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Geist OG Fast Flowering

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The feminized marijuana seeds Geist OG Fast Flowering from Humboldt Seed Organization are the perfect choice for those looking for a combination of quality, yield and speed. With predominantly Indica genetics and an accelerated flowering period, these seeds deliver dense and potent buds in record time. Find out more about the features and benefits of these exceptional seeds.

Which is the genetics of these seeds?

The feminized seeds Geist OG Fast Flowering are the result of a carefully selected cross between the Geist OG variety and the autoflowering genetics Uncirculated OG Auto. This combination creates a balanced genetics with 70% Indica, 20% Ruderalis and 10% Sativa. This unique blend provides a relaxing and pleasant effect, perfect for relaxing after a long day.

How does Geist OG Fast Flowering look like?

These seeds produce very fast and vigorous growing plants. Their structure is typical of Indica varieties, with wide leaves and dense buds. The buds show an excellent leaf to flower ratio, hence their fleshy appearance. The colors vary from dark green to purple in some phenotypes, which gives them a visually very attractive appearance.

How to grow these seeds indoors and outdoors?

Geist OG Fast Flowering plants are very versatile and really easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it is recommended to use cultivation techniques such as Screen of Green (SCROG) to optimize space and maximize yields. You can put 12 plants/m2 in 11 liter pots, giving at least 4 weeks of vegetative growth, and take advantage of this time to do at least 2 pruning.

Outdoors, these seeds thrive incredibly well in temperate and Mediterranean climates, but can also adapt to other conditions. It is recommended to provide a well-drained soil and a balanced diet for best results, whether transplanted into the ground or grown in pots, but of course, they must be pots of at least 50 liters so as not to limit the space of the root system.

When are Geist OG Fast Flowering feminized seeds harvested?

These seeds have a fast flowering period, which makes them an ideal choice for impatient growers. Indoors, they can be harvested in approximately 7-8 weeks from the start of flowering. Outdoors, the harvest time varies according to geographical location. In the northern hemisphere, harvest usually takes place in mid to late September, while in the southern hemisphere, it can be harvested in mid to late March.

How much do these seeds produce?

The feminized seeds Fast Version Geist OG Fast Flowering are highly productive. In indoor crops, you can expect a yield of approximately 450-550 grams per square meter. These plants have a compact structure that allows them to make the most of the growing space. They also respond well to training techniques, such as pruning and selective defoliation, which can further increase yields.

As for outdoor crops, each plant can produce around 400-650 grams, depending on the growing conditions and care provided. It is important to note that these figures are estimates and results may vary depending on various factors, such as the experience of the grower, the growing environment and the care given to the plants.

How is the aroma and flavor of Geist OG Fast Flowering?

The aroma and taste of Geist OG Fast Flowering are a delight for cannabis lovers. When the buds are broken, intense and sweet notes are released, combining citrus, earthy and metallic hints. These aromas intensify during the drying and curing process, allowing you to appreciate their complexity and richness. When smoking or vaporizing the buds, a unique and pleasant taste unfolds on the palate, citrus hints intertwine with sweet and earthy touches, creating a rewarding sensory experience.sensory experience.

What kind of effect does this marijuana have?

This weed produces a potent and balanced effect that combines the best of its Indica and Sativa genetics. When consuming this marijuana, you will experience a deep relaxation on a physical level, which helps to relieve stress and accumulated tension. Also, its Indica effect stimulates the appetite and can have analgesic and sedative properties. 

On the other hand, its Sativa component provides a feeling of euphoria and mental stimulation. You will feel uplifted and creative, which makes it a perfect choice for moments of inspiration or social activities. The percentage of THC in Geist OG Fast Flowering can vary, but generally ranges between 18% and 24%.

Buy feminized seeds Fast Version Geist OG Fast Flowering at the best price online

If you have read this description carefully, you will have realized that this is a very special cannabis, as it has everything you can expect from a marijuana strain, easy to grow, fast flowering, great performance, excellent taste, and very powerful effect. Order your marijuana seeds at Pevgrow and enjoy our unique conditions.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks Humboldt Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Geist OG x Uncirculated OG Auto
Phenotype: Phenotype 70% de Indica, un 20% de Ruderalis y un 10% de Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Mid-late September
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Mid-late March
Indoor production: Indoor production 15,8 oz-19.40 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 14,4 oz-22,9 oz/plant
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 50-55 days
Features: Features High Yielding
Indica seeds
Rapid flowering
Sativa seeds
Weather: Weather Sunny / Mediterranean
Temperate / continental
Effects: Effects Appetite
THC: THC 18-22%
CBD: CBD 0.1%
Disease: Disease Magersucht
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Citrus
Earthy (earth)
Symptoms: Symptoms Lack of appetite
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