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The Ice family cannabis seeds have been around for many more years than Gelato's, and they have nothing to do with each other. The name can lead to confusion, but genetically they are 2 different lines, both of great quality, but the Ice came out in the 90s in Europe, and the Gelato family is not yet a decade old and comes from California.

In this section we are going to focus on the best marijuana seeds of the Ice family today, both regular and feminized, autoflowering, and the most medicinal , with high levels of cannabidiol but the same amount of trichomes. If you are interested in this type of special strains to produce cannabis extractions, take a seat as we begin ...

Ice regular seeds

Ice arose from a selection of more than 500 seeds from the cross between Skunk Special x White Widow made in Switzerland in 1996, although success really came to him in Holland shortly after, since in those years Amsterdam was the cannabis capital of the world. In 1998 it won a trophy at the High Times Cannabis Cup , and that ended up making it one of the most demanded on the counters of the coffeeshop.

Ice from Nirvana

Nirvana was the first bank to add regular seeds of this variety to its catalog, and in a short time they became its star genetics. If you are one of those who prefer this type of seed format, Ice from Nirvana is the best for you, because they are no longer usually found to be regular or normal with these genes. Plants very adapted to indoor cultivation, of medium height, fast flowering and good production in general.

Today's most outstanding Ice feminized seeds

In this category if you have a good amount of Ice feminized seeds to choose from, mostly because they are the most cultivated every year. There are several versions of the original plant, and other more recent ones that have nothing to do with this genetics, but that share the quality of ending up with an icy appearance due to the thick amount of resin it produces.

Ice from Female Seeds

These feminized seeds come from the same Swiss clone that was successful in the Netherlands, but the Female Seeds team continued to backcross to fix the qualities of the elite clone in all 100% female offspring. The result can be considered excellent, because these seeds have captured the essence of Ice, with the flavor and resistance of Skunk, but with the appearance and resin of Widow.

Ice by Royal Queen Seeds

Surely the most cultivated variety in this entire section, because Royal Queen Seeds is one of the best-selling seed banks in the world. The best thing about this strain is its speed in indoor and outdoor cultivation, which added to its power of adaptability and good yield, make it a safe bet for commercial growers.

The best Ice hybrids and polyhybrids on the market

There are dozens of cannabis seeds with the term "Ice" in their name , some direct descendants of the mythical European variety, others that come from Gelato, and others that have nothing to do with any of these. Below you can see what we consider the best:

Ice cream

Although the Paradise Seeds seed bank does not usually reveal the origin of its genetics, we know that it is a fairly balanced hybrid, with a slightly more indica load, around 60% compared to 40% for sativa. They are plants that tend to concentrate most of the production in the main tip, very tight and frosted buds, with the aroma and flavor of vanilla ice cream and medicinal effect.

Iced Grapefruit

Female Seeds combined Ice with one of their most successful strains, Grapefruit, and the result lives up to the quality of both parents. The morphology of these plants is quite compact, ideal for obtaining large crops in indoor cultivation, with tight buds full of trichomes everywhere, and with an incomparable sweet citrus aroma.

Ice cool

From our point of view it is the best herb named Ice in Europe , although it must be said that its genetics do not descend from Skunk and White Widow like the previous ones. In this case we are facing the 100% female version of a New York City Diesel clone created by Sweet Seeds , with a very special terpene profile, as it reminds of mandarin with a chemical touch.


Cross of OG Kush San Fernando Valley with a selected clone of Ice Cream produced by R-Kiem Seeds . This winner of several cannabis competitions has everything you could look for, intense kush aroma and flavor, great extraction performance with returns of over 20%, fast flowering, and a powerful and long-lasting psychoactive effect.

Mr Gelato Ice

Excellent version of Gelato that reaches the ripening phase with a totally frozen appearance. This variety from the Mr Hyde seed bank has the freshest, sweetest, and creamiest flavor you can imagine, a mouth-filling delicacy that only Italian artisan ice creams get. The effect is very happy and motivating, special to accompany the day.

Gorilla Ice Cream

Great combination between Gorilla Glue # 4 and Ice Cream created by Expert Seeds . This is a fairly balanced polyhybrid between indica and sativa, which in appearance is more similar to the Gorilla clone, but in the taste the nuances of both parents intermingle. The production of buds, resin, cannabinoids, and terpenes is very high in this variety, and the effect is not suitable for all audiences.

Are there autoflowering seeds of the Ice family?

There are not directly descendants of the European Ice line like the previous ones, but there are varieties of marijuana with automatic flowering Ice , although their genetics have nothing to do with those we have seen so far.

Ice Cool Auto

The automatic version of Ice Cool by Sweet Seeds will leave you frozen, because it is difficult to capture all the essence of the original in plants with only 70 days of a complete cycle. The aroma and flavor of sweet mandarins is very successful, the effect varies a little, being more relaxing than that of the normal feminized version, but these seeds allow you to harvest up to 4 times outdoors each year.

Cannabidiol-rich Ice seeds

Although given the potency of all the varieties represented in this section, they can be considered medicinal, they all stand out for having high levels of THC. But if what you are looking for is an Ice genetics rich in CBD , there is one that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Ice Cool CBD

The same aroma and flavor of fresh mandarins, but with a very special chemotype , since its ratio between THC and CBD is approximately 1: 1.5. Its THC levels range between 5% and 12%, and CBD ranges between 9% and 13%. Production more than acceptable both indoors and outdoors, and high resistance to pests and fungi.

Curiosities of the cannabis family Ice

As you may have seen, this family is not the same cannabis strain descended from the same genetics. The Ice family started out as an elite clone selected in Switzerland, but after its popularity in Amsterdam, many banks took advantage of the pull to name some of their seeds with this term. Subsequently, hybrids such as Gelato have come out, which has helped to relaunch varieties with these names again, but they also have nothing to do with genetic origin. One thing all the seeds in this section have in common, and that is their undeniable quality .

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