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Lately we hear a lot of the word Cannabidiol and even more its acronym CBD, most cannabis seed banks are incorporating into their catalogues varieties rich in CBD, pushed by an unstoppable worldwide fever, the medicinal properties of the trendy cannabinoid

Cannabis seeds with high CBD are genetically produced with the purpose of treating some ailments or diseases.

Historically producers of cannabis strains always sought to increase THC levels in their works, the demand for more potent varieties had caused the average of this cannabinoid rose more than 10% over the last 20 years.

But a few years ago changed the cannabic market tendency, after the scientific discoveries that claimed that Cannabidiol could be effectively used therapeutically, many breeders began to investigate to get seeds with high CBD. If you don't know how the Cannabidiol boom exploded, I invite you to read on...

Effects of CBD seeds

The psychoactivity produced by plants with high levels of CBD is lower than the one of usual varieties. This does not mean that you do not get high, simply the effect is more bearable at brain level.

The interesting part of the effect of seeds enriched with CBD is best appreciated when we have some ailment, insomnia, stress or many other disorders, since the main function of these genetics is to improve the health of consumers.

Legality of seeds CBD

There is no universal law in this matter, each state imposes its own laws regarding cannabis. In some countries you can buy or cultivate legally, in others a concentration of THC below 1% is allowed, and there are many that can not exceed 0,5% or 0,2%, so the best thing is to be informed with the penal code of your state. You better prevent, right?

History of varieties with high CBD

It all began in the province of Girona (Spain) when Jimmy, the breeder of Reggae Seeds crossed a spectacular New York Diesel male from Soma Seeds with some of the best females in his 2006 outdoor crop, including Reina Madre from Delicatessen Seeds.

From this crossing a phenotype was born which they called "Juanita la Lagrimosa" because of the amount of resin it produces, but they did not imagine that the best of this plant was not a feature visible to the naked eye, it was hidden by its chemotype, since it contains almost as much CBD as THC, something never seen before.

Jimmy shared Juanita with many people, among them was Alex, Soma's son-in-law, to whom he also gave many seeds of several homemade crosses. Alex shared the Juanita clone with Jaime from Resin Seeds, to whom he also sold those seeds.

Resin Seeds took part in the Cannabis Cup of Amsterdam in 2009 with Cannatonic and was second in sativa category, this gave much fame to this seed bank, which took the opportunity to make a great advertising campaign, with photos of the variety in many publications in the sector.

When Jimmy saw the photos of the Cannatonic plant he began to wonder about its resemblance to his Juanita, and at the 2010 Spannabis fair in Barcelona, the analysis of cannabinoids cleared all doubts, the plant in the photo was Juanita.

Hugo Madera from Soft secrets put Jaime and Jimmy in contact, and the issue was clarified, the picture had been made to the cuttings of Juanita because when Jaime won the Cannabis Cup he had no better plants to photograph and needed to start with the marketing campaign as soon as possible, but the samples presented at the Cannabis Cup came from the seeds that Jimmy sold to Alex, related to Juanita, and called at the beginning as "Dulce Canna" and "Picantona".

Cannatonic CBD rich seeds reached the USA, where they became very famous and they were the basis for the breeding of many new varieties with high CBD content, such as ACDC or Arlequin among others, do they ring a bell to you? 

CBD Crew was born as a collaboration between Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds banks, with the purpose of providing high CBD marijuana seeds to other seed distribution companies.

Among their works the CBD therapy stands out, but they have made many contributions of CBD genetics to the cannabis market.

Best seeds with high CBD content

If we rely on the public demand we can say that the best seed with CBD is Critical Mass CBD or OG Kush CBD, but of course, what is better for one does not have to be the best for everyone, so if you are looking for high CBD seeds to consume cannabis in a medicinal way, you should know that there are varieties more appropriate for different ailments.

If you need varieties with high CBD to treat anxiety you can use indica varieties with ratio THC:CBD = 1:2 or a higher ratio of Cannabidiol compared to THC. But if you want CBD varieties to treat depression you can do better with sativa strains with 2:1 ratio, and keep in mind that terpenes also act by shaping the effect.

In a near future we will see specific genetics to treat each disorder, different cannabinoid and special terpenes associations for each particular case, these will be the best CBD varieties in each of their specialties ... can you imagine it?

Varieties with high CBD and THC

They are the most widespread within the medicinal seeds with extra CBD, currently almost all commercial banks offer strains containing Cannabidiol and THC in different proportions, the most popular are the 1:1 ratio, but they are increasingly sold the ones with 1:2, 2:1, 1:3, and they even began to sell a lot the so-called "Pure CBD".

High CBD and low THC seeds

Pure CBD varieties are cannabis seeds with practically no THC, below 1%, so they can be called CBD-only strains. They are not the first cannabis plants with that chemotype, since traditional industrial hemp contains similar levels of cannabinoids.

The first one was Dinamed from Dinafem bank, then followed by Solodiol from Elite Seeds, but there are more and more seed brands that incorporate to their catalogues this new format of dominant CBD varieties.

This kind of cannabis with low psychoactivity is used in some countries as if it was tobacco, because it barely gets you high, allowing users to perform their daily rutines perfectly, enjoying its flavor without losing any skills, and you, haven't you tried it yet? What are you waiting for?

Autoflowering seeds rich in CBD

It was 2013 when the first automatic plant with high CBD content was released, it was Grass-O-matic's Med Gom, although the project did not go as well as expected.

Later, autoflowering varieties rich in CBD began to emerge from banks such as Dinafem, Dutch PassionBuddha Seeds or Elite Seeds among others, and even the first pure CBD autoflowering cannabis seeds, such as Dinamed auto, were commercialized.

Automatic seeds are a simple and quick way to obtain Cannabidiol, these seeds are increasingly sold, although they are not the most demanded.

CBD sativa varieties

Even though Juanita la lagrimosa or Cannatonic can be considered sativa seeds rich in CBD, the first mainly sativa genetics with a high level of Cannabidiol recognized were HazeY Griega CBD from Medical Seeds and Amnesia CBD from Dinafem, these were the most successful in this category.

Sativa seeds with CBD produce a very special effect, on one hand psychoactivity is controlled, avoiding unpleasant high, but on the other improves attention, concentration, wellbeing, inspiration, motivation... Don't tell me you don't feel like trying them...don't you?

Tips for growing CBD seeds

CBD-rich cannabis plants can be grown just like normal ones, but if we want to get a fully medicinal product must be as clean as possible.

Cannabis used in a therapeutic way can not contain traces of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, etc. Since its function is to improve the health of users, it can not happen that solving one problem we can cause another one.

Before buying high CBD seeds you have to take into account what we have seen before, it is not the same if you have insomnia than if you need them to treat muscle aches, to reduce anxiety or simply you want to smoke a lot without getting too high.

Luckily in Pevgrow we have seeds with high levels of CBD for sale of many different types, including varieties rich in CBD in bulk, and we have a search engine to help you find the best genetics for your particular circumstances, so choosing the perfect strain will not be difficult, but if you have doubts we will be happy to help you.

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