Lack or excess of nitrogen in the marijuana plant

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This mobile element must be present throughout the life of the plant, from the time of germination to harvesting, but the amount of it varies from one stage to another, hence errors sometimes lack or excess nitrogen committed, but need not be the only reason

Imagine what would be human if he could not breathe properly, or if the immune system does not respond properly. Surely, the first signs of these serious consequences would be worse physical appearance, on the one hand and problems of inner workings of the body, on the other.yellow-leaves-marijuana-plants

Something similar happens in the marijuana plant when they suffer lack or excess nitrogen. Do not forget that, after all, all plants are living things and that cannabis is no exception. So when our plant is facing that fact, it’s likely that we realize a change of its appearance worse than not it is the response to a malfunction of its internal system, which has been weakened and, therefore, also it is very prone to more diseases or easier to be affected by pests do not want.

So as we always recommend, you should see your plants far from the first time you rush to grow them until the end, when you pick the fruit of that seed. And that failure to do so may leave overlooked problems have simple solutions and let die your plant, when he could have given excellent results, despite having had a previous problem of “health” in this case, grace or excess nitrogen, which is what we come to speak today. We begin!

What is nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a chemical element, in particular and as far as the marijuana plant, is one of the most important nutrients to be absorbed by the marijuana plant throughout its entire life and whose amount will vary depending on the stage of development at which we find ourselves, something you have to keep in mind, of course, because that can be a cause of your plant suffers from lack or excess nitrogen.


One of the main tasks of potassium in the marijuana plant is the fact that help regulate the ability of plants to create elements such as enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins or nucleic acids. Although some people all these names may sound like Chinese, the fact is that these elements (and, of course, the nitrogen that function regulator) are primarily responsible for the stalk, leaves and branches of a plant, develop with the correct force is expected of every plant is healthy.Marihuana11

When we want to buy this so important for the proper development of a plant moving element, we can find it in different formats: nitric, harmonious and ammonia. Quality can be the same, but the difference is that some are more easily absorbed than others and, therefore, depending on the amount that we bring to our plant can produce excess or lack of nitrogen, which is the subject This article focuses today.

Specifically, the nitrogen in ammonia is absorbed faster, but precisely for this reason, if we do not control the amount of nitrogen that our plant has, you can produce an excess of this element. By contrast, nitrogen as nitrate and although also easily absorbed, it does cited slower.

Ideally buy a bottle of nitrogen containing a small amount of the two kinds of formats mentioned, so that more balanced.


When our plant has the optimum level of nitrogen, this results in a plant with a great vegetative vigor and whose leaves have a deep green color, thanks to the chlorophyll, as mentioned just above, the nitrogen helps produce its regulation.

Another of the great advantages that it provides the correct dose of nitrogen is that our plant will be very strong against possible fungal or insect pests. Similarly, it will be very resistant to low temperatures, and better than one that does not have as many nutrients, protect from excessive heat. Finally, it is noteworthy that also increase the number of leaves on the plant and the quality of them.

Lack of nitrogen in plants

When this happens, you will notice right away if you’re one of those people who watch their plants. And one of the first symptoms is that the plant leaves begin to yellow, as often happens in the case of lack of other essential elements in plants. This is because the plant does absorb excess which does not give the fertilizer and this depletion is going slowly burning inside. Unlike other cases we have mentioned in other articles in this, the first yellowing leaves are lower and not higher.


But also, so you will notice that a massive defoliation occurs after chlorosis that will prematurely.

Following the consequences of the lack of nitrogen in the plant include those who, at first glance, are not so visible: plants are much less defenses which would provide them an adequate amount of nitrogen. So if you see that your plant begins to recurrently sick and had not done before, ask yourself if you are not a case of nitrogen deficiency.nitogen-deficient-flowering

How do we solve it? A few days after irrigation, we add a fertilizer rich in nitrogen so that low levels of nitrogen that the plant had before, with those who really need at that time to equilibrate. Be careful not to go to the opposite side, the excess nitrogen!

Excess nitrogen in the marijuana plant

If we said before, if there is little nitrogen the plant also had few leaves, in this case, will leaves too much, but the stems are very weak, therefore, the quality of them will not be its best and, in fact, It produces a delay in fruit ripening, so that these turn out to be less sweet.

As is the case with the lack, the plant will also become very vulnerable to pests and the aforementioned leaves will gradually fading, with a very dark green, nothing pleasing to the eye (like when they do in its normal state ) and in addition they will twist down, giving an ugly and unattractive form.


In this case, to solve the excess nitrogen, we clean the root of the plant. To do this, we pour three times the water capacity of the pot in which the plant is located. We may also help breakers salt products for faster absorption.

Finally it should be mentioned that you should not rush for your plant recovers. And it is that depending on the level of nitrogen-containing (either by lack or excess of it), it is normal that at least two or three days later you have made ​​from “cure” to begin showing the first symptoms recovery. Based on that level also vary the number of days the plant will need to begin to recover.

It will also vary the number of days depending on the crop. For example, plants recover faster in a hydroponic system than a system of potting soil.

An apostille, similarly, both in the case of deficiency as excess, water it is recommended less or more spaced manner, so that the plant also gives more choice to recover faster.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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