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Lemon Pie Auto FastBuds

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In PEV Grow we like to bring you only the best, now with Fastbuds, we bring you the Lemon Pie Auto, a citrus experience, dominated by the indica effects it has.

What is its genetics?

Its resistant genes allow it to withstand the mold, pests and diseases that may affect it during its 8 or 9 weeks of life.

Its growth is shrubby, with a large main tail, surrounded by secondary ones, with a truly incredible potential if it can be exploited.

What is it like in general?

Its leaves are very colorful, of totally purple tones, the pistils have orange colors and the buds are green, sometimes with pink tones, although the great white layer of resin prevents to distinguish them at first sight.

Its citrus aromas with an aftertaste of lemon cake will be among your favorites for its speed and quality that will give you while you grow it in optimal conditions.

What are their smells and tastes?

In its aromas is the strong presence of citrus terpenes, with herbal and petrol notes. In the flavors is almost the same, a lemon cake flavor present in the mouth, while the background has an aftertaste Skunk, ideal to crown this variety perfect in flavors.

What are its effects?

As it is an indica-dominant hybrid, has body effects, however it also has brain effects such as, a euphoria and brain energy.

While the brain's effects fade away the body stone that Indica lovers love begins. The Lemon Pie Auto will give us that sedative we need after a long day of work, along with this comes the great power of the effects, caused by the 24% THC that can be found in the strain.

Is it good for therapeutic uses?

Its bestial power will give us the sedative effect for a good time. This genetics is ideal for therapeutic use, because it relieves pain without taking away the concentration.

In high doses it can be very effective to fight insomnia, because it assures you that it will leave you stuck to your bed all night

How is it grown?

Its cultivation under lights is ideal and its resistance makes it also suitable for the outdoor.

From the day of its germination until its harvest only 8 to 9 weeks will pass, giving us a colorful and very citrus experience.

Although it does not exceed the 3.28 ft. (100 cm.) height, its growth is strong, with a production of compact flowers, very dense and full of resin, having a large central stem and low branches that will allow us to apply the LST for better development and use of the plant.

Because it is autoflowering, does not handle well the transplants, so you should plant it in its final pot, outdoors of 4.7 US gal (18 liters), while indoors you can have it in 9 pots of 2.9 US gal (11 liters).

Its production does not disappoint anyone, because the 19.4 oz per 3x3ft (550 grams per square meter) that are harvested indoors, really are a reward that not everyone produces.

Thanks to all these components, the Lemon Pie Auto is easy to grow, it is even a recommended for novice growers, because its care is not at all intense, in turn it has an amazing mold resistance that is rarely seen with such fast genetics.

Buy Lemon Pie Auto autoflowering seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Already in PEV Grow you can find the latest strain of the Fastbuds bank, the powerful indica Lemon Pie Auto, whose citrus aromas full of a complexity, will make it your favorite, because it is also a good producer indoors and its power, that has nothing to envy the photodependents. Now in your trusted Growshop, available to all growers.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Autoflowering
Banks: Banks FastBuds
Genetics: Genetics Lemon
Lemon Pie Auto
Phenotype: Phenotype Dominant Indica hybrid
Indoor production: Indoor production 19.4 oz/3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production Medium
Indoor height: Indoor height Up to 3.28 ft.
Outdoor height: Outdoor height 3.28 ft.
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 8-9 weeks
Features: Features Indica seeds
Weather: Weather Sunny / Mediterranean
Temperate / continental
Effects: Effects Medicinal
Sleep all night
THC: THC 24%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Lemon
Symptoms: Symptoms Bloating
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Leave us your opinion or ask us any questions you have about this seed and participate in the raffle!
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