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Spanish Seeds 

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By the hand of Ernesto Llosá, from Hemp trading distribution company, Spanish Seeds emerges as a marijuana bulk seeds bank specialized in research and development of new demanded cannabis crosses and highly valued in Europe, inside cannabis sector, over the last years.

Spanish seeds breeders have been able to adapt their small production of marijuana seeds to a more industrial scale, specifying their production in a high and diverse number of genetics (Spanish seeds catalog), both feminized and autoflowering, making crosses F1 on demand.

As an example of some of its most successful genetics in the market we can mention the F1 generations and their crosses among cannabis families such as Spanish Seeds White Widow, Spanish Seeds Critical +, Spanish Seeds Jack Herer, Spanish Seeds Black Domina, Spanish Seeds Amnesia, Spanish Seeds Diesel, Spanish Seeds Somango ... for reaching an almost endless repertoire of flavors, aromas and effects.

Spanish seeds offers to the market a wide range of cultivars with a great quality-to-price ratio, sharing and producing cannabis seeds even for some of the great masters of the growing in Valencia (Spain), such as PEV Bank Seeds, Worldpharma SeedsSweet Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Buddha Seeds (A seed company which belongs to the same holding group), Dinafem Seeds, Green House Seeds ...

Both Spanish Seeds and Buddha Seeds are developed with the excellent and versatile line of fertilizers and substrates Top Crop, producing their seeds in a totally organic way, so that from PEV Grow we openly recommend its use if you decide to grow one of the Spanish Seeds strains, both for indoor and outdoor crops.

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