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Legend has it that the G-13 cannabis strain came out of an experimental program run by the Mississippi state government (USA). Someone rescued it and began to distribute cuttings, and one of them came to the hands of Nevil Shoenmakers, who took it to Holland in the mid-80s. There it began to be crossed with different males and there were even breeders who made a whole seed bank through this genetics.

The years passed and with them many new strains became trendy, but the myth of the G-13 continues to this day, and many people still want to try that legendary weed. The problem is that today you can find many marijuana seeds that supposedly contain G-13 genetics, but this is not the case in all of them, and for that reason we have created this section, so you can choose from the best cannabis plants descendants of the mythical G-13. So let's start at the beginning, with the first G-13 crosses in history.

Best commercial hybrids with G-13 genetics

Nevil took many cuttings from the USA to the Netherlands, among which were Northern Lights, Big Bud strain, Hashplant and the great G13. At first he did not give as much importance to the latter, and focused on the NL which at that time was the one that was most in demand along with his Hazes and Skunks. Later he sold all his genetics to Ben Dronkers and began working as a breeder for Sensi Seeds.

It was there that the G-13 female began to cross with many different males, promoted by the legend that began to sound about the origin of this plant. Of all those crosses there was one that continues in the catalog to this day, and is still considered one of the best indica, the G13x Hashplant.

G-13 x Hashplant

This variety was baptized with the name of Mr. Nice, in homage to the great activist and trafficker Howard Marks. It is practically a 100% indica, and that can be seen in its morphology, but above all it can be seen in its effect, one of the strongest on the market.

The flavor is genuinely old school, with that hint of good hash that is not usually found in weed in general. If you have been growing for a short time and you want to try some seeds with G-13 blood that are easy to grow, this is a very interesting option, because its resistance level is quite high.

G-13 Haze

It is always said that Northern Lights#5 x Haze or Jack Herer are the best expressions of the balanced hybrid between sativa and indica. But G-13 Haze lives up to or even outperforms those 2 famous hybrids, and that is why it is still grown on a large scale nowadays.

This strain is special for those who love a powerful psychoactive high, because the Haze side clearly prevails in this regard. It is important to know that to get the most out of this plant grown indoors, some experience is necessary, something that does not happen outdoors, where it develops perfectly with minimal care.

Grizzly Purple Kush

One of the few crosses of G-13 with Kush on the current market, which in addition to its devastating power and delicious taste, gives you an extraordinary beauty. The breeders of Blimburn seed bank brought authentic genetics on one of their trips to the USA, and with it they did some spectacular work like this variety.

If you are always looking for another step on the ladder of potency, dare to try Grizzly Purple Kush, because the mix between Kosher Kush, Purple Kush and G-13 results in a weed with a sidereal stone, mainly indica, but with a lot of mental stimulation.

G-13 Haze Lavender

Breeder Soma was one of the few people who grew original G-13 Haze seeds, but had the "bad luck" of not getting a single female. However, he knew how to make good use of this genetics through a good male that he discovered among those specimens, who crossed with his favorite elite clones to shape a new batch of varieties with G-13 genes.

Among all the crosses that Soma made with the G-13 Haze there were very good things, G-13 Haze NY Diesel, G-13 Haze Buddha Sister or G-13 Haze Free Tibet among others, but we stick with the G-13 Haze Lavender, a great plant no matter where you look at it. These seeds are ideal for those who want to grow something different and original, because their flavor is unique, as well as their aroma, and the color palette that appears in bloom is very difficult to find in contemporary cannabis.

G-13 x Amnesia Haze

Kiwi Seeds seed bank surprised everyone with a spectacular cross, in which it merges 2 of the most powerful cannabis plants in history. By crossing a 100% indica strain such as G-13, with a mostly sativa hybrid such as Amnesia Haze, the result is a polyhybrid that encompasses the entire cannabis genetic spectrum, and above all with unsurpassed hybrid vigor.

This vigor allows it to heroically endure many of the hazing we usually commit when we start growing marijuana, especially indoors. For this reason, if you don't have a lot of growing experience, but want to try the legendary G-13 genetics, this strain may be perfect for you.

Hass Plant G-13

Sputnik Seeds is a cannabis seed bank from Valencia (Spain) that offers feminized versions of classic strains at an affordable price. His Hass Plant G-13 is descended from a great selection of G-13 Hashplant from Sensi Seeds, and it honestly has nothing to envy.

If you are one of those who cannot spend a lot of money on seeds, this genetics can be a great solution for you, because cheap is not always expensive, and here is an evidence. Enjoy the great hashish flavor and mega relaxing effect of G-13, without spending too much on your seeds.

Curiosities of G-13 genetics

Legend has it that in a United States federal government operation, the police seized a series of cannabis varieties that a grower had been collecting for years. They allegedly started a government breeding program with those genetics in Mississippi, and one of the technicians working on the project removed a cutting from the facility that was labeled G-13.

There are those who think that the "G" comes from the word government, and the "13" as the ordinal number that corresponds to the letter "M" for marijuana in the dictionary. All of these are only assumptions, because 40 years of this history have passed and the doubts remain unsolved, but what is clear is one thing, that G-13 is and will be synonymous with extraordinary quality weed, and it is one of those cannabis that you have to grow at least once in your life, what about you? Haven't you done it yet? And, what are you waiting for?

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