CBD rich strains



In Pevgrow we have genetics suitable for all types of consumers, so here you can also find our seeds with high CBD. If you are looking for a therapeutic marijuana that offers you other benefits, beyond a good high, here you can find the perfect weed for you.

What is CBD?

The marijuana we use has several hundred compounds, many of which produce the desired effects of this plant. Among them are the cannabinoids, the ones most present in cannabis. Within cannabinoids, in turn, there are several compounds and CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most common. Marijuana seeds with a high CBD content are varieties specifically designed to increase the presence of cannabidiol in their composition, to enhance its effects on other cannabinoids such as THC.

CBD is able to interact with our body through what is known as the endocannabinoid system. It is a series of receptors that can be stimulated by these compounds by modifying our chemistry and, consequently, our reaction to various circumstances, such as pain.

This compound is well known for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, so more and more consumers are looking for high CBD genetics. There is also the possibility of betting on marijuana seeds that combine the effects of CBD and THC in high doses, to achieve a different effect.

Effects of CBD

Seeds with a high CBD content are characterized by their medicinal effects. They have the capacity to act on a high number of ailments, whether physical or psychological.

CBD is often used to combat pain and inflammation, as an analgesic due to its muscle relaxing properties. It is also helpful against nausea. But, in addition, thanks to its effects as an anticonvulsant, it is a good treatment for epilepsy. In addition, numerous studies show that it reduces the growth of cancer cells, making it a good complement for cancer patients.

Its effects at the neuronal level are also being investigated and there is evidence pointing to a use of CBD as a neuroprotective, helping patients with neurodegenerative diseases or affected brain areas to recover.

To treat its psychological effects we must not forget that, unlike THC, CBD is not a component with psychoactive properties, but a sedative. This means that it works best as an anxiolytic and antidepressant. In general, it appears that people with mental illness benefit from CBD use. In either instance, if you feel that THC is causing you anxiety, perhaps your solution is to look for a variety with a higher CBD content to counteract these effects.

Featured seed varieties with CBD

If you have decided to try marijuana seeds with CBD you have to know which are the varieties that we most recommend to enjoy the incredible effects of this cannabinoid.

Moby Dick CBD retains the manufacturing power of the original Moby Dick, relaxing its psychoactive effects and replacing them with a much easier journey, full of therapeutic benefits. Also of sativa dominance, Amnesia CBD is presented as another of the consumer's preferred genetics and both contrast with Jack Diesel CBD, a genetics with markedly physical rather than mental effects.

Among the autoflowering seeds with high CBD content, we highlight the Black Domina Auto CBD and the Critical + Auto CBD. Both are varieties that do not give much trouble when it comes to being cultivated. Although Critical has more content in CBD, Black Domina offers you its results right away as it is fast flowering, ready in just two months! Get them now at the best price online.