Excess or lack of potassium in marijuana

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This mineral is essential for the proper development of our plant and one of those responsible for the quality of the fruit thereof. However, excess or lack of it is one of the most typical mistakes, mainly in people who started in the cultivation of marijuana, but also experienced people.potassium-deficiency-marijuana

If you have a marijuana plant and you find it you tips yellowing from the outside in, the leaves are growing weaker and production decreases, you may find a case of lack of potassium. An essential mineral in the development and growth of the plant, as well as the quality of the final product that it offers.

While it is true that all mineral or nutrient deficiencies lead to similar results, the fact is that some are easier than others to solve and, fortunately, this is one of those cases, taking at time, has a solution and not especially difficult, although you need to take certain measures considered.

All this and, of course, what is potassium talk at length in this new article published today in the blog Piensa en Verde. Are you coming with us on this interesting reading? We begin!

Potassium and its importance in marijuana

Potassium is a mineral that can be easily found on many external soil where we cultivate our marijuana plant, especially on clay, but the same in those lands where abundant rain not occur and therefore, the substrate can not retain good of all this nutrient, so if we cultivate marijuana plants there, even outdoor, you will not have a sufficient level of potassium is needed for our plant to develop properly.

The same goes, of course, in cultured interior where, in itself, there will be no trace of potassium, except you can carry the soil on which we cultivate our plant, but never be sufficient and, therefore, we add to fresh land we use, as one of the multiple supplements to be added to the fertiliser of the same.


Why? Because without this product, plant not make it to an end and, if so, the result would not be at all as expected, that is, it would be of very poor quality. That said, it should be noted that the main functions of potassium with respect to the marijuana plants, are: involved in plant photosynthesis, contribute to it getting carbohydrates that it needs; It acts at the time of synthesis of proteins and amino acids; It contributes to increased plant size, as well as the improvement in density and volume thereof; when the plant is facing periods of drought, it gets stronger and its growth is not altered by this inclement weather; strengthens the root system, while increasing the hardness of tissues.

Potassium is therefore one of the most important nutrients in developing plant seeds, especially in early culture, but also in the flowering period where proper use improve product quality to obtain, in addition to increase the resistance of the plant and the volume of the buds, as we mentioned above.

Lack of potassium in the marijuana plants

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article: this fact is very common among beginners growera, but it is difficult to pass in those already carrying a making time, especially when changing seed or crop type, including soil type.


How to know when our plant has potassium deficiency? We have already made ​​some progress few lines above: the plant leaves begin to yellow, outside, ie, from the tips and ends of leaves, into first affect older leaves because they were above and, therefore be the most difficult to access 3096_microscopio-lumagny-60x100the protagonist of today’s post nutrient, potassium, then move to the younger. If the extension to reach this point, you can hardly get your plant, since the vast majority of it will be burned. That is why we always insist much on the daily observation of your plants, a comprehensive observation for which you can always help of magnifiers and microscopes.

Another way of knowing whether our plant suffers a lack of potassium is because observe the following: our plant leaves are becoming weaker and more prone to diseases or pests of different types. On the other hand, we also observe that the stems of the plant are increasingly frail and bent. This is another clear sign of potassium deficiency. But it’s not the only one, as it also observe that the final bud production has been greatly diminished.

One of the most common explanations for the lack of potassium, usually the result of excess calcium. This makes the root of the plant become clogged and do not let the nutrients found in fertiliser from reaching the different leaves or buds of the plant.

How do I fix it? In this case, we use a fertilizer that contains potassium or potassium that we add needed. It can be of biological or mineral origin. A good example is the Canna Potassium 20% you can find in Piensa en Verde. The same can be used in the phase of growth and flowering and you have to add the fertilizer that we want to use. Organic-mineral, is essential for the proper growth of the plant.


Too much potassium in the marijuana plant

Besides the lack of potassium, it can also be in a situation of excess thereof, therefore, blocks the absorption of other minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc or iron.

This excess, visually, causes the plant has a much darker color. If in the case of lack plant was becoming yellowish, in this case it turns dark brown. It will give way to other multiple deficiencies produced precisely for that too much fertiliser.


If this is your case, but still time to save your plant because this is not dead or has not been greatly affected, you must take charge and give you a solution. Is there any perfect? The word would not be perfect, but simply a quick and effective response to the problem that your plant right now.

Thus, in these cases, the solutions to follow are the following: firstly, a wash of roots, so that they can return to absorb all the nutrients. They are getting your plant develops as expected it. Some may even improve many of the processes that follow the plant until we collect the fruits expected during harvest. Returning to the subject of washing, it is recommended to do so with at least triple water capacity of the container.


During the cleaning of roots, we can also include in the water with which we water our plants a solution of salts act as a crash and well leached to the substrate. After this step, we recommend watering with a fertiliser that is light and complete.

But there are more steps to take to solve an excess of potassium. The next would be to balance the ph of our plant, which has also been seriously affected. This will vary depending on the crop (and sometimes the type of seed), but mainly should range between 5.5. and 6.5 points. If you have any doubt, before you act, the better question to the expert of your reputable dealer.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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