Differentiate between magic mushrooms and magic truffles

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Image with two heads, one filled with mushrooms, the other with truffles
Image with two heads, one filled with mushrooms, the other with truffles


At first glance, truffles and magic mushrooms are totally different, those who do not know these products may think they have nothing in common. But it must be said that both have many similarities, since they come from the same living being.

First of all we must understand that what we call magic truffle is not a truffle itself. They are actually sclerotia, which in summary are pieces of compact mycelium, which act as a food reserve for mushrooms. Not all magic mushrooms have the ability to form sclerotia, they were found naturally in Tampanensis, but later new varieties have been created.

In any case what interests us now is to discover the differences that exist between these hallucinogens, so I don’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s go see them…



🚀 What are the differences between Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms ?




The main differences are obvious, as they are very different in appearance. Hallucinogenic mushrooms are white, with a soft and thin texture, and when fresh they are very soft, and they also have a hat that can be colored. On the other hand, the look of magic truffles is quite the opposite, as they are usually dark in colour, rough textured and firm both when fresh and when dry. This is mainly due to the water content of each one, which is much higher in mushrooms, giving them a watery appearance.

Another big difference between psychoactive mushrooms and truffles is their habitat. Mushrooms emerge to the surface of the earth, grow, release spores that fall to the ground and die. However, magic truffles stay in the underground part, where they grow and die. This causes another difference, the way of harvesting each one of them, since the mushrooms can be cut or pulled out, and if you do it well they will come out more. On the contrary, to harvest psychoactive truffles you have to dig them up, and once you take them out they will never come out again.

Truffle or sclerotia can be considered a survival resource for the fungus. Usually they develop in the shape of a mushroom, but when the circumstances are not right, for example lack of oxygen or nutrients, the mushroom creates a fruiting body instead, our beloved truffle or philosopher’s stone.


Image representing the differences between magic truffles and magic mushrooms*.
Image representing the differences between magic truffles and magic mushrooms*.



🔥 Are Mushrooms more powerful than Magic Truffles ?



One important issue where psilocybes and mushrooms differ is in effect. Not because mushrooms are stronger as some people think, but because with magic truffles it is easier to calculate the dose and predict the effect. This happens because mushrooms contain much more water, but also because they tend to come out in different sizes, varying the concentration of psilocybin from one to another. Hallucinogenic truffles, on the other hand, are more homogeneous and stable in this regard.

The trip of mushrooms or magic truffles changes in many psychonauts in another aspect, the stomach. This is especially the case when they are eaten fresh, as many users find that eating fresh mushrooms causes some stomach discomfort. Although this doesn’t have to change the kind of effect, it does have a great influence on the trip experience. Fresh truffles are not easy to eat for many people either, but the fact that they contain less water also makes them lighter.

Some psychonauts claim that mushrooms produce more visual effects than psilocybes truffles, or that it’s easier to get a great trip. However, there are others who say the opposite, we assume that it is because psilocybin does not act the same way in different circumstances, but in the end it is the same psychoactive substance.

The myth of the difference in power between mushrooms and magic truffles is probably because when the truffles first came on the market, Mexican truffles were compared to very powerful varieties of mushrooms that already existed at that time. But over the years some very powerful hallucinogenic truffle varieties have come out, such as the Hollandia or the Valhalla.



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🎯 Are Hallucinogenic Mushrooms and Truffles different in flavor ?



Yes, they are. It doesn’t mean that some are tastier than others, but they do taste different. When fresh, the taste of both can be strong, but when dried, truffles acquire a more bearable taste. In some cases, magic truffles have a taste reminiscent of nuts or other dried fruits. On the other hand, even after drying, mushrooms still have a taste that can be strange and difficult to digest.



🎬 Are there more differences between Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles ?


These kind of psychoactive mushrooms differ in a couple of other things, legality and availability. Hallucinogenic mushrooms were banned in the majority of countries in the world, and cannot be bought ready to eat. The best you can get are mushroom culture kits, spores, etc…

However, magic truffles are legal in many states, and can be purchased online ready to eat. For many this difference is very important, as it means ease and convenience in consuming psilocybes fungi.


Image where you can see fresh magic truffles ready to be sold*.
Image where you can see fresh magic truffles ready to be sold*.


Magic mushroom dose calculator



🧐 Conclusion



Whether you choose one or the other, you should know that the differences between psilocybes in truffle or mushroom form are essentially minimal. It is essential to make a correct use of these magic fungi, calculate the dose well and have the right mood before consumption.

The trip can be just as intense, good or bad whether you’re eating mushrooms or magic truffles, so we recommend always taking care to enjoy a full experience. If you liked the article share it, that way it will reach more people who might also like it, we thank you in advance.

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