Dealer Deal XXL Automix
Dealer Deal XXL Automix
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Dealer Deal XXL Automix

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Dealer Deal XXL Automix by BSF Seeds is a collector's pack from this bank that is made up of 12 seeds of tall autoflowering varieties from this bank. It is made up of 3 seeds of 4 different varieties, all of them Auto XXL of great quality. This collection is special for fans of this brand or for those growers who prefer to have a wide variety of seeds.

What is the genetics of these BSF Seeds seeds?

It contains 3 seeds of 4 Auto XXL varieties from BSF Seeds, and below you can see the genetics of each of them:

  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: Critical Mass x Ruderalis
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: Black Domina x Ruderalis
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: Moby Dick x Ruderalis
  • Northern XXL Auto: Northern Lights x Ruderalis

What is Dealer Deal XXL Automix like?

There are 4 varieties that represent the high production autoflowering version of 4 of the best hybrids of all time. They are plants with great vigor and rapid development, hence their enormous production of buds. With this collection you have a wide variety of flavors and effects, since you have sativa hybrids like Moby-D XXL Auto or indicas like Black Dom XXL Auto or Northern XXL Auto, in addition to the speed of cultivation and production of the great Critical +2 XXL Auto.

How are these seeds grown indoors and outdoors?

Like most autoflowers on the market, these plants yield more when certain points are taken into account. The first is the quantity and quality of light, in indoor cultivation they prefer a photoperiod of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness each day, but if you consider that it is too much electricity, they also produce very well with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Another point is the pot and the substrate, indoors the ideal is to put 9 plants/m2 in pots of 11 liters with All Mix substrate, and as a personal advice I recommend watering with root stimulator and microlife the first 2 weeks.

Outdoors, several annual crops can be grown, but the most interesting season is from mid-spring to the end of summer because that is when there are more hours and more power of the sun. The pot in this case is better if it is 20 or 25 litres, although it is still more interesting to plant directly in the ground, and just like indoors, add root stimulator and microlife to the first waterings. 

When are the Dealer Deal XXL Automix collection seeds harvested?

That depends on the variety, Critical +2 XXL Auto needs around 55 days total, both Black Dom XXL Auto and Northern XXL Auto need 50-55 days, and Moby-D XXL Auto takes a bit longer, and as a rule It is usually harvested approximately 75 days after the seeds germinate.

How much do these seeds generally produce?

In indoor cultivation they produce between 250 and 500 grams/m2, depending on the variety, the cultivation parameters, and above all the experience or skill as a grower of each one. Outdoors, each plant can give you between 50 and 350 grams, and just like indoors, it depends on many factors.

How is the flavor and aroma of these varieties that make up Dealer Deal XXL Automix?

Critical +2 XXL Auto has a sweet and fruity aroma and flavor like few others, with an ever-present Skunk undertone and a full-bodied smoke.

Black Dom XXL Auto is also sweet, but with very particular pungent nuances that are reminiscent of traditional Afghan varieties.

Moby-D XXL Auto is a mixture of incense, lemon and spices, but it produces a smoke so thick that you can almost chew it, and it permeates even the walls of the room where it is consumed.

Northern XXL Auto doesn't smell much during cultivation, but after curing you can enjoy a very smooth smoke that leaves an impressively sweet and earthy aftertaste.

What kind of effect do these types of marijuana cause?

Moby-D's effect is more towards the sativa side, especially from a psychological point of view, but physically it is relaxing. Critical +2 XXL Auto has a balanced effect, although at first it is stimulating, but the relaxing descent is very noticeable. Black Dom XXL Auto and Northern XXL Auto have a relaxing effect in all senses, it calms the nerves, it relaxes a lot, and it can leave you on the couch.

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Type: Autoflowering

Bank: BSF Seeds

Climate: Mediterranean/ Temperate/ Continental


  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: Critical Mass x Ruderalis
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: Black Domina x Ruderalis
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: Moby Dick x Ruderalis 
  • Northern XXL Auto: Northern Lights x Ruderalis


  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: Indica 60% sativa 40%
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: Indica 80% sativa 20%
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: Indica 20% sativa 80%
  • Northern XXL Auto: Indica 80% sativa 20%

Indoor production:

  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: 300-450 grams/m2
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: 200-400 grams/m2
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: 300-500 grams/m2
  • Northern XXL Auto: 250-450 grams/m2

Outdoor production:

  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: 100-300 grams/plant
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: 50-350 grams/plant
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: 60-250 grams/plant
  • Northern XXL Auto: 60-350 grams/plant


  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: Full, balanced, relaxing
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: Relaxing and powerful
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: Euphoric, energizing, very psychoactive
  • Northern XXL Auto: Narcotic, relaxing, sedative


  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: 20%
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: 18%
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: 18%
  • Northern XXL Auto: 14%

Flavor and smell:

  • Critical +2 XXL Auto: Sweet, Citrus, Skunk
  • Black Dom XXL Auto: Sweet, Pungent, Pine
  • Moby-D XXL Auto: Incense, lemon, spices
  • Northern XXL Auto: Sweet, earthy

Data sheet and characteristics

Type Type
  • Autoflowering
Banks Banks
  • BSF Seeds
Genetics Genetics
  • Afghani
  • Critical
  • Skunk
Crop cycle since germination Crop cycle since germination
  • 50-75 days
Features Features
  • Kit
  • Pick & Mix Seeds
Weather Weather
  • Cold climates
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Temperate / continental
Effects Effects
  • Relaxing
Flavor and aroma Flavor and aroma
  • Earthy (earth)
  • Fruity
  • Incense
  • Lemon

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