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Chem is a quality cannabic lineage, different, surprising and original. This cannabis strain has contributed many of the best genes we can enjoy today, such as its genuine taste, very high resin production and an unknown potency until it appeared on the scene.

So much so that today, if you are interested in trying this type of cannabis, you have many different options to do so. But you have to know that each one has its particularities, so we thought you could use this section that we have prepared with the best cannabis seeds nowadays with Chem genes.

How did Chem genetics come about?

Like many varieties from the USA, Chem came from seeds found in a bag of weed, which was sold during a Grateful Dead concert around 1990. Apparently those buds were from a cross between Lemon Thai and Old Paki Kush, although other versions say it could be a mix between Nepal and Thai.

There are even theories that affirm that this marijuana was some indica of those that were running around back then, whether it was Hash Plant, Northern Lights or Hindu Kush. What is clear is that from those seeds were selected Chem '91, Chem sister, Chem D and later Chem #4, all 4 very good but with their differences and peculiarities. And these 4 plants selected among the seeds that were germinated were the base of a good part of the best polyhybrids that appeared from the middle of the 90s until nowadays.

First Chemdog hybrids, a high standing family

Some of today's best-selling seeds have Chem blood in their veins, unique traits that only the descendants of this strain contain. But let's start at the beginning, with the first outstanding Chem hybrids:

  • OG Kush: The most consumed weed in the USA since the late 90's, the one chosen by many artists and influential people. This strain symbolizes the maximum hybrid expression of this genotype, which can be seen in its morphology, as it produces indica buds in sativa structure, and also in the effect, with high psychoactivity while the body remains relaxed.
  • Bubba Kush: The most indica part of Chem genetics, and also the favorite in this sense in the United States, since it is the preferred indica genetics by users of this country. Very wide and dark leaves, compact and low structure, and coffee aroma with a Kush background. It is a retro-crossing of Chemdog x Old Paki Kush.
  • Sour Diesel: The sativa side of the Chem family, with a higher production than the others, a more citric taste and a very special effect, since it stimulates the body and the mind, without causing anxiety or paranoia. This plant produces the biggest calyxes we have seen, and its taste started a new cannabic family, the Sour.

Quality descendants, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Chemdog

From these first 3 direct descendants of the chemical family came hundreds or thousands of crosses, let's say that the 3 branches of genetics were segmented and each one evolved through new polyhybrids. Here is an example of each of these varieties with Chem ancestors:

  • Girl Scout Cookies: It is necessary to put it in first place for what this strain has represented in the cannabis industry during the last decade. The chem genes arrive to it by several ways, since it is a crossing between OG Kush and F1 Durban.
  • Zombie Kush: Created from the Pre-98 clone Bubba Kush, this variety of Ripper Seeds has brought worldwide fame to this Spanish seed bank. The contrast between the layer of large trichomes on the dark almost black background of the flowers and leaves is spectacular.
  • New York Diesel: A variety more important than it may seem, created by Soma from seeds found in a bag of Sour Diesel weed bought in New York. Juanita la Lagrimosa and Cannatonic, the two responsible for the CBD boom, came out of it.

Modern polyhybrids with Chem parents

Although most cannabis breeders prefer to work with the more advanced varieties of each strain, there are some breeders who continue to make their crosses with the original clones from Chemdog, especially with Chem#4 and Chem D, but also with Chem sister. Here are some of the most successful ones.

  • Gorilla Glue: A great plant from every angle, a Chem sister cross that has everything you could ask from a marijuana plant, potency, flavor, production, amount of resin, vigor... although it's also a little hermaphrodite. The Gorilla Glue#4 is one of the best clones in history, so much so that it is also procreating to form its own family of apes.
  • GMO Cookies: Chem D and Girl Scout Cookies cross, so the Chemdog genes are all over the place. Created by Mamiko seeds, this variety is currently being used by many seed banks to make their own crosses.
  • Chempie: Another excellent strain of Ripper seeds, tasty, powerful, and very resinous, like most seeds of this brand. It contains Cherry Pie, Chemdog and Dos-si-dos so you can imagine the quality of the specimens that you can get.

First, second and third generation Chem autoflowering varieties

Autoflowering varieties are many growers' favorite seeds, and of course many of them don't want to give up their chem cannabis. But that's not a problem, because there are a number of cannabis seeds on the market that combine both autoflowering and traits inherited from the Chemdawg, and here you can see a few:

  • Chemdog auto: This is the autoflowering version of the mythical Chemdog, created by Auto seeds and offered in the format of feminized seeds. Discreet plant, very fast and super resistant, ideal for beginners in the cultivation of cannabis, because it withstands everything.
  • OG Kush auto: From our point of view they are the best autoflowering seeds you can grow if you want to get the Chem character in an auto. Intense flavor, great production of buds and resin, and an effect that you do not expect in an automatic cannabis.
  • Tropicanna Cookies auto: Autoflowering of last generation that gathers the best qualities of this legendary cannabis family. Some phenotypes acquire beautiful dark tones during flowering and all of them offer a good effect and a quantity of exuberant resin.

Chem with extra CBD, the most medicinal side

The growing demand for cannabidiol has caused many versions of classic genetics with high levels of CBD to come onto the market, especially to serve the medical market. In addition, more and more growers are turning to this type of cannabis for daily use, as you can enjoy its taste, and take advantage of its benefits, while still functioning perfectly. Among all the commercial seeds with Chem genes, and high concentration of CBD available today we highlight the following ones:

  • Chem Beyond Diesel CBD: Feminized variety rich in cannabidiol, tasty, productive, and very resinous. Its ratio between THC and CBD is 1:1,5, so its effect has little psychoactivity, but it is quite appreciated at a physical level.
  • OG Cookies Cream CBD: Impressive medicinal polyhybrid with Chem ancestors. The flavor is very original, inherited from the Cookie fam, very sweet and creamy, full of nuances that impregnate your mouth until you say enough. The THC:CBD ratio is 1:1, and in both cases around 10%.
  • Bubba Kush CBD: The most therapeutic version of the already highly regarded medicinal Bubba Kush. It contains exactly all the features of Bubba, and therefore of Chem, so you can expect a very powerful, tasty and very effective cannabis as a medical remedy.

Chem curiosities

Usually cannabis varieties have aromas and flavors reminiscent of fruit or other foods, Tangie, Cheese, or Cookies are just a few familiar examples. In some cases, citrus notes can be perceived, but the aroma and taste of Chem has nothing to do with any food, it reminds of fuel, oil, solvent or chemicals. Its aroma is very pungent, deep, unforgettable, just like its flavor, which is like no other, and it leaves a taste in your mouth very similar to when we used to take gasoline out of a tank by sucking it with a tube... Have you ever done this? I am so old...

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