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From Piensa En Verde, we like to make rankings on cannabis varieties with different characteristics. We understand that choosing to our catalog, over many different cannabis seeds, can be a complex task.

At this time we will make a selection of the most potent hybrids. A hybrid cannabis is one that combines both phenotypes Indico / Sativa.

Plants that we present below, are female varieties, mixings the best of both phenotypes and they give us an “extremely powerful flowers” effect, so we recommend an appropriate use (link to news of responsible consumption) and caution for new users of marijuana.

New York 47, World Of Seeds, It presents as a strong plant aroma, with a high resistance to pests.

New York 47 World of Seeds

Atomical Haze from Paradise Seeds, seeds, although it is a mainly sativa hybrid, we have put on this list for its incredible flavor Kiwi and high productivity.

Atomical Haze Paradise Seeds

Jack Flash # 5 of Sensi Seeds, Skunk strain genetically, which is surprising for the production of huge resinous buds impregnated with resin.

Jack Flash #5 Sensi Seeds

Super Lemon Haze, Green House, incredible lemon aroma and unmistakable touch Haze. A Delight!

Super Lemon Haze Green House

Cheese Candy de Delicious Seeds, incredible variety of cheese aroma and sweet fruity, reminiscent of the Passion.

Cheese Candy Delicious Seeds

Pulsar from Buddha Seeds, a crème de la crème producer, with its flowers, you have secured long afternoons laughing with friends.

Pulsar, Buddha Seeds

Sweet Tai,  Sweet Seeds, one undisputed winner, which gives us a very special aroma, incense and nuts.

Haze Berry from Royal Queen , a strain of high medicinal value and delicious taste of ripe berries.

Vanilla Haze from CBD of, its flowers have a delicious vanilla flavor, plus an unmistakable touch Haze.

Kryptonite of Pyramid Seeds, its buds have a very powerful effect, as all plants listed in this selection, but Kryptonite noted for its fast flowering.

Kryptonite – Pyramid Seeds

Double Jack from Professional of, incense flavor with a sweet touch. A candy for gourmets palate.

Brooklyn Mango of DR Underground, also the obvious powerful effect of this plant, is also strikingly for its outdoor production, exceeding 1 kg of dried cannabis flowers.

Chocolate Kush of 00 Seeds , very productive plant, which delights us with unforgettable aromatic crops.

Chocolate Kush

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