Moonrocks, the world’s most potent cannabis

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Image of a cosmonaut smoking on the moon while orbiting moon rocks of marijuana around him
Image of a cosmonaut smoking on the moon while orbiting moon rocks of marijuana around him


There is a term that has become very popular in recent years in the cannabis industry, the Moonrocks. Most people who try them claim that they have never known a more potent type of cannabis, a hard drug, but what are they like? In this post we reveal all the secrets of this cannabis format.



🧐 What are Cannabis Moonrocks?



Imagine a bud of weed impregnated with cannabis oil and covered with Kief. Normally a flower without stems, compact and resinous is used. When liquid extract such as Clear and dry hash are added, an extra amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and all the compounds that increase the potency of cannabis are added.

The final appearance of the product is like a moon rock with craters, which can be sold like that, or in pre-rolled Blunt, edibles, vaporizer cartridges and many other products..

Image of several very well executed cannabis Moon Rocks*
Image of several very well executed cannabis Moon Rocks*




👾 How to make Moonrocks?


The first thing is to manicure a dry bud of the variety you prefer, but it has to be hard, dense and compact to look good, so Indica and hybrid ones are better than Sativa for this purpose, although there are also sativa Moon rocks.

After leaving the bud clean of leaves and stems it is bathed in BHO oil, and then smeared with dry hash or Kief. The process is similar to the batter while cooking, where the egg is replaced by cannabis oil and the breadcrumb is the Dry hash.

The remaining texture is what gives the name to this kind of bud, because it looks like moon rock, greenish-grey in color, and with a surface relief similar to that of the moon with its craters.


Making Moonrocks step by step

Step 1 : Use a small cannabis bud, about 0.035 or 0.07 ounces (one or two grams), and clean it well of leaves and stems so that only the flower remains

Image recreating step 1
Image recreating step 1

Step 2 : Wet the bud or spread it with oily BHO, or some other cannabic extraction that may become liquid or viscous.

Image recreating step 2
Image recreating step 2

Step 3 : Batter the bud soaked in oil in Kief, i.e. dry hash or Kifi, so that it sticks to the outside.

Image recreating step 3
Image recreating step 3


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🎯 Types of Moonrocks on the market


There are formats that change the external Kief for Crumble or some other kind of BHO, Caviar, Sun Rocks and there are also Moonrocks of specific varieties, using both buds and oil, as well as hash from the same strain.

There are Moon Rocks from Gorilla Glue, Wedding Cake Strain, Cookies, etc. and they are usually among the most demanded. There are also many brands that make them, although the best known is Kurupts.

Image of Sun Rocks, a variation of the Moonrocks*
Image of Sun Rocks, a variation of the Moonrocks*




🔥 How to smoke Moonrocks? What’s the best way to consume them?


This is the most negative side, since it is so sticky that you can’t bite it with a grinder, the best thing is to break it with your hands or with the help of scissors, and mix it with weed, if you want to roll it in a joint. It’s a little messy, so maybe the best thing to consume this smokable isn’t rolled up in paper.


Can I dabble or vape?

It’s really more interesting to smoke it in a pipe, bong or vaporizer, take the Moonrock, rip off a piece of it, and put it in a bowl. Some people put a small layer of weed in the bowl before they put the Moonrock for safety, and also to make it less stained. But many people consume it as if it were a concentrate of cannabis, they separate a piece and use the tip of a dab to stick it and take it to the bowl of the vaporizer, bong, bubbler or pipe.



🚀 How is its power or effect


The THC level of Moonrocks is usually between 50% and 75%, so you can imagine how impressive the effect is. It really is like smoking BHO, that is, extreme psychoactive power, instantaneous and long lasting, not suitable for users with low tolerance.

To get an idea, we can add the cannabinoids from the bud we use to make the Moonrock, which can be around 15% THC, plus the BHO oil which can be around 50%, plus the Kief which can be over 30%. Although it is true that by containing cannabis, the ratio of purity to total weight decreases, so a good cannabis extraction concentrates more cannabinoids.



✅ Moonrocks price


Its cost or value varies depending on the country, in the USA you can find from $50 to $300 or more per gram, and why so much difference? Well, firstly because they sell low quality or Moonrocks fakes, obviously at a lower price, but also because it changes a lot the raw material used in some types and others.

In Europe they can be found both in the Netherlands and in Spain, some manufactured in the country itself and others imported. In the Coffeeshops in Amsterdam you can or could find them for about 50-80 euros/gram and in some clubs in Barcelona they are around that price as well.



📲 Conclusion


Moon Rocks are considered the most powerful cannabis in the world, but it can’t be compared to any other variety because, as we have seen, it is much more like an extraction than a bud, even if it is shaped like one. Did you know this cannabis product? Have you ever tried it? Tell us what you think and please share this post so that it reaches more people.

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