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Humboldt Seeds 

For all US strains marijuana lovers, PEV Grow presents Humboldt Seeds organization.

A very original Californian cannabis-loving organization with homogeneous genetics very well suited to our latitudes, mainly for being perfectly adapted indoor genetics.

This seeds bank have its headquarter facilities in California, counting on the most demanded genetics in Californian dispensaries, both with "Old School" strains and with new hybrids obtained from the best breeders and researchers in American marijuana’s world.

Humboldt Seeds Organization is characterized by making a deep research on its genetics, Europeanizing its crossbreeds adapting them to the European tastes, thus showing in its catalog feminized strains, autoflowering phenotypes and two new cultivars with high CBD, for all those medicinal users.

And look at the catalog carefully! because they also incorporate some regular “old school” strains, being an exquisite cannabis proposal that you can find in our online store.

The production of its seeds only uses organic methods, introducing protocols of management and waste recycling in its facilities.

But let's go in parts, let's give you some new data about its strains:

  • Humboldt Seeds Chemdawg: One of the Sour Diesel’s parents, this is one of the most powerful indica cultivar in California.

  • Humboldt Seeds Bubba Kush: Hybrids of indica predominance with earthy taste and relaxing effect.

  • Humboldt Seeds Green Crack: Hybrid Indica / Sativa (60/40) from Skunk descendants, featured by its citrus flavor and exotic fruits, with energetic cerebral effect.

  • Humboldt Seeds Trainwreck: This is another hybrid 60/40 with Kush aroma and a certain fruity touch. Its effect is astonishing, as if you were hit by a train, hence its name: "Trainwreck". You have it available in two modalities, both regular and feminized.

  • Humboldt Seeds Lemon Juice Express Auto: This seed Auto indica strain will be surprise you by its terpenes con centration that will make you enjoy a real lemon flavor. Very lucid cerebral effect.

  • Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream CBD: Extraordinary fusion of sweet notes, forest fruits and citric aroma. It has a THC:CBD ratio 1:1 with a concentration of 10% in both cannabinoids, a tremendous hybrid with high CBD ideal to make extractions for medicinal uses.

  • Humboldt Seeds Sapphire OG: Hybrid of indica predominance with a very rich combination of terpenes that allows us to differentiate aromas as diverse as chocolate, pine, diesel fuel, citrus, flowers ...Its effect begins with a rapid cerebral entrance that takes you little by little to a new state of relaxation which will make you reach out the Nirvana.

  • Humboldt Seeds Blueberry Headband: Another very spicy Californian scent with aniseed touch. Its effects are a subtle combination of physical and cerebral sensations, very powerful and durable. A jewel for lovers of indoor marijuana growing.

  • Humboldt Seeds Dedoverde Haze: Very sativa and citrus-flavored genetic, with strong Haze effects, it stands out for its tropical aroma with touches of pine and cedar. A powerful hybrid which a THC content that can reach up to 24%.

As you can see, in PEV Grow we put at your disposal all this exquisite delicacy, and these are just some of their strains, thinking always in offer the best prices and advise by our specialists.

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