Hydroponic: a profitable, comfortable and clean method for growing marijuana

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This type of culture emerges as an alternative to crop in soil, being a much more practical and with very beneficial results system. Water with a solution of appropriate nutrients are the key to good performance and result of the desired product. More profitable for the grower and safer for the person who consumes the final product.


When we talk about indoor growing, it’s natural to think of a culture in which soil is used. However, there is a method, hydroponics, where the land is not necessary, but the base of the crop is water. In it, we add the nutrients that plants need to grow and will only add the lighting, temperature and humidity control necessary to complete the process successfully.

Here we will explain what it is and the different techniques of hydroponic culture there, but previously it is noteworthy that this method, hydroponics, is more efficient, profitable and clean than methods employing soil. Yes, the technique requires certain knowledges and aspects to consider, that are not comfortable or easy to carry out at everybody. We will explain it, you decide.

What is hydroponics?

The purpose of this method is to create a complete environment in which a plant, in this case of marijuana, can grow and develop under optimal conditions, giving quality results, sometimes even better than those who can give the most effective techniques crop with soil.


One of the main advantages of this method, regardless of what kind of variant of hydroponics are talking about, is that more rapid results are achieved, and greater abundance, since the solution of water and nutrients, penetrates directly into the planthydroponics-nutrients and not have to strive in having to hold from soil. In addition, it is much more hygienic for both plants and humans, without forgetting that these crops are less prone to suffer certain pests.

Nutrient solution is prepared by mixing specific salts for cultivation (which vary depending on the period of growth of the plant), with proportions of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and micronutrients in distilled water.

Water temperature, meanwhile, should be between 15 and 20 degrees. To control this, we can use a fishbowl system, where you can select the desired temperature by adjusting the thermostat, which will help us to effectively control the temperature based on the different stages of plant growth.


Types of hydroponic systems

As mentioned before, there is only a hydroponic system, but based on the same fundamental principle, over time, have developed different techniques, some of which are very successful and employed today.

Nutrient Film Technique (nutrient film technique): in it, the nutrient solution must circulate in a little inclined tube, let liquid flowing. In that tube is where the roots are found, such that direct penetration of the solution is ensured.


Dutch Pot (recirculation): In this method where grow the plant is used. In this case, the system will drip irrigation, and the drained solution is recovered, to a container where the pump will reuse the water.


Ebb and flow: in this case we will use a container that will insert one or more plants in a nutrient solution and water. Using a tube, the height of the overflow of the solution is limited, there is getting a constant drain, through which the roots were well hydrated and breathe.


Deep Water Culture (Deep Water Culture): in this case, we use a pot within a container and we will fill the container with an appropriate solution until the height of the roots. In addition, we help of an air pump and will need to control the water level to get healthy plants.


By Noelia Jiménez, Piensa En Verde Team

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