilbo Auto

Amnesia Bilbo, in just over 60 days will give you excellent productivity, with harvests ranging from 50 to 100 gr per plant, impressive buds, and premium quality flowers covered with a layer of resin.

Indoors their behavior is very good, with a configuration of 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, with a HPS lighting system of 600w, with which you can collect up to 50 gr per plant.

Outdoors, I recommend that you use a pot of 18 liters, to avoid transplants and damage the roots in the process, also use a good stimulator of fattening as Brutal Buds, to give that extra touch to the buds, which will increase their size and enhance their flavor.

AK Auto Goxuak

Ak Auto Goxuak of Genehtik, is another of those strains that you can not miss, its genetic origin is premonitory of its greatness, and is that comes nothing more and nothing less than the cross between the mythical legend of cannabis, Ak 47 and Auto Goxuak, widely used by Genehtik for their conversions to automatic. Highlight of course its Sativa effect, ideal for lovers of potent psychoactive effects, as well as its sweet and fruity taste and aroma.

In indoor cultivation, if you use 7-litre pots, you will get up to 40 grams per plant in just 70 days after germination. I recommend that you use a 315W LEC lighting system, and that you place it throughout the growing cycle with a 20/4 photoperiod.

Outdoors, with a good dose of sunshine, you will collect a large amount of resinous buds, which when you try you will never forget. Work a good soil with substrate of worm Humus, and you will notice without a doubt a better quality in the organoleptic properties.


Get to know PevGrow, the good work of Genehtik Autoflowering where the quality is non-negotiable, and productivity will live up to your expectations, enjoy in your trusted online Growshop of Genehtik autoflowering seeds!

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