Substrate for growing marijuana: Types and selection of them in each case

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Depending on the type of crop you want to perform or obtain the results you want, you must choose between a substrate type or another. That choice will depend largely the result of your plantation. Not all substrates apply to all crops, especially if we differentiate between indoor and outdoor or talk about hydroponic systems.


Except in aeroponic systems, where it is not necessary to use substrate, the other culture systems indoor and outdoor use substrate. The same will allow your plant to provide the nutrients needed to achieve the desired results. The correct choice of substrate is essential for the crop to bear fruit. The substrate also must have a basic quality requirements we will not have deal with problems in the culture and low yields.

And precisely that, in the choice of substrate will focus in this article, but first, let’s move on to explain what the substrate, in general, is the basis on which the plants are, usually the soil settle, but not always have to be. At the substrate addition, you can add compost and fertilizers to improve our culture. You can prepare homemade, although there are some substrates ready. The fertilizer will aim to improve the substrate and, meanwhile, fertilizers provide the nutrients that plants need and that these absorb the substrate.

Types of substrate

We have said above that for a substrate is of quality, must meet minimum requirements, among which include the following:

  • having a good texture for root development;
  • having good water retention and drainage
  • having a stable ph (it is recommended that this setting be 6)
  • and a good nutrient base for that the plant may grow strong and healthy.

If you’re going to grow outdoor, you must choose a land that is suitable for growing marijuana, as not all are worth and that will be your substrate, but as it’s natural you grow indoors or on a balcony, but in which no have natural earth, you have to opt for other types of substrates which are divided into the following families:

Soil: the more natural and easier substrate to use for people who are new to the cultivation of marijuana , but also like to the most experienced, because they can then add fertilizer and manure they want.


Expanded clay: porous substrate composed of clay added. Absorbs and releases water with nutrients with the needs of the plant. It is clean, does not rot and is free of diseases and parasites.


Coconut fiber: this is a natural and organic product and substrate commonly used in hydroponic systems because of its high capacity to absorb water. It also has a strong salt retention.


Vermicompost: is a natural fertilizer that improves soil quality. Its results are excellent, but being a powerful compactor and leave little room for air, usually advise mix with perlite.


Perlite: allows aerate the soil and retains large amounts of water and nutrients. It is obtained from the lava and has siliceous origin. One of its drawbacks is that it retains both water level can reach drown the plants in times of increased stress produced at the plant, due to heat.


Rockwool: one of the most recommended for growing marijuana, especially if we are talking about hydroponic culture system.


Vermiculite: also organic and natural origin, like the coconut. Is formed by iron and magnesium silicate. Provides ventilation and hydration.


Peat: is an organic material formed by a light and fluffy dough formed as a result of partial putrefaction of vegetation in the acidic water of wetlands. There are blondes and black peat whose difference between the two, besides the color, is that the former has a higher content of organic matter and the second, the black, has a higher mineral content.

By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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