What is lucid dreaming? Discover the advantages and disadvantages

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What is lucid dreaming? Discover the advantages and disadvantages


Welcome to the blog of Pevgrow, your favorite online grow shop . To have a successful lucid dream is something that many people have pursued for centuries, thanks to the pleasant sensation it offers and the possibility of materializing in dreams, that what we would like to be real. The experiences are mind-blowing, but they go far beyond what we have just described and certain aspects must be taken into account so that they do not get out of hand.



⭐ Introduction



Think about the following situation: you are sleeping and you begin to dream, it can be a pleasant dream or, on the contrary, a nightmare. From this last you will be wanting to flee, and yet most of the time we fight long time to face the fears that devastate us when we are with Morpheus.

However, when we have a pleasant dream, we are always thinking of extend it, even though, on certain occasions, the alarm clock rings to bring us back to that everyday reality...and what we were so pleasantly as spectators ends up disappearing after few minutes. How annoying this can be! 🙄 

All these situations remind you of something, don’t you? What if I told you that you can be the master of your dreams and rule them wherever you want? And no,  I’m not talking about pursuing personal or professional goals in real life, but to be able to go from being a mere spectator of your dreams to being an active actor in them and living thus what, in earthly life, probably you cannot do it, either for good or for bad.

It would be great, right? Well, you have to know that there are people who get a lucid dream every day, after having carried out certain well-known techniques to produce this kind of dream, i.e. that state in which in spite of being asleep, your degree of drowsiness is not so high in such a way you can be aware what you are living at that moment and, therefore, you decide how the story ends.

Among some of these techniques that we will mention later, consuming marijuana is one of the most we like, but the way you do it really matters, since it’s necessary to follow certain guidelines. Of these and other techniques, as well as the main aspects about lucid dreams we will speak long and hard. Will you come with us? ➡ 


⛳ What is lucid dreaming?


This, I think has already been clear enough before, but if there was any doubt, the lucid dream is one that occurs when the dreamer is aware of it, being able to control it and intervene in it to change its course towards where you want.

«Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them» Léon d'Hervey de Saint-Denys.
“Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them” Léon d’Hervey de Saint-Denys.

This evaluation, which seems to us some common today, is not so, in fact, such is the pleasure of being able to control dreams and such are the benefits, that many people have been searching for centuries for this type of dreams every day or, at least, to the greatest extent possible.

Hence, many methods are now known to achieve this, some more effective than others, more or less orthodox and more or less effective.

It all depends on the person, the circumstances and how that method is applied.

However, it was not until 1867 when the French writer, Léon d’Hervey de Saint-Denys, began to talk about lucid dreams in his book “Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them”. The Frenchman spoke long and hard about this type of dreams that occurs in the REM sleep phase, but as early as the 5th century and the 7th century Latins and Buddhists respectively were pioneers when it came to talking about this type of dreams.

Since then, numerous essays have been written about it and, not only that, seventh art and literature have also echoed this phenomenon that has aroused curiosity in the mankind for centuries, in search of its advantages.

The truth is that human being, while sleeping, has the particularity that consciousness is not completely disconnected, hence we are able to hear an alarm or any other noise, familiar or unkonwn, pleasant or not, to awaken us from our lethargy.

The most propitious stage to achieve these types of dreams without seek them out is around 10 to 19 years old, especially among the most intelligent children, since It’s been said that their ability to memorize and acquire knowledge also influences when it comes to perceiving that they are having a dream, besides that they have greater capacity to remember it once they wake up,  and we must not forget that it’s already known the dreams are often repeated in numerous occasions, although, in the majority of cases, we never remind it.



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✨ Advantages of lucid dreaming


Many people may not be aware of the importance of having lucid dreams, but the truth is that this type of dreams go beyond living a pleasant experience; Something that is also duly endorsed scientifically, after having performed numerous studies in the sleep disorder units at different hospitals and universities.

Providing you a global insight into lucid dreaming and in a summarized way, the main advantages you may find on lucid dreams are:

It reinforces cognitive memory, due to the effort that the brain does while, in theory, it rests. This also allows us to improve on real-life problem solving with greater ease. We can improve concentration and precision.

-It strengthens our confidence in ourselves and helps us to feel more satisfied with our lives, since this type of dreams gives us general well-being.

-It helps us overcome post-traumatic situations, or rather, the stress that these generate in our lives, since people who have suffered those bad experiences get solutions from lucid dreaming.

It improves our creativity, we must not forget that when we control our dreams, we are creating a new world, as if we produce our own film.

These are the psychological benefits, but several medical studies have also shown that thanks to cannabis consumption at bedtime and to the lucid dreams that this plant produces,  patients have managed to reduce or solve the problem of sleep apnea in some of those who have undergone such studies.


👌 Cannabis and lucid dreams


In the following lines I am going to explain you what are the main techniques that are used today to have lucid dreams, but firstly, I would like to make a stop along the way and dedicate this little section to marijuana and the experiences this plant may produce in your “asleep mind”.

We already know that although one of these techniques is precisely the use of certain plants such as the African sleep herb (Silene Capensis), common valerian (Valeriana officinalis), mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) or Uvuma Omhlope (a type of African plant very powerful to induce sleep), to consume marijuana before sleep also has its reward as far as the experience of dream is concerned.

One of the advantages of using marijuana before bedtime is that, especially with Indica strains (Do not forget that sativa strains have rather an opposite effect, in lots of cases), help you to relax and, therefore, solve insomnia problems that many people suffer.

But cannabis does not only has a mere relaxing effect on humans, but when cannabis is consumed before bedtime, the REM phase which is the one in which lucid dreams may occur is altered and reduced, because of this  people who consume the cannabis plant take less time in reach the phase in which get completely asleep.

Sure, and now you’re going to tell me: So, it is better not to use marijuana before bed? It depends. Yet, taking into account that the REM phase can be reduced, and therefore, diminishing the possibilities of having lucid dreams, the fact is that, it’s been shown that when people stop consuming cannabis for a short period of time,  after two or three days for example, may have strong lucid dreams, living a unique experience (this is known as rebound REM).

As we may review from studies carried out in this regard, during the period of time that people have used cannabis to sleep, lucid dreams have been accumulating in such a way that when they stopped consuming cannabis the dreams arose (in fact it likely occurs)  again with more intensity.

So we can say that marijuana actually helps to have lucid dreams, but the question is when and how to consume it to achieve this goal. This is what is known as the REM rebound and only occurs, as we said, with a discontinuous use of marijuana. 

Among some of the best strains you can use to induce sleep are Citronella Sky Feminized, from PEV Bank Seeds. In spite of being a sativa phenotype, it has been shown to induce lucid dreams.



Amnesia Lemon Feminized PEV Bank Seeds


Amnesia Lemon Feminized PEV Bank Seeds, is a mythical marijuana genetic, making closer to you this high quality chemotype...

Amnesia Lemon Feminized PEV Bank Seeds, is a mythical marijuana genetic, making closer to you this high quality chemotype…

Seed Bank: PEV Bank Seeds.
Phenotype: Hybrid Sativa 60% / indica 40%
Genotype: Amnesia Lemon x Big Bud.
Flowering time (indoor): 45-55 days. (one week more if pruned periodically)
Indoor yield: 250 gr/m2
Average Height: 100-150 cm
THC levels: 21-23%
CBD levels: 0.05-0.10%

Amnesia Lemon Strain


Another kind of seeds that will undoubtedly be great if you want to have lucid dreams are Ak-47 Autoflowering from PEV Bank Seeds (extracted from its European Old School line, providing an Indica autoflowering phenotype), this cannabis cultivar is ideal for solving sleep problems, providing mental alertness as long as you are immersed in a complete state of relaxation. A perfect combination to achieve the most desired lucid dream.


AK 47 Auto PEV Bank Seeds


AK 47 Auto PEV Bank Seeds, in just 70 days of crop cycle, gives us a very dense resinous flowers extreme potency, caution users less accustomed...

AK 47 Auto PEV Bank Seeds, in just 70 days of crop cycle, gives us a very dense resinous flowers extreme potency, caution users less accustomed…

Type: Autoflowering feminized.
Genetics: AK 47 x Ruderalis.
Phenotype: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa.
Growing outside HN: March-October.
Growing outside HS: October-March.
Production outdoor: up to 100g / plant.
Production indoor: 350g / m2.
THC: up to 17%
CBD: 0.22%
Harvest time from germination: 65-70 days.

AK 47 Auto PEV Bank Seeds


And if what you are looking for is having deep dreams first, consuming cannabis later at any time in the day, farther away from bedtime, I suggest, for example, Gorila Vip Feminized, from PEV Bank seeds, a cultivar belonging to the Premium American Line which can be harvested in 10-11 weeks from the beginning of its flowering time.


Gorilla Glue Feminized


Gorilla Vip Feminized, grows strong and well branched, grows as vigorous as you can hear it screaming as long as legnthen its stem under the first sun rays in the morning...

Gorilla Glue Feminized, grows strong and well branched, grows as vigorous as you can hear it screaming as long as legnthen its stem under the first sun rays in the morning…

Seed Bank: PEV Bank Seeds.
Type: Feminized.
Genotype: Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Diesel.
Phenotype:50% Indica/ 50% Sativa.
Indoor flowering: 55-65 days.
Indoor Yield: 500-550 g/m2.
Outdoor Yield: up to 600 g/plant.
THC level: up to 27%.
Nivel de CBD:0.5-0.9%

Gorilla Glue Strain Pev Bank Seeds


These are just few ideas, but you know we have many more. As I said before, it is not the only technique to achieve lucid dreams, but I may ensure  that thanks to it will be much more special.

With all this information, it will always good for you to put into practice the techniques that I am going to mention in the next section.


☕ Main techniques to get a lucid dream


Achieving lucid dreams is, rather, a work of constancy. In fact, people who manage to have lucid dreams consistently, usually use the following techniques:

Have a dream diary: or, at least, a place to take notes, just wake up, what you remember of your dreams. This will make it easier for you to remind the next night, as well as help you solve certain issues that have occurred the day before.

Mild technique: consists of putting the alarm clock a few hours after lying down, for example, 5 or 6 hours later, remembering what you dreamed and thinking about how you would drive it until you fall asleep again. In this way you will be fully aware that you are having a dream. This technique was invented by the expert psychologist in lucid dreams, Sthepen Laberge.



Evaluation of the reality: when you are aware that you are having a dream, but you are just a mere spectator, to check it out, you can pinch your nose for example, or look at your hands and ask you if you are dreaming.

Ludic nap: Similar to the Mild technique, to carry out this technique you have to set the alarm clock 90 minutes before bed, stay awake for 90 minutes and then go back to sleep with the hope of being lucid.

📖 Lucid Dream vs. Astral Projection


As I have been commenting from the beginning, lucid dreams can be intense, especially if you reach it using cannabis, but do not confuse this type of dreams with astral projection that, although they have points in common, are very different.


But, what is an astral projection?

People who have experimented with it define it as an experience in which consciousness leaves the physical body that is placidly resting. It is as if you have two bodies: one, your own and is that one from which you are aware of, and the astral, that is the one that makes you where your mind takes you, unfolding completely. They are two different entities.

It’s precisely that last point, which is about of realizing that you have two different bodies, is the most complex  task. People who live this experience describe it as spooky and similar to which we were referring before, existing some differences that I will quote below:


Difference between the lucid dream and the astral projection

In the astral projection the individual seeks to perceive things that happen around him and relate to the people he encounters during his trip. He is aware that his physical body goes out and becomes another, unfolds. Something that does not happen in lucid dreaming.

-In lucid dreaming the individual is aware that he is dreaming and is able to drive himself to where he wishes, but does not perceive what is happening around him.


📲 How to have lucid dreaming easy and fast


In addition to the technique we have discussed above, the Rebound REM, to have lucid dreams consciously,  I recommend:

Remind your dreams during the day and analyze them while you are fully aware of it.

Practice yoga or meditation, which will help you to be more aware of yourself and of your body.

Quit smoking marijuana more or less at the same hour you would stop taking coffee, because it affects the way you sleep, for example, at 6 or 7 o’clock in the afternoon (but you know yourself better than anyone,  and you know the best time for you, I have no doubt ).

Repeat the quote several times before falling asleep “I realize that I’m dreaming“. It seems a nonsense, but if you think about it, what things do you usually dream about? The last or the closest you’ve lived in the day, so … why not to try this method?


➕ Lucid dream infographics


Lucid dream infographics
Lucid dream infographics

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Lucid dream infographics


🚀 Lucid Dream in Culture


Lucid dreams have aroused passions for centuries, in fact, it is not surprising that they have been taken to literature or even to the movies. Some of the most famous are:

Lucid dream, how to improve your life while you sleep. This book written by Guillermo Pérez is a complete manual on the art of dreaming, which includes techniques to control dreams.

Exploring lucid dreams, by Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold. A book that includes very detailed techniques to have lucid dreams.

Lucid dream, by the film director Kim Joon-seong, is the most recent film (2017). It tells the story of a journalist who, through lucid dreams, tries to find her missing child 3 years ago.


Lucid dream, by the film director Kim Joon-seong
Lucid dream, by the film director Kim Joon-seong


Walking Life, Awakening to Life (2001). Cartoon film by film director Richard Linklater, which tells the life of a young man who lives in a constant lucid dream.

The whole list is very broad, and I leave here to you a pinch of them in order you to explore it and tell us which one you liked the most…

…did you know that lucid dreams are also responsible for some of the world’s best-known inventions or art products?. yes, so there are famous lucid dreamers like:

Albert Einstein, although he never publicly acknowledged it by modesty, many of his famous phrases are inspired by awareness and mindfulness.

Salvador Dalí, for him the lucid dreams were a source of inspiration that has been reflected on his works.

James Cameron, the film director has also talked on numerous occasions about this type of dreams and how they have inspired him. Would Avatar be a result of one of them?

You can also get lucid dreams!

You already have some techniques, and also the means to get it. Now, all you need is you set it in your mind and tell us.

You dare?... We look forward to your comments below


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