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Since its foundation in 2017 in Portland, Oregon, Compound Genetics has made a milestone in the cannabis industry. Christopher Lynch, the visionary breeder behind this company, has dedicated over 15 years to perfecting cannabis genetics. His story with the plant began in high school, where he was fortunate to have access to high-quality cannabis varieties from the start.

After a season in Amsterdam, where he had the opportunity to experiment with various cannabis strains from around the world, Lynch returned to his hometown in Oregon and immersed himself in cannabis cultivation in 2006. This experience was the starting point for what would become his first cannabis genetics brand: Tiger Trees. With a selection of promising strains, the seed bank Compound Genetics was born as a natural evolution of this first adventure.

The creation of Compound Genetics

The name change from Tiger Trees to Compound Genetics in 2017 marked a new era in Chris Lynch's career. His cultivation knowledge and breeding skills led him to collaborate with the influential Jungle Boys collective. Later, when he settled in San Francisco, collaborations with leading brands such as Cookies strain and Runtz were formalized, consolidating Compound's status as a reference in an industry that is expanding rapidly with legalization in several states in the U.S.

Since the recreational market opened in California in January 2018, Californian strains have conquered cannabis consumers worldwide. Compound Genetics has been at the forefront of this wave of popularity. The company has designed several marijuana seeds for the Cookies brand, including Apples and Bananas, Laughing Gas, Big Face, and Pavé, contributing to the notoriety and acclaim of Compound.

Compound Genetics in Europe: More than Genetics, a Revolution

In Europe, Compound Genetics has generated unprecedented interest. Their meticulous process of searching for phenotypes at the breeding facilities of Node Labs in California, personally supervised by Chris, focuses on exceptional plants that display unique profiles, laying the foundation to enhance flavors. It is this obsession with terpenes rather than THC levels that has set the company apart and attracted attention.

From Portland to San Francisco, and now also in Europe, Compound Genetics has not only challenged limits but redefined them. Their genetics are the culmination of years of dedication and vision. Immerse yourself in the universe of Compound Genetics, and discover for yourself the magic that resides in each of their strains.

The Emblematic Strains of Compound Genetics: Flavors that Leave a Mark

Legend Orange Apricot:

This strain was the one that catapulted Compound Genetics' fame. Chris Lynch discovered this gem among the seeds provided to him by the renowned breeder Capulator. Legend Orange Apricot is the result of crossing Legend OG and Orange Apricot, and is characterized by its exceptional aromas and flavors. Its buds are infused with trichomes, offering an unforgettable sensory journey.

Jet Fuel Gelato and Menthol:

The combination of the power of Gelato with the characteristic fuel aroma brings Jet Fuel to life. This strain stands out for its robust growth and generous harvests. On the other hand, Menthol, also derived from Gelato, adds a fresh and mentholated touch to the experience, creating a perfect balance between flavors and effects.

Apples and Bananas:

As a result of collaborations between Compound Genetics and recognized brands like Cookies, Apples and Bananas is a strain that has conquered the hearts of cannabis lovers. Emerging from the Jet Fuel Gelato line, this variety offers unique flavor profiles that combine the best of both parent strains.

Pavé and Big Face:

The release of Pavé marked a milestone in Compound Genetics' trajectory. This strain is characterized by its profusion of trichomes and its gasoline aroma with earthy undertones. Furthermore, its bud structure is unique, making it an excellent option for hash production. Big Face, another standout creation, is recognized for its exuberance and complexity of flavors.

These strains represent Compound Genetics' commitment to genetic excellence and innovation in the world of cannabis, but they are just a few examples that demonstrate the quality of these seeds. You have more strains to choose from. Each of them is the result of years of dedication and passion for creating varieties that not only offer a psychoactive journey but also an unparalleled sensory experience. Immerse yourself in the universe of Compound Genetics and discover the authentic taste of premium quality cannabis.

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