What bulbs to use for growing cannabis?

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HPS lamps are the sodium vapor, the HM metal halide
HPS lamps are the sodium vapor, the HM metal halide

There are different types of bulbs for growing cannabis, HM are better for the growth phase and HPS for the flowering stage.

It is important to consider how much light will consume our plantation of cannabis, as a general rule in the growth phase of the marijuana plant are consumed daily around 18 hours of light (6 hours of darkness) and for the flowering phase, they need 12 hours of light (and 12 dark).

When cultivating cannabis is of vital importance light we use. Several types of light and each of them we can provide different benefits. But we must distinguish. The most used are the HPS and HM. We will provide here a little light to see what lies behind these two acronyms. HPS lamps are the sodium vapor, the HM metal halide.

HM Bulbs

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M GRO Growth bulb
M GRO Growth bulb

The type HM (Metal Halide) are the most beneficial for vegetative growth and for germination, maintaining the ‘mothers’ and cloning or reproductive by cuttings.

You will distinguish the HM light bulbs because it is a generally white light with shades of its colors. Only used for the growth phase, we can not use this type of bulbs for the flowering stage.

As a specific bulb plant growth is better in that it develops and we will notice that the buds will be larger. The most used are the 250, 400 or 600 watts.

In Piensa En Verde you’ll find various models of HM bulbs. Choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, M GRO Growth bulb, ideal for the growth phase of cannabis, also find 250 or 600 watts. Another bulb, ideal for the growth phase is the light bulb 600w Sunmaster Cool HM growth, it is a type of bulbs capable of providing 10% more light than the conventional HPS lamps, the same that are energetically efficient.

This bulb growth has a blue / white spectrum, this color is not in mercury lamps, so that Halide are more suitable for the growth of pot plants.

Bulb 600w Sunmaster Cool HM growth
Bulb 600w Sunmaster Cool HM growth
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HPS bulbs

The HPS (the high pressure sodium) bulbs are best for the flowering phase of cannabis. How to distinguish the HPS bulb? The differentiate by its color, the light emitted is orange, although the technology is advancing rapidly and have already found new hues also go through the target. This bulb offers different types of power, there are 150, 250, 400 and 1,000 watts. Prices do not vary much if the power is greater or less, what we do is the result varies considerably depending on which watts are used. A recommendation should be said that less than 250 watts power is not suitable and neither is superior to the 1.000 watts power. These bulbs need about five minutes to go on making the switch to be the most costly expense. The sodium vapor lamps are more efficient because, among other things, reach the entire surface of the plant.

In Piensa En Verde you can find a bulb of high performance that is able to provide 10% more light than lamps conventional HPS, is the bulb Sunmaster HPS bloom Luxe 600w with which you get a high yield of your crops.

Bulb Sunmaster HPS bloom Luxe 600w
Bulb Sunmaster HPS bloom Luxe 600w

Mixed lights

Spectrum light
Spectrum light

Ideally you want a lamp for each phase of cultivation, but today there are HPS bulbs (Agro, Dual or Grolux) that offer a combination of appropriate spectra for the two phases of the crop.

These bulbs are ideal for those who do not want to break your head too when choosing different types of bulbs. At Piensa En Verde we have several options of this type. One is the Lumatek Mixta Crecimiento y Floración Grolux 600W Bulb. This bulb, as all Grolux, can be used with the best guarantee both the growth phase and in the flowering, with its red and blue spectra.

The bulbs have a dual spectrum, offering a range of colors covering the entire cycle of cultivation of marijuana plants, delighting with satisfactory results in both phases.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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    Hi I’m getting into growing and have been using metal halite for veg but now are looking to get bulbs for flowering I’ve been given different ways and would like to know what your advice is I was told to get duel sim and then I was told by someone else if I got metal halite bulbs just get a full flowering light what should I do

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