CO2 and indoor growing

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CO2 and indoor growing
CO2 and indoor growing

If our indoor culture is surrounded by a lot of carbon dioxide, will grow much faster and the harvest will be higher.

As is known by many, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a gas found naturally in the air we breathe people. The CO2, plants use it along with water and light for photosynthesis, that famous process by which every green plant, and therefore also our beloved marijuana grows and develops. So our culture need to consume large amounts of carbon dioxide to grow abundantly. Come on, that carbon dioxide is to plants what oxygen for us.

source of CO2 generation
source of CO2 generation

More dense buds

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If CO2 is abundant in the atmosphere where our culture is, the efficiency of photosynthesis is greater and quickly stimulate the growth of our marijuana. Thus, plants grown in an environment with a lot of CO2 will grow faster, have more dense buds and harvest will also be earlier.

You can improve the productivity of the plant with CO2 fertilizer also called carbon fertilization process, ie, it would add more CO2 to the environment in which plants are grown. This is valid provided that it comes from a culture that is in a closed room.

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Generating carbon dioxide

Greenhouse or indoor growing is advisable to have a source of CO2 generation, or what is the same, have a bottle. At Piensa En Verde we have available the CO2 Disposable Bottle 1 kilo for the stems and branches of your plantation grow faster. But attention! Read the instructions very well because if CO2 reaches very high levels can cause a lack of oxygen.

CO2 Disposable Bottle 1 kilo
CO2 Disposable Bottle 1 kilo

You can also do with a container with dispenser of carbon dioxide in a natural way and safe. It is the CO2 boost, a bucket containing a compost from organic ingredients that will gradually releasing CO2 through a small compressor and a hose that is to be placed at the height of the plants. It is useful for rooms or lockers up to 6 square meters.

CO2 boost
CO2 boost

There is also another very safe way to include CO2 in the process of growth of your plants and by effervescent tablets. The CO2 Tabs are composed of nitric acid and carbonates which liberate CO2 and also have active oxygen to accelerate the performance of our culture.

CO2 Tabs
CO2 Tabs

Dissolve a portion of CO2 in water favors the action of fertilizers we use and increases the amount, size and number of flowers.

Home designs

own homemade contraptions
own homemade contraptions

There are some people that create their own homemade contraptions to add more carbon dioxide to their plantations. Well, you have to know in these cases it is necessary to introduce fresh air to renew oxygen and CO2 and regulating the temperature when the atmosphere is highly charged. There needs to be a small fan (the computer may be worth) for introducing fresh air from the outside and another fan to remove the air inside.

There are also some growers that produce CO2 on their plantations by fermentation processes because the yeast is able to convert sugar into carbon dioxide. Note that the carbon dioxide that needs cannabis obtained from the surrounding air, and if the room where it is not enough fresh air, spend plant which has, thus slowing its growth and even to get sick. So to prevent this from happening, make sure entering the growing area enough fresh air.


If you’re using extra CO2 and see that your plants are weakened, become yellow or wilted look great, you have to stop the extra supply of CO2 because it is clear that something is wrong. In that case all your questions see someone you trust and if you want, go to our website Piensa En Verde and questions with confidence!

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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