What is CBC and what is it for?

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CBC letters over a marijuana plant
CBC letters over a marijuana plant


Lately, new applications are emerging for some components of the cannabis plant. Until a few years ago THC was the most studied compound, but over the last decade CBD has made a lot of headway.

Research on new medical applications for cannabinoids continues nowadays, and now it’s time for cannabis CBC.



⚠️ What is CBC ?

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CBC stands for Cannabicromene, and is the third most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis plants. It was discovered in 1966, but it really hasn’t been studied that much so far.

CBC is a legal compound, it is usually found in concentrations of less than 0.5% in cannabis resin. It is not psychoactive, although it can have an impact on the kind of effect and seems to have very interesting medicinal properties.


Image of CBC molecule*
Image of CBC molecule*



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🧐 CBC Benefits


The most interesting thing about this component is that it does not act only on CB1 and CB2 receptors like any other cannabinoid. It seems that the effect of Cannabicromene also activates TRPV1 and TRPA1 receptors, the channels through which pain signals are sent among others.

This may have many applications in the near future, as CBC can be a great substitute for today’s pain medications, which often have many adverse side effects.



👾 CBC Applications


International medical and scientific community has recently focused on this compound. Some studies seem to confirm that Cannabicromene is very useful for treating ailments or diseases like these:


  1. Chronic pain, stimulates pain relief networks
  2. Inflammations, especially combined with THC, CBD or both
  3. Stress, CBC produces relaxation
  4. Depression, clear improvement in mental illness
  5. Antibacterial, very effective against lethal bacteria such as E. coli
  6. Stimulates growth of new cells
  7. Anti-acne, reduces the production of sebaceous glands
  8. Delays degeneration in brain diseases
  9. Neurogenerator, promotes growth of nerve tissue



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🎯 CBC Products on the market


Cannabicromene-rich hemp products are sold in some countries. They are now starting to be used for pain treatment among other things, although they are not yet as widespread as CBD products.

Cartridges with CBC for recharging the vaporizer are one of the best sellers, although distilled with more than 10% concentration, isolated with almost 100% CBC and less than 0.3% THC, pills with high CBC values and especially CBC oil, also succeed.



This is the flagship product, as with other cannabinoids, oil is the most consumed format. This is because of its versatility, as it can be taken directly by drops, or by refilling pills with the dose we need.

These oils are usually produced from industrial hemp, and in addition to CBC they contain CBD, CBG and CBN in different proportions. The synergy created by the action of all these compounds together makes CBC oil more effective in uses such as seizures, convulsions, pain or stress among others.

In the near future, products with CBD + CBC + certain terpenes will surely come out to treat specific ailments, as they are proving to be more effective than the great majority of current medicines.


Image of a CBC-rich oil bottle*
Image of a CBC-rich oil bottle*





To date Cannabidiol has proven to have more therapeutic applications than Cannabicromene, but it has also been studied much more. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system and has multiple medicinal properties. CBC has been much less researched, but recent studies are very encouraging, as they have shown that in addition to activating the same receptors as other cannabinoids, they also act on the networks responsible for regulating pain in animals.



✅ CBC-rich varieties


The strains with the highest CBC content found so far are Landrace genetics from northern India. They are not high levels, never reach 3%, but it always goes with CBD or CBG, so it can have great therapeutic value.

As for modern hybrids, we have not yet seen any that reach even 1% of CBC. Within current marijuana seeds, Birthday Cake has a respectable 0.7% and 3 Kings almost 0.5%.



🚀 Conclusion


Cannabicromene may be one of the most important cannabinoids in the future, as it may become the best treatment for pain. We will keep an eye on all the news to be able to inform you as much and as well as possible, but please do us a favor and share this article. Thank you!

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