Sure your plants do not lack light! The importance of lighting in indoor growing

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To make your plants grow strong and healthy you need to give them a kind of light during certain hours a day. In outdoor crops this is more or less guaranteed, at least in some areas of the map, but when we talk about indoor growing, it is essential to have adequate artificial iliminación and consistent with the results we want.

If people need the sun to provide us with vitamin D and improvesun our immune system or our mood, plants need even more. So much so that the first thing we must think about when we decided to have an indoor marijuana cultivation is in the type of lighting that we will give to that the result you get from this plantation be the best quality.

Of course, not just any type of lighting and will need to vary it according to the time of culture in which it is located or the state of the plant. No wonder, if we consider that human beings is the same: in summer we are more time on the street, we have more sun and therefore we feel happier and viruses and diseases decrease significantly but when winter comes happens the opposite effect.

Here, two factors come into play: first, proper lighting, and secondly the temperature, which emerges from the same, which must, as mentioned above, vary depending on the period of growth in where the plant is.

MtGBaIt is not therefore whether the light has more or less power, but of the time of cultivation in which the plant is located and, if it is true that a lamp higher wattage is called to produce a larger crop planting is also true that gives more heat and this can be harmful in according to what stage the plant is located.

One type of lighting for each phase of the plantation

As we have been saying so far, lighting vary depending on the growth period in which the plant is located and which can be divided into the following phases:

Growth phase: In this stage the use of metal halogen lamps is recommended that the intensity is not very high. With 300 watts is enough.

477_Bombilla_Philips_HPI-T_Plus_400W_2Flowering stage: must be the HPS, ie, high pressure sodium.

5569_sunmaster-bombilla-floracion-400Whether this first phase as the second, should buy a digital ballast to help us regulate the intensity of the two lamps and always better than magnetic, which although cheaper, are more dangerous and give worse results.

In this sense, we can not forget the height of the lamp as a function of the same get an effect or another. Briefly, if we put them nearer, will more heat to the plants, but if we post farther cover more plants and will give less heat. It is therefore necessary to consider this in each particular case.


Finally, we would like to mention the different types of lighting are roughly today on the market:

Reflectors: The light that reaches give equally to all floors, yes, considering that refrigerated reflectors can be placed closer, because they give more light, but do not burn the plants and the powerful should be farther to covering the largest possible number of plants. They usually give very good results.


Bulbs: In this field we can distinguish three types: growth, iluminacionwhich emit a bluer and less intense light; flowering, which emit a reddish, more powerful light and, finally, growth and flowering, if you do not have much budget may be good, although it is more advisable to have a type of lighting for each phase of the plant .

Leds: While many people are still reticent to this type of lighting, the truth is that they are the future of this field because, although they do not give much heat, consume much less and when combined with kits of 400 or 600 watts, give excellent results.


Finally and although not ordinary lighting types, we would like to mention the ballasts, because thanks to them lighting equipment work better or worse.

4488_balastro-bolt-piensaenverdeAs mentioned a few lines above, there are two types: magnetic, cheaper and digital, not sold much and more expensive, but extend the life of the bulbs and are amortized quickly.

By Noelia Jiménez, Piensa En Verde Team

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