Right distance from the spotlight to the marijuana plants

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Right distance from the spotlight to the marijuana plants
Right distance from the spotlight to the marijuana plants

The height of the spotlight of an indoor culture, is a headache for many growers. We will try to give some light to this issue, which can be very extensive but we will try make it as clear as possible.

The reflection of light in our marijuana plants is very important, to emulate the sun and provide an environment as pleasant as possible, for the good growth of our cannabis plants.

We need to ensure full coverage to our entire culture, and that this is as uniform as possible. For this, two highly recommended devices to use are, a light meter to control Lumens reach different points in our culture and hygrometer to control temperature and humidity in different parts of the crop, especially on the tips of our marijuana plants, which is where more light is projected.



Although many growers are based on the distance between the focus and the plant, it is best guided between room temperature and the temperature reaches different points of the tips of the plants, which is highly recommended to be as similar as possible, that is, if our room we have at 22 ° C, we need to place our focuses at a distance in the tips of our plants are at 22 ° C, as well avoid internodal stretching, or if a lot of closeness, which burning the tips where they will leave the best buds of the plant.

To achieve this, many variables such as temperature and refrigeration, humidity, ventilation, the type of lamp used, etc …

When we refer to the type of lamp used, it is because there are many types of lighting, among which are the lamps high pressure sodium, metal halide, low consumption lamps, mobile lamps, air-cooled or water lamps, LED , etc…

There are many types of lighting.
There are many types of lighting.

The most reliable and used lamps are high pressure sodium and metal halide, although lately is experimenting with very good results with LED lamps.

Although many growers believe that more is better, is not it, say sodium lamps high pressure, watt per watt is more efficient lamp 600 than in 1000, because they cover more space and provide more lumens, 3 of 600 = 1800W and 2 of 1000 = 2000w, with the addition of heat evolved incident in the vicinity of the focus to the plant, the 600 can keep them closer to them, with less dispensing heat, and therefore less likely burn plants. It has been scientifically proven that a lamp 600 produces a 7% more than 1000.

Is more efficient lamp 600 than in 1000, because they cover more space and provide more lumens.
Is more efficient lamp 600 than in 1000, because they cover more space and provide more lumens.

There are several benefits to use bulbs lower voltage, as may be, to place more lights, a more uniform distribution in the culture, and the possibility of placing the lamps closer to the plants.

We must also take into account the different stages of growth of our marijuana plants because it does not need the same light a seedling or a young cuttings, a phase of growth or flowering.

In an indoor growing, we are emulating and accelerating climate conditions to natural policies of the cannabis plant, the different phases of it are developed with different types of light, as this varies in natural time weather outside, and whether daylight hours as climatology.

We do not have the same hours of light, or type of light, when planted outdoors in the growth phase or flowering, therefore we have to emulate these conditions in indoor growing.

As indicated, the sun has different shades and strength, at different times of year and even day. At sunrise and sunset have a reddish tint, in addition, this reddish hue is more characteristic of spring and fall. In summer sun shades are bluer. These colors stimulate growth and flowering each season, to grow and flourish, so sodium lamps are highly recommended for indoor cultivation, is more, some people use different lamps with different spectra of color the period of growth and flowering, ie, use a bulb with different color spectrum for growth, and another change by other different spectrum for bloom color.

Nor should we forget that the lamps become less effective with use and it is advisable to change them every year or every 3-4 crops.



Regarding the day and night temperatures, it is highly recommended that there is a difference of more than 12 ° C between day and night, if this happens, our plantes will tenon, resulting in long, thin plantes instead of short, hardwoods.

We need to confirm equality in the distribution of light
We need to confirm equality in the distribution of light

For good lighting of our internal culture, it is also recommended from cuttings or seedlings of uniform growth. Never start with plantes of different sizes because it would affect both the height adjustment of the spotlight and the growth of plants.

Even before putting the plants, we need to confirm equality in the distribution of light, with the aforementioned light meter. Check in different parts of the room, “these measurements were carried out for about 30 minutes measured point” and we modify the placement of the lights, until a most egalitarian lighting throughout the room culture.

We must not forget also measure the heat given off focuses on those points because, as stated at the beginning of this post, is vital for optimal performance of our harvest. If we ignore this point we can get to burn the tips of plant growth.

An irregular light can cause irregular growth in our plants, in this case, it is recommended to put shorter plants just below the focus, and the longest around this to receive more even heat, we can also group plantes more long together, to adjust the height of a focus to them, and other crop continues to be proportionally matched in height.

The maximum optimization of our culture received about 10,000 lumens, it is that as we indicated, is to give us that much at all points of it.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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