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Strawberry Pie Auto

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Now in your trusted Growshop, PEV Grow, we bring you from the Fastbuds seed bank an autoflowering strain, Strawberry Pie Auto, which has a great strawberry scent already included in its heritage. It is a plant that will captivate you when you grow it, because its great indoor yield will make anyone fall in love with.

What is its genetics?

Its origins are still a mystery, but it has much more to tell us about.

Its cultivation is simple, really do not need the cultivation techniques, because it is a plant that grows with a strong central stem and branches where they will hold the buds of this plant.

Its colors are simply beautiful, as the flowers are dyed reddish to pink, make a striking contrast with the green color of the leaves and with the resinous crystals that this variety produces.

What is it like in general?

Strawberry Pie Auto is small, perfect for growing cabinets with limited space where you can apply the SOG, although this genetics behaves very well outdoors, without giving us height problems to be able to keep a growing discreet.

As its name tells us, its smell is much to strawberry, although it also has that presence to cookies, with a note of gasoline at the bottom, reminding us instantly of a good Skunk. Its flavors are sweet and we will have them very present in the mouth.

What are their smells and tastes?

As already mentioned, in its aromas are strawberry, cookies and gasoline, but we can also detect the smells of pine and cinnamon, which add more complexity to its terpenes.

Its flavor is great sweet taste, similar to strawberry candy, also presents creamy touches, along with the unmistakable flavor of skunk.

What are its effects?

Its effects are completely those of a full-blown indica, because its physical stance is sedative, however, does not get to lie down, because it helps you with complete relaxation and in turn, keeps you concentrated. It is the ideal strain for a quiet afternoon, while doing some hobby.

Is it good for therapeutic uses?

Although it does not have a great therapeutic potential, its effects do help meditation, producing a state of relaxation and concentration, perfect for a yoga session or simply to eliminate the stress of everyday life.

How is it grown?

Genetics is the ideal for indoor, although it gives us good results in terraces and outdoor places.

Its complete cycle, from germination to harvest is 8 to 9 weeks, so it does not resist transplants well. It is recommended to use 4.7 US gal (18 liters) pots for outdoor while indoor 9 2.9 US gal (11 liters) pots.

Grows smoothly, with a main tail surrounded by many secondary branches, makes it a candidate for use of the LST or SOG, making its performance well worthwhile.

Being a small plant, which hardly reaches 3.28 ft. (100 cm.), does not need a loaded feed, this strain prefers a watering without much nutrient load, although requires a rigorous care with the pH. In the last days before the harvest a root wash is necessary, to keep the taste free from impurities.

The final result of this cannabis express is rewarding, because it gives us up to 19.4 oz per 3x3ft (550 gr/m2), an amazing amount for a autoflowering strain. Remember also that to enjoy its aromas, flavors and resin, it is important a good drying, a profitable curing and optimal measures of conservation.

Buy Strawberry Pie Auto autoflowering seeds by Fastbuds seeds

Here at PEV Grow we also love the speed of the autoflowering, that's why we bring from Fastbuds, the great Strawberry Pie Auto indoor grower, a strawberry express, which you will love for sure because of its fast grow. Come and fall in love with its aromas and flavors, now available for you.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Autoflowering
Banks: Banks FastBuds
Genetics: Genetics Skunk
Strawberry Pie Auto
Phenotype: Phenotype Predominant Indica
Indoor production: Indoor production 15.8-19.4 oz/3x3ft
Indoor height: Indoor height 2-3.28 ft.
Outdoor height: Outdoor height Short
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 8-9 weeks
Features: Features High Yielding
Weather: Weather Sunny / Mediterranean
Temperate / continental
Effects: Effects Medicinal
THC: THC 26%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Pine
Symptoms: Symptoms Stress
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Customer reviews Strawberry Pie Auto

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Guy C

I have received them yet but will give feedback when I can give a complete review

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Smalley M
Bud structure

Hello I was wondering if this plants density is and if it is a heavy yielded plant or not and what colors it throws off in flower I know I have grew the blackberry out before and the flower structure of it is not that good bud the smell and color make up for it wondering if this is the same or not

Hello, it is quite productive and leafy
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